Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?
Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?

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  1. says:

    We've got a bunch of marijuana videos out now. They can all be found in the playlist: -NF Team

  2. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Very interesting.

  3. AlMondO93 says:

    Is this 'Reefer Madness' all over again?

  4. Plants Tho says:

    Should make a video on the public health effects of capitalism.

  5. BrettC11B says:

    I have PTSD from my combat infantry experience in Iraq, yet I don't smoke anything, drink alcohol, or take pills. I'm literally a straight edge veteran trying my hardest to deal with my depression and anxiety the best way that I can. I would like for marijuana to be legalized and affordable enough to give me some relief, but I don't think that will ever happen. I just wish I could find a job with the bachelors degree that I earned and thought would be the answer to my prayers. Being unemployed and trapped in my head feels like a curse.

  6. Sawmiller Smith says:

    Great video,makes lots of sense

  7. Rabbit Food Fitness says:

    Thank you for this interesting video. I am going to keep telling my friends that do smoke that I won't.

  8. David Senteno says:

    Great information as my children become adults and legalization makes it more available. Were the studies done on smoking marijuana or ingesting in some other manner? I wonder if the potency of today's legalized products would increase the likelihood of schizophrenia?

  9. Reverend Al says:

    Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll another one

  10. xxx xxx says:

    I lost my mom to this deadly disorder. We at home would never believe her since most of her statements would be imagination. This May, she talked about some uneasiness in her chest but as usual, we didn't believe her and she died with a cardiac arrest right before me.

    I keep crying all the time thinking of that night. She had no health issues at all. I see doctor's insensitivity when they say that schizophrenic die early. That's untrue ! They die because of our neglect.

    I was always there to support her in every way, until i disbelieved , I miss my mom and pray to God to help everyone who's suffering in any form. God bless you.

  11. Magmos13 says:

    Nature has cures for all sickness even psychosis, listen to your body.
    Marijuana is natural and cures many ailments.

  12. GWCinstitute says:

    Considering that "schizophrenia" doesn't actually exist, no it does not. Schizophrenia is not defined by any particular biological problem that can be identified by a brain scan. Rather, it is defined by a list of "symptoms" (something that no organic disease is defined by), symptoms that could be the result of any number of things, from diet to a tumor to even having had a hard life growing up. A so-called "schizophrenic" needs extensive counseling, maybe even over the course of years, not drugs which only deaden the senses. And before you say "dopamine causes it," the scientific community has had 50 years to find a hard link between schizophrenia and dopamine, and such has still never been found. There have been numerous scientists and news reports which have gone on the record that the dopamine hypothesis was wrong. "Schizophrenics" either need counseling help in overcoming an extremely painful past, or something as simple as a change in diet. Of course, if it is a tumor, that is very serious, requiring surgery.

  13. Red Pill Vegan says:

    Marijuana makes most people paranoid with continued use. Just ask Joe Rogan

  14. Citizenthirteen says:

    I love the stuff but I get weird spasms and my heart arrhythmia goes nuts on THC. What I've learned in life is when you mess with the nature of any of our systems such as the dopamine , adrenaline or cannabinoid systems, there is always a price to pay along with the rush or the high you get . As they say, every rose has it's thorns.

  15. Robin Fielding says:

    With me the chemical reaction after years of use was making me snap faster depressed more.
    I was useing from 15 to 35 when I stopped. I got board with it 4 days after stopping I was high as a kite later I learned it was from being high so much normal felt high.
    I wasn't hooked I don't think I was it was easy to stop tobacco was the hard one it took years to stop that one.
    My dad was an alcaholic his dad was so addiction runs in the family?

  16. Y says:

    I knew someone young who smoked pot and had a trigger to his bipolar illness. He ended up being hospitalized and committed. That being said marijuana didn’t cause him to be bipolar of course, he had it already but he wasn’t diagnosed yet. But they think it may have triggered his condition because it caused him to be manic, forgetful, he panic and such. Unless it was laced with some dumb sh*t, which is very possible. He’s young and now on lithium and such.

    My sibling self medicates with pot, they get very manic on the stuff. Any vice they try makes them manic. Pot and alcohol is the worse. I guess for some people it works well on, but some it’s terrible. But I don’t think people should self medicate themselves, but I guess if the stuff isn’t legal it makes it hard for those with pain.

    -My therapist thinks as she’s very open to alternative kind of medications, she thinks sometimes it could have opposite effect on some people’s mental health. Best✌🏼🌱

  17. TheKetsa says:

    I bet it's mostly linked to abuse when very young. I doubt 40+ ppl using MJ will have a psychosis. Do we have any data linking consumption age vs psychosis ?
    Also, I smoked quite a bit of Hash and MJ when younger… never experienced dependency. I stopped cold one day and had absolutely no problems. It sometimes gave me paranoia while high however.

  18. The Prime Vegan! says:

    When I use to smoke my anxiety went through the roof. Now I have none.😉

  19. Carlos Camara says:

    It makes you extremely paranoid at times which may make you feel schizo. This research is definitely suspect.

  20. Ex Shenanigan says:

    I've been amongst all day weed smokers for 15 years. Never seen one person getting a psychotic disease and I've seen at hundreds of them. Apparently seventh day adventist church doesn't want people to smoke marijuana now. "Give it to Greger, he'll make a video about it"

  21. HALLoFameSwag3r says:

    Any other mental diseases caused by Marijuana?

  22. Lolly LuLa says:

    I smoked weed for 6 yrs no problem. I took antidepressants for 5 days and they made me so disconnected, out of my mind feeling out of my body, feeling like I was passing out but coming round and still being sat up like normal. It was the most frightening experience. Needless to say I stopped taking those antidepressants. I then smoked some weed and then had a psychotic break down. I had been fine with weed until those antidepressants. 18 yrs on I can't touch weed without having psychotic symptoms (so I don't do it) and if I drink alcohol regularly, like once/twice a week it gives me psychotic symptoms.

  23. Sarah says:

    We have two people in my mental health facility that the only time they act out and hear voices and verbally attack people is after they have been out smoking it. This NEEDS to be investigated because they're now handing anti-psychotics out to these people like candy. But the US was so desperate from being near BANKRUPT and they KNOW they can make A LOT of money from making it legal…not for long.

  24. Honey May says:

    There's also a direct link to schizophrenia from wheat gluten.

  25. B12 blaze it vegan says:


  26. C G says:

    Since my tax dollars subsidize healthcare costs, you can make an argument for pushing the age to 25-30

  27. SpiritualVegan says:

    Cannabis can open you up to the spiritual world. It is a less powerful psychedelic than shrooms. If you start seeing things it is not psychosis or anything to be afraid of. Schizophrenia is not a disease, our reality is created by our own individual minds, we have the power to make anything happen to us. Everything that happens to you is from your manifested thoughts. LOA is real and you are manifesting negativity without knowing it, become aware of the words you use and your thoughts/emotions and control them. You only observe your emotional responses to external stimuli, you aren’t these emotions they are separate from you and you can control them.

  28. GlitchLife says:

    My girlfriend, and I love her to death, was a heavy pot user and developed severe schizophrenia from smoking marijuana. She described it to me like she felt the back of her brain melting after smoking one day, and then she lost it, was bombarded by voices that were absolutely cruel to her, she lost her life for a long time, all of her friends abandoned her, it was years before she could go back into a public space without melting down from the stimulation. It has taken her 10 years to recover to a point where she can be independent again and she still has bad days. If not for a very supportive family who took her back after they abandoned each other due to her party lifestyle Im terrified to think what would have become of such an amazing person.

  29. TestingU 4Research says:

    For someone so nit-picky about avoiding animal products how in the hell can Greger let slide "smoked marijuana is a harmless natural substance that improves quality of life" claim by proponents of marijuana smokers?! Smoking anything is not good for you! The mere act of inhaling smoke, heated chemical vapors, particulate matter of any kind is HARMFUL TO ONE'S HEALTH! wtf Greger?!

  30. SpiritualVegan says:

    Most cannabis today is lacking most of it’s natural cannabinoids, it is mostly thc. We need a balance of THC and CBD and then a balance of the other cannabinoids as well. It was meant to be less potent of THC and not have pesticides (it doesn’t even need them). Sadly we may never experience the original plant with its intended function.

  31. This is my name, there is no other like it says:

    I haven't smoked weed since August and I feel much better now. The happy, giggly, fun times of marijuana turned into anxiety, low self esteem, and sadness. It made me lose control of my emotions and I began to cry like a little biatch very easily. Nothing like a sober mind I tell ya.

  32. AV8B AV8r says:

    Heavy use of cannabis over several years also increases the likelihood of violent outbursts. 

    Read the book 'Tell Your Children' by Alex Berenson.

  33. Life, Love, And Other Things says:

    Dude I literally stopped smoking because every time I would, I would have a very real existential crisis for the length of the high that would give me a full brain rework. If you get a strong enough plant, you can't block out the real questions of your soul, like: What are we? Where is God? What is our purpose? Where are we going? Who put me here and why? I want to do something real something true…. If someone was in a state of crisis before they smoked, they might never come out of it, it would only take them deeper into the ethoshpere where demons can torment them and concepts of good and evil are so overwhelming that someone breaks their brain entirely until they find the God that created them. Do I think it's bad to go that deep? Ya, I do, because evil can toy with people in that state. They have life long depersonalization and full on panic that never stops. Fortunately for me it stopped but for some people they are trapped between worlds, stuck in two dimensions, in a limbo that they can't escape until they ask for God's help. The real joke is that people don't believe the spirit world exists. They'll find out eventually though. Everyone does. This is where schizos are, another dimension that they can't block out. They are being tormented.

    P.S. do I think it should be illegal…. Um nooooo! This isn't a government issue this is an existential issue that everyone needs to choose personally.

  34. Giovanny De Jesus says:

    Too much fire can burn you, Too much water can drown you, Too many beans can give you the runs. Know your limits.

  35. 41dirka says:

    I love cannabis! What a wonderful plant! Alcohol on the other hand🙃no thanks!

  36. Not Today says:

    Schizophrenic here. I can report that having never smoked pot before my onset it certainly didn’t cause it. If I use it now it can help relieve negative symptoms but makes the positive ones slightly worse. What I CAN say is that nothing has helped me manage my schizophrenia more than changing to a plant based diet. It’s changed my life and mental health so much I can hardly believe it.

  37. haku says:

    there is one main cause to what we call mental illness: social disconnection . we are a social animal who has mostly evolved by living in nomadic communities or tribes. the modern socioeconomic condition is very different from what we are evolutionarily adapted to. and what factors drive social disconnection? economic competition, economic-related stresses.. all disease rates are lower in more equal countries (49:17+)

    put someone in solitary confinement and they will likely get hallucinations and stuff which may in fact be a way for the brain to self-stimulate in an attempt to reduce damage (24:26)

    so i think one of the best things one can currently do in the u.s is vote for andrew yang, who wants to bring a universal basic income (ubi) to the u.s: it will reduce scarcity and the need for economic competition, thus reducing stress, violence, etc. it would also reduce people's need to sell themselves for a living, which may be a major cause of anxiety and "derealization" (11:56)

  38. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Cue all the burnouts with their "But hemp is good for rope and clothing too, man" argument in 3…2…1…

  39. Gabriel G says:

    Marijuana is for losers

  40. Max Ragged says:

    Btw, schizophrenia is a chronic desease, psychosis is an acute desease. You can get a psychosis from THC, but you can't get schizophrenia from THC.

  41. michael onello says:

    Vegan whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  42. Blake says:

    Using your "double the risk doesn't matter" argument we should all just suntan since that increases your risk of skin cancer from 2% to 4%.

  43. Anthony Man says:

    Hemp flowers are a perfect balance of THC to CBD 1%/20%
    marijuana is garbage compared to hemp, especially when it is heated to destructive temperatures like when it is smoked!

  44. BeardedBarley1 says:

    Studies should be done on the effects of smoking cannabis vs. eating it with relation to mental illness because of how the smoke of this dried out leaf turns to formaldehyde when breathed into the human system, causing damage, namely to the brain.

  45. Fiat Lux says:

    Psychosis is beneficial. Look up Julian Silverman's paper acute schizophrenia and shamanism. I had a 3-day psychosis from inpatient forced medication haldol, phenobarbital, modafinil, cymbalta, docusate and I was a medical marijuana user the doctor said it was safe to mix with those medications but it changed my life. it wasn't all bad but it definitely wasn't all good and it lasted 3 days. now with that being said I used cannabis everyday for a decade and I've used it nearly every day since I quit taking those never had an experience like that again.

    "Insanity, a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world."
    -R.D. Laing (Scottish psychiatrist)

  46. Robert Perlini says:

    Psychotic disorders (as described in the dms manuals) are not real pathological conditions. These are not part in a health system proper, these are part in a system which was set up, and still is, primarily intended to manage the population like cattle. Judgements and opinions from a self centered, preindustrial, colonial mindset, are an innapropriate way to make a diagnosis. This is the one area Dr Gregor seems wrong. Actual mental illness, like the corporate lies Dr. Gregor so perfectly exposes, are where the real work needs to be done.


  47. Penny Opinions says:

    My pet theory is that they already have mild hallucinations but that it's aggrivated into psychosis
    by increased anxiety and paranoia after they come down from their high which causes them to notice hallucinations that might not have bothered them before and stress out about getting more marijuana to manage themselves. While they are more relaxed when they're high they become less tolerant of stress when they are not high and the anxiety continually feeds into itself making the hallucinations more noticable and disturbing to the point where they can't ignore them like they used to and act out.

    I guess this pet theory could be proven with studies linking cigarette smoking to schizophrenia too.

  48. ShadowZZZ says:

    legalize weed

  49. Flackee says:

    Just like food it's important to know how the Cannabis was grown! The amount of PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES and FUNGICIDES in and on marijuana is outrageous. I would assume it plays a big role. There is "Clean Green Certified" Cannabis in legal states. It needs to be the standard like organic foods should.

  50. Dasara Ar says: Don't mess with this thing !

  51. Jake And Sarah Health Nuts says:

    and his answer is……………………………..NO. just saved you 5 minutes

  52. Sean OToole says:

    Statistacilly it is hardly significant. Not like pharmaceuticals that cause all kinds of problems, even death.

  53. Steve Graves says:

    Hmmm How about thousands of years of use in Chinese,Ayurvedic (India) medicine…

  54. Steve Graves says:

    Just because 2 diagnoses are found in someone has no real bearing on which came first…the chicken or the egg. Marijuana is usually a sedative or relaxing effect, calming. there are huge numbers of people looking for an escape. Hence we have the Alcohol industry! the huge Pharmacy industry….both with much more dangerous side effects!

  55. Keukeu45 says:

    Yeah ok but you also run the risk to be the next Madlib or Snoop Dogg so…

  56. adamaj says:

    This was a poor video and not up to the usual standards of Nutritionfacts or Dr. Greger (calling people with schizophrenia crazy). Many illogical and contradictory statements when compared to past video and comments made by Dr. Greger. And, in the people with the gene that predisposes them to use cannabis who then later develop schizophrenia, why do you immediately blame cannabis? Maybe they also have other genetic defects that cause them to get schizophrenia, or maybe it's the same gene. Why didn't they test people with the cannabis gene that DIDN'T use cannabis to see if they still developed schizophrenia? But even if, you could just as easily say the gene caused both, or that people that are predisposed to get schizophrenia are not only more likely to self medicate with cannabis, but they're likely to have a gene that predisposes them to cannabis use. See, this is shoddy evidence and easy to sit and poke holes in it all day. This usually happens when someone has a bias against something and I do believe Dr. Greger IS biased against cannabis, which will skew his opinion. Not to mention that cases of schizophrenia have gone down while cannabis use has increased astronomically. If cannabis was the cause, this couldn't happen.

  57. Celina K says:


    dunedin research

  58. Joe Shmoe says:

    Psychiatry/psychology, so shallow in science. Leading medicine in high priced fail.

  59. chainsaw39 says:

    I just got stoned for the first time in 7 months and Dr greger releases a weed video, wtf?
    I think I'm being spied and cia is giving me a last warning with this video!

  60. Daniel Lugo says:

    What do u think about Skyr?

  61. White Kita says:

    well thank god I always hated Marijuana…..

  62. Louie Vanderhyde says:

    Well it's certainly one way to get your greens in that's for sure

  63. I M A QYN says:

    Marijuana has formaldehyde in it that’s why

  64. Max Ragged says:


    " Emerging research suggests that Cannabis can be used as a treatment for schizophrenia within a broader etiological perspective that focuses on environmental, autoimmune, and neuroinflammatory causes of the disorder, offering a fresh start and newfound hope for those suffering from this debilitating and poorly understood disease…"

  65. psbjr says:

    A good friend of mine was a heavy user, and ended up with extreme paranoid delusions including seeing and hearing things that were not there, etc. Very very scary. We ended up in the ER & then the state mental hospital, they were given anti-anxiety meds, came down to earth, and then decided to smoke a little when they got back home about 4 days later. The delusions and all symptoms immediately returned within minutes of smoking. Luckily I knew how to handle it and we got through it, then immediately threw out all the weed.

    It's definitely not the "root" cause (trauma is, as for most psychological issues), but weed is definitely a powerful trigger for my friend. If you're a "sensitive" person, be very careful with the stuff, esp with the new strains that are very powerful. As with diet, try to introduce healthier sources of endorphins like exercise/movement (e.g. resistance training, dancing, yoga, etc) if at all possible. <3 <3

  66. Raphael Quaglio says:

    It smells funky.

  67. איש לא חשוב says:

    There is a huge diffrent between unresponsible use (smoking, high dose of THC) and responsible use.

  68. Coarsegold Guy says:

    Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

  69. Menopausal Muscle says:

    "…going crazy…" that is inappropriate. Please use more accurate and less loaded words to describe mental illness.

  70. The Awakening Tribe says:

    If you set an intention every time before you smoke, you will have a beautiful experience. There is a spirit of Marijuana and she is to be respected. If you abuse her, you'll get her negative traits. Overuse is misuse.

  71. Rubytuby says:

    Makes me paranoid every time.

  72. LIFESGOOD305 says:

    Dr. Greger has consistently done negative videos about cannabis. Wonder why? I don't see him doing videos about meth, heroin, coke, or any other pharmaceutical drugs so why cannabis?? It makes me wonder if he has any pharma connections. Cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle just like being a vegan is healthy. If you don't like cannabis or think it will cause you psychosis (big pharma paid for that study) then it's really simple. DON'T ingest cannabis.

  73. Alex Potts says:

    I had a friend who got schizophrenia… we all assumed it was from him smoking so much weed. It was sad. He ended up homeless.

  74. Vegan Buddhist says:

    I used to smoke pretty much every day for about a year, quit cold turkey and did shrooms. I don’t know if it’s the stopping or shrooms but now it just gives me anxiety

  75. bigjokerhere111 says:

    Cannabis contributed to extreme anxiety and depression. I have tried to reintroduce it several times over the years and the mental side effects were debilitating. I have found Jesus and no longer have a "need for weed". Praise God!

  76. Gzpo says:

    Who decides what schiz is? It's it a consensual determination?

  77. R L says:


  78. bigjokerhere111 says:

    My friend Matthew (mid 20s) was going to school to be a brain surgeon. Before he tragically died he cried about the regret of ever starting smoking pot. He said it exasperated his anxiety beyond any coping skill he was able to learn with easing the pain. He tried to dull the psychosis with Xanax. One dreadful
    evening he took a few extra Xanax, lost his balance on his basement steps and busted his skull open. His brain swelled and he was pronounced "brain dead" one week later. Everyday we all watched him die in an ironic way. Life support was removed on day 9. When the "plug was pulled" he did not die peacefully and gracefully like we all had imagined. Not like the movies at all. That day is forever imprinted in my brain. His body raised up, flailed, and contorted like nothing I ever witnessed. He sprayed a vile green mucous on us we were all screaming, even the med staff was flannergasted and freaked out. Everyone was panicking and crawling out of their skin because it seemed like it took and eternity for his body to stop writhing and just let go. I wish i could redo that day and spare myself trauma of watching such a demented scene.

    Moral of story- please don't not self medicate and death is not pretty. Most importantly, find Jesus while you have the chance!
    God bless you.

  79. Charles Barley says:

    Talking about schizophrenia they have elevated dopamine levels in there brain and dopamine drugs also increase the risk of psychosis! Is elevated dopamine a bad thing or just a correlation?

  80. Eazy_Lifeb TV says:

    Marijuana and the heart please.

  81. Derek Sevcik says:


  82. elven bitch says:

    This is why it’s so important to keep it out of public spaces when it’s legalized. Give people rights over what they put in their own bodies! Some people have terrible reactions to it, including me.

  83. ultramegasuper says:

    The torment of paranoia with daily screaming degrading voices is soooo awful. Patient and family are impacted forever by the illness. It is to be avoided in every way possible. This means no use until 21 and no use at all if predisposed to the illness !

  84. Tim Hernandez says:

    Smoking a blunt while watching this

  85. Angela Catalano says:

    good video, but maybe avoid using "going crazy" to describe someone with a mental illness, that can be really hurtful, and just made you sound much less credible — just a tip for the future.

  86. Dick Macgurn says:

    My girlfriend turned full retard from pot

  87. Evan Stowers says:

    Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders are a very complex problem in the brain which would almost never come from a single cause…..just like other problems in the brain there are so many factors to take into account…

    …it doesn't surprise me AT ALL as a recovering psychotic that cannabis use and schizophrenia have an association…..those who use are way more likely to reject society's norms and seek creative and alternative ways of thinking but there is a price you mist pay for straying away from norms of thinking…

    ….the norms are normal for a reason: it makes it easier to comprehend what you think about and to accomplish what you are trying to acomplish…

    ….psychotics are often frustrated minds who began to think in different ways than what they were taught to and began to try and a complish different things than what they were taught to…..but it's so easy to lose control over your own mind

    ….other people simply lose control even though they were seemingly "normal" because they perhaps had louder voices in their head than other "normal" people. Everyone has "voices" in their head but most people never have to label any of these voices as "foreign".

  88. Mate Marijan says:

    Every person I know that uses weed regularly is not very intelligent, very slow to grasp things and very unmotivated.

  89. Sable Rain says:

    I had horrific experiences using marijuana. I strongly agree that cannabis should come with a health warning.

  90. Mike Skylark says:

    Does schizophrenia cause marijuana? :)))

  91. Mike Skylark says:

    It can cause schizophrenia, but it can also cause enlightment! A reorganization of one's life. Great acknowledgements can be gained from psychedelic teachers… 😉

  92. InvisiMan says:

    All the people who claim weed is "safe" really need to stop and look at the science. A doubling of psychosis is huge. There aren't many substances that can double your risk, so why not take this seriously?

  93. Roy Batty says:

    I've smoked pot every day for 40 years.. I have a great career, great life… Dr Greger, I usually love your stuff, but youre out to lunch on this subject… some of your videos seems like they are straight out of a Reefer Madness trailer… selective research youre reading on this one…

  94. Titan Mellor says:

    Try to go for high cbd strains.
    Also if you are looking to use MJ as a drug take a shamanic approach and set an intention to heal or whatever you need. It will change your high, they may not all be chill because youre asking for the shadow and repressed emotions and feelongs to come forth so just be aware.

  95. Jacklyn Young says:

    Dr. Greggor, please do not call individuals with schizophrenia “crazy” how outdated of you… :/

  96. Bat Fink says:

    I don't think pot causes Schizophrenia, i think it awakens suppressed memories, and the scarier those memories are the higher the risk of psychosis. I think legalising this drug is a very bad idea for that reason, who would know if they had suppressed memories until it's too late?
    I heard an interview once with an ex freemason who revealed that one of the strict rules of being in any secret society was that they were never to smoke pot because it breaks down the walls between their secret life and there everyday life making it impossible to keep the two separate. being an ex smoker myself i can attest that this is true and its what causes paranoia. Paranoia arose when all my separate worlds became one, i no longer knew how to act around the people i was with and i believed they could tell i was a fraud. Now with THC levels increasing dramatically and CBD levels falling this will only increase this effect in people i believe.

    its a very dangerous drug and should never be smoked unless you have a clear understanding of how the world works and your place in it.

  97. stripper pole wannabe says:

    Didnt talk about have grower spray (not fit for human consumption florist grade pesticides on the crops) due to non regulated farming practices aka illegality of it

    And also the fact that smokers often do end up calorie restricting that can break the mind and add extra stress leading to or setting off schizophrenia

    White rice, durum pasta and table sugar for vegans who are failing at getting calories ya nut munching oil guzzlers ;P xox

  98. Matthew Niedbala says:

    I think I’m going crazy. I’ve been having auditory hallucinations and I keep walking to places for no apparent reason. Idk if I just forget what I’m going for or what but I’m going crazy. Maybe I should quit smoking lol.

  99. mark smith says:

    You can’t become “addicted “ to cannabis. It’s not possible to be physiologically addicted to it. So that last statement is completely false and this whole video is filled with contradictions. The more likely problem is Dr’s and big pharma want to put young kids on drugs because they can’t sit still in class. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. Not just since the 60’s. Lol.

  100. mjs1231 says:

    Some people cant handle things. Some do and love it. There is no blanket rule.

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