Does WiFi Radiation Affect Brain Function?
Does WiFi Radiation Affect Brain Function?

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  1. says:

    We have a bunch of cell phone and wi-fi videos now. They are all here: -NF Team

  2. Mp 5770 says:

    I did test on me..
    turned off the WiFi 8h before bed..
    I had a vivid dream that night🧐 (pointing to healthy sleep), and I didn't dream for years…
    So is changing my brain function for sure💩

  3. Shane Lewis says:

    Well that took a turn.

  4. GrummanPilot99 says:

    Why did you turn this into a porn video? Shameful that you didn't write the title to reflect it. I emailed this to my nephew's before watching it fully!!

  5. AcridDread says:

    Ted Bundy himself said once he was in prison for multiple years, "all the inmates I know that are here because of rape/sexual assault charges all watched porn that eventually led to pedophilia or the craving for aggressive sexual action." Research No Fap guys, our bodies are not made to waste our life energy everyday. Only blow a load once a week at most with a lady friend, or just go no fap until you have a nocturnal emission so you really don't ever need to masturbate again.

  6. Jürgen Noll says:

    wow. that escalated quickly!

  7. Jeff Eppenger says:

    So wifi is ok but porn isn't i gather? 🙄

  8. J Lew says:

    Stopped watching porn for this vid

  9. hammypie says:

    Fml I sleep with my phone next to my head daily!!!! But I need it for the alarm wtf do I do??

  10. sooooooooDark says:

    the funny backstory to studies like these is
    that ppl mustve been like "hell, these ppl who use wifi r just HELLA dumb…cant even figure out 10% of a 100 without a calculator, we gotta test if it wifries them", i mean why else would u consider such a specific thing?

  11. sooooooooDark says:

    ppl make it seem like porn is like heroin or something
    humans r just such a domesticated uptight loser species
    in nature animals just fuck around like crazy and no one gives a shit

    and most woman like it a bit rougher "than what the hollywood movies suggest" i heard
    never go full beta

  12. haku says:

    the fact that we can watch people shag at any time is really not a problem, doctor.. if we wanna reduce violence we gotta address the socioeconomic stressors that typically lead to it, like by giving people a universal basic income, which is what andrew yang is proposing for the 2020 u.s. elections

  13. Raja Shahja says:

    btw, violence against women is good , in the wake of gender biased laws that exist world wide today, the best recourse against women misusing those laws is to immediately kill them. And these mobiles kids will grow up to teach them that lesson.
    Karma is bitch, Bitch.

  14. evilcanofdrpepper says:

    Nice conclusions: Make sure to know what kind of porn your child is watching on their smartphone while at school!!! And, phone holsters may have an immediate ability to lessen mating success by making you look like a dorky dad, while in the long run they might have the opposite effect due to lack of decreased fertility from keeping phones in your pocket.

  15. Sarah says:

    By an Earthing mat. I've had mine for years.

  16. P.E.L.E Planar Earth Lovers Everywhere says:

    I didn't see any tests on this after saying "put it to the test". Only saw a bunch of articles. Those aren't tests.

  17. Chameleon569 says:

    "researchers sat through 400 content-coded .."ehm porn"… videos" . Things we do for scientific progress these days.

  18. Rena Anderson says:

    Amen! Thanks Dr. Greger!!!

  19. Steve Greene says:

    Seems like you strayed off-topic on this talk Dr. Greger. It's all interesting of course, but the topic change midway through was rather bizarre as I attempted to understand the connection to W-Fi radiation. Looks like the evidence so far is weak to establish a link between WiFi and brain function.

  20. mjs28s says:

    Um…how does most of this video, while interesting, have anything to do with the WiFi radiation affecting the brain?

    This should have been two videos, but a study on porn watching isn't really nutrition or something that nutrition can counteract.

    my first -1 for you.

  21. William Read says:

    Make a series on Lyme disease please 🙂

  22. Holly says:

    closely monitoring children may very well affect their upbringing
    more negatively than porn.

  23. Kerstin says:

    This video derailed mid through

  24. John Moon says:

    How did this go from discussing the potential negative effects of WIFI radio frequency to internet(porn) content. What is the correlation?

  25. LIFTING THE VEIL says:

    Does wifi affect sexual misconduct? The answer my surprise you! 🤷‍♂️👌😂


    that escalated quickly

  27. Vahid M says:

    5g please!

  28. I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely says:

    Here comes the comments from males about Greger talking about Wi-Fi to porn. Ayi yi yi

  29. goku says:

    Looks like the microwave video. xD

  30. lightdark00 says:

    We can learn from the Romans on this one, seeing aggressive acts mainly placate any aggressive need of the viewers. Also the openness of degeneracy, like what we see with leftism today, is a cause of downfall.

  31. Mr. Earth says:

    Wi-Fi bad. Porn bad.


  32. Al Ojeda says:

    Woah Great Video!! Thanks Dr Greger! such a underrated but relevant topic

  33. LIFTING THE VEIL says:

    Dr dvra davis on wifi radiation…

  34. Veggi Vet says:

    Anybody else catch Dr. Greger saying "shallower penetration depth" @ 2:20? That was BEFORE he transitioned to the porn discussion!

  35. Gabriela Cosma says:

    This is more about porn than EMF! What’s going on Dr Gregor? What’s with this video?

  36. Ioan Chirila says:

    I like your videos but this is a total misinformation. Now i'm wondering if you really want to help us or You are paid to deceive us.

  37. Issac Harrison says:

    "Until you reach a point where pornography goes so far" ted bundy warned people 30 years ago, that violent media, especially pornography have a great impact on young minds

  38. Shark Arise says:

    So many triggered porn addicts in these comments lol

  39. Gregory Moszczynski says:

    LMAO The picture at @4:23

  40. Kriste Isopahkala says:

    So this is nutrition these days? I guess I'll eat porn then.

  41. Ivan Waisman says:

    I didn't quite understand. Are we exposed to wifi? Is being exposed to wifi radiation harmful?

  42. fuldk says:

    It is interesting that the small exposure ( an hour) to porn can make them violent. What does that say about the affect of the many hours of violent, brutal killing they do each day on video games.

  43. Skeptical Simmy says:

    I just wanted to know about WiFi and possible effects on the brain. Why did this suddenly turn into a rant about porn? Talk about a bait and switch.

  44. MJeyy says:

    The problem is.. Everywhere you go nowadays has wifi so even if you don't personally have it on, you're screwed because it's everywhere.

  45. xsugafreex says:

    dr gregor needs to get laid i guess

  46. Yossi Weinstein says:

    This is the first time I even gave you a thumbs down. The debate about pornography is important, but this is not relevant to the title of this video. That's false advertisement and I expect better from you.

  47. soconaturalhealth says:

    5G is the real danger. Enough so that Brussels, Geneva, and Switzerland are choosing not to implement. Wi-Fi is not allowed in public schools in France.

  48. Patrick Bateman says:

    Do 5g!!!

  49. how0will0this0end says:

    tHunbs down. title misleading as to the real message

  50. i.e.presents says:

    As a therapist for sex addicts and their spouses (some of whom majored in porn use) I can tell you that even those who would never tolerate violence in their porn experienced serious implications in many facets of their lives. Want an example or 5? Impotence, accidental sex offender status (it’s not uncommon for child porn to be mixed in with batches of “normal” porn), loss of jobs, marriages, visitation with children, friendships, health, etc. It’s a huge problem. Check out books by Dr Patrick Carnes or attend SAA, SA, or SLAA meetings to get help for compulsive sexual behavior. Partners can attend S Anon or CoSa meetings and read books by Claudia Black.

  51. poe's ReLiC says:

    I jerked off to this! Can you do a review?

  52. Seybertooth says:

    And yet, after decades of attempts to show any kind of correlation between porn consumption and "violence against women" (nobody cares about violence against men, obviously) they have come up with nothing. If there was a causal link then sexual harassment should have gone up as access increased through the internet and guess what? It hasn't, instead the stats are going down. Funny how this works: videogames does not make kids violent, porn does not turn kids into rapists and come to think of it, jazz music did not turn a generation into animals either.
    I'm disappointed, Dr Greger. Very selective reading of the studies in this case.

  53. travisbickelll says:

    Porn was created to destroy our minds.

  54. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Excellent and important topics Dr. Greger. Thanks again.

  55. Lloyd Christmas says:

    You don't know about WIFI, porn, and sexual aggression until… more research.

  56. Jewels says:

    What does this have to do with nutrition ?

  57. Peter Rabitt says:

    I tested this on myself. I had a family member place a cell phone set on silent, under my pillow every night for three months, but never knew if it was with or without a battery. After three months, I had my results. I had trouble sleeping on 85% of the nights that the phone was powered on, and only 2% of the nights that it was unpowered. This cannot be a coincidence.

  58. Peter Rabitt says:

    I guess 5Ghz Wifi must be Korean.

  59. Chaz Lon says:

    How does porn effect there brains? We don't know…Until we…Put it to the test.

  60. Nikki says:

    Well, no conclusion about WIFI on this video, but I know that WIFI is indeed bad for health, and the 5G technology will be even worse.

  61. Matthew Tao says:

    Unrelated comment: I get bloated and gassy when I eat beans and/or broccoli/cauliflower. Anyone else suffering this same fate on the #dailydozen ? Anyone know any workarounds?

  62. G.G. says:

    That video derailed a bit.

  63. 🙋🏼‍♂️ says:

    The dangers of porn are real and very well researched. Go #NoFap!

  64. White Kita says:

    Guys who watch porn are the worst in bed…. I stay far away from them…..

  65. Scarlett Bratt says:

    Porn is bad #nofap

  66. Solitary Reaper says:

    How did a nutrition video become antiporn? Disappointed. Also, there's not enough data to conclude that porn leads to violence, in fact it's ridiculous.

  67. Raisin Robsi says:

    This video definitely strayed on topic

  68. BetterYouBetterWorld V says:

    so no?

  69. Charlie ZzZ says:

    Does porn affect brain function?

  70. OfficialBarstarzz says:

    This took a very weird turn

  71. Star Man says:

    Shut up!

  72. Eric Ulric says:

    Hello EMF Canopy or Faraday Cage

  73. Alexindeed says:

    Title of this video should be different :p

  74. Jeff Limpert says:

    This should be two videos. Pornography does not require exposure to Wifi radiations. You might be able to fix this by changing the title, but it would be a challenge to write.

  75. Mango Authority says:

    Old soviet propaganda saying:
    "You play a jazz today – next day you sell your state away."
    Isn't it too far of a stretch from wifi to porn?

  76. Abhay Bhatt says:


  77. Tuxedo says:

    Greetings from YourBrainOnPorn

  78. Metro Renovations & More! says:

    Wi-porn? Porn-fi? These two are related how? Let's… Put it to the test!

  79. Eme Ce says:

    "Self-reported" What if porn made them more self-critical? bias

  80. Jared Birch says:


  81. mn3m0n1c says:

    I do like the normally very factual Dr. Greger analysis, but this time it was far from the merit. It's a kind of mental gymnastic (or mental equilibristic) effort that I'm always amused by (from wifi to p0rn in no time 😉 ).
    First he didn't take into consideration such variables as exposure duration, distance from both access-points and built-in WiFi cards in electronics, not mentioning transmission power of these interfaces which (depending on the manufacturer, technology used and device state) can frequently exceed safety standards when overriden, faulty or misused.
    And no, I'm not a tinfoil hat wearer. I use this technology quite a lot, but knowing how does it work, from the physical layer to data transmission protocol nuances, makes all the difference when it comes to spending time with wifi and designing the wireless network infrastrucutre.
    Ridiculing or oversimplifying aspects of the wireless data transmission does not solve risk issues.

    Blaming it on the p0rn is… well, quite an abuse :/
    And btw, accusing tinfoil hat wearers of being p0rn addicts is at least awkward.

  82. super person says:

    R u a lizard. R u kidding me! You sound like an alarmist, oh the ego. Unsubscribe.

  83. Nick Morphew says:

    From Wi-Fi exposure to… porn???

  84. V - Sig says:

    Came for the wifi, stayed for the porn.

  85. Silkie Shag says:

    More plot twist than avengers

  86. vad zin says:

    that escalated quickly

  87. Clyde Rembrandt says:

    So, if we get rid of all war movies does that mean we can avoid WW3 or any other war?

  88. Eva J. says:

    A bit misleading title but in general it's a big issue that parents seems to not be aware of and trust schools to much. How many of you parents had a good look into sexual education that starts in grade 5? I don't believe that in that age our children have to start experimenting sexualy and basically those lessons encourage them to do. That's not normal!!!!! Then you have almost all school expecting children to have iPad so even if you against mobile phones they will have access to porn.

  89. AheadoftheHerd says:

    Good to know. I’ve heard worries about this and am relieved to hear that Wifi doesn’t cause any brain damage. Not that i ever turned mine off 😁😁😁

  90. tjitjo says:

    Ehh… space out much? Disappointing.

  91. Lee Lemon says:

    Why no studies on the female side? We’re absolutely seeing porn by choice or accident as well. You usually provide more info so I was a bit surprised.

  92. MRN Bricks says:

    Wtf happened to the info about WiFi? How did you get from that to porn???

  93. Vegan Linked says:

    Reverse clickbait, brilliant!

  94. Faragequit says:

    More than 28 thousand studies have been done on this subject and yes they all point to that type of radiation being harmful. Anyone who says differently doesn't know enough or knows but wants people to suffer. It really is that simple. Then there's the fact that the telecommunications industry(which is absolutely massive) uses this same type of radiation. The last thing they'd ever want is all these studies becoming common public knowledge. They could lose billions if not trillions.

  95. ZombieDude 64 says:

    came for cancer research, left with porn research

  96. Ashley Cole says:

    Short answer, yes.

  97. Jesus Saves says:

    The men making jokes about the porn belong in the study. Both the porn and the brain damage study.

  98. Jesse Hickman says:

    Axe to grind much? Didn’t get laid in high school? Did mom say Jesus cries when u touch yourself and ur still frustrated?
    Porn has what to do with WiFi? (Which has no measurable health problems aside from the psychological issues needed to think it does-with the freely available research) I suspect porn was the issue he finds contentious and Click-baiting n Scare-mongering gets the clicks. Let the kids jerk it and flick the bean like everyone else and find out the hard way that fantasy n reality are seldom the same. Electromagnetic radiation below the visible spectrum lacks the energy to be ionizing so it can’t cause cancer btw …can’t even heat ma ramen noodles right. Does bring me the proper amount of porn tho…🤔

  99. Pete radio ham io82ij says:

    Why spend 65% of this upload on sex and phonographic content the question was does rf wifi or mobile phones cause brain problems and sleep problems not via watching content but the rf field generated. (Thumb down)

  100. DR OTO. says:

    Too many wet dreams doc..

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