70 thoughts on “DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom Review: elevating drone photography”

  1. The Verge says:

    Which drone would you prefer and where would you take it?

  2. Zul Mizini says:

    ai ai

  3. Rihards says:

    I definitely want one.

  4. Abdul Basit Shaikh says:

    That's some amazing footage.

  5. Tanurjyoti Bala says:

    One can get the Mavic pro and if he would want to zoom then he can just fly the drone forward.

  6. Shariff Raffi says:

    Watched this the moment it got published… now i just can’t wait for my package to arrive tomorrow evening and say hello to the mavic 2 pro 🙂

  7. Cody Gipson says:

    Yea, sign me up for the Mavic 2 Pro please. Those shots look incredible, but I guess it doesn't help when you are filming over Iceland.

  8. rohit nishant singh says:

    "plenty of other youtubers who love destroying gadgets for your pleasure" sounds like Casey 😛 jk 🙂

  9. biao long says:

    great dgi

  10. Mr. Oculus says:

    Not just elevating drone photography, elevating also the video quality of the verge!

  11. Jonathan Hidalgo says:

    Off topic. But does anyone know the name of the song you used at the beginning of this video, from 0:10–0:46?

  12. Setara Ingram says:

    Somebody, please, get this man his Emmy!

  13. Burton Lewis Jr. says:

    Nice music choices!

  14. Yumian Deng says:

    Wow I didn't know I invented the greatest invention, thanks Vjeran :p

  15. Allan Sh says:

    The verge is actually uploading in 4K? Welcome to 2018.

  16. TheHennes36 says:

    Woah… this video is just GORGEOUS to look at! Well Done guys!

  17. Lukáš Křepelka says:

    I almost never comment on YouTube, but man, this video was AWESOME! Great work.

  18. Matthijs Bukman says:

    0.27 it looks like a sandwich iron

  19. Ashika Raut says:

    @ 1:30 Jerry rig everything 😂😂😁

  20. Yuvraj Kushwaha says:

    PAVIC reviewing the MAVIC 😂

  21. Yajson says:

    Review a bit boring and slow.

  22. Aditya Singh says:


  23. mrcraggle says:

    Coming into this video I was like, where's Ben Popper at? He always does anything related to drones at the Verge. One quick Google search later it seems he now actually works for DJI in communications.

  24. PhotoTech says:

    Great review, incredible clips

  25. Jules L says:

    You should have had upscale the 1080p video in order to put it fullscreens. Just a small detail.

  26. leon jain says:

    What a beautiful view that captured 😍😍😍

  27. Zach Risinger says:

    I honestly had never considered getting a drone before these models. Been seeing all kinds of review videos, and man. D A T F O O T A G E

  28. AbdulRayhman says:

    Somebody give the link of music in the start plzzz!!

  29. 787UrbanApparel says:

    …. Mavic 2 is an Overpriced drone bundle!!!

    With that amount of money 💴 I could buy a ANAFI drone , an IPad Pro , and a fly ticket to Iceland 🇮🇸… with hotel . And shoot better cinematic than this …


  30. Robby Huang says:

    Why can't you do the dolly zoom in 4k? That doesn't make any sense to me.

  31. Larry Schad says:

    I'd like to see the raw photo comparison / download between the Zoom (super resolution mode) vs the Pro as I too will mainly use the drone for photography.

  32. Matthew Rickard says:

    If money and portability is no problem what is hands down the best shooting drown, like something you would use for a movie

  33. Vriheddd says:

    That Hasselblad Camera looks amazing!

  34. Vojtěch Hodek says:

    The music is to loud.

  35. Pod Smokvom says:

    7:39 Milna, Brač, Croatia
    Big like 🙂

  36. William Stark says:

    I wonder did they removed the vertical mode feature from mavic pro (1st gen)? Seems like the camera is too big to rotate 90 degree, but nobody every talks about it.

  37. Joseph Harvey says:

    I'm still happy with my Spark… which costs $1000 less than the zoom… and has the same size sensor… and the same photo resolution….

  38. Wan Goku says:

    Nice video

  39. Isaac Alonzo says:

    Just imagine the features saved for the Phantom 5 Pro, still hoping for interchangeable lenses.

  40. BigLama says:

    You could say it was a video well DRONE.

  41. Edgar S says:

    But can they dart dinos?

  42. Asif Baig says:

    Its a drone, you can fly closer to ur subject if you want, why the need of zoom! I would choose bigger sensor anytime!

  43. Harry Phillips says:

    Great video!

  44. Davor Strenja says:

    Odlično Vjerane, naručio sam pro verziju pa ćemo vidjeti .Dobar kadar na 7:40 min 😉

  45. appleonmondays says:

    Amazing footage

  46. Dawson Boyle says:

    I like that this review wasn't rushed like the reviews released the days or just a few days after release

  47. inspirations365 says:

    You guys' reviews are just game changing. From iPhone to this, the industry has had to elevate themselves to match YOU.

  48. Le Monarque says:

    You had to create proxies for H.265 in Premiere..? You should update Premiere because H.265 is a total non-issue for me.

  49. Mrunal Kapadia says:

    You deserve a like…here you go…looking forward to more drone photography related articles from The Verge.

  50. Kevin says:

    Intro music? Please

  51. Henning Gu says:

    The esthetics in this video a superb. And I don't even mean the aerial footage. (although that is gorgeous too)

  52. npgatech says:

    I don't think you exactly know what "Chromatic Aberration" is. Please look it up.

  53. to tosh says:

    The thumbnail looks like man behind woman poison🤔🤔🤔

  54. amihay sarfaty says:

    Dude are you suffering from making those videos?? Wtf? Seriously the verge bring someone that likes making videos

  55. blue says:

    I was in Iceland recently, however my Mavic Air decided to die, barely got any good footage :’( This video was amazing!

  56. LogicTech says:

    drones are out of style

  57. Alberto Natale says:

    Dear Verge, make this young man do colour grading tutorials! Those shots look insane!!

  58. Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas. says:

    i whant both!!!

  59. ScoobyDooUrMom says:

    good video. thanks

  60. ACID SNOW says:

    both look like amazing tools
    really enjoyed watching this
    thanks so much for sharing this with us

  61. Mububban23 says:

    2:03 – wow, what's the operating ceiling/signal range on these things?!?
    I must say I'm amazed at how "affordable" these high end drones are. Given the engineering and image quality, I sort of thought they'd be more like $3000 rather than <$1500

  62. LencoTB says:

    Jesi neki snimci možda iz Dalmacije?

  63. jakeinthetube says:

    Very very nice. Enjoyed this presenter.

  64. Bhavesh Hagwane says:

    did anybody notice?
    Pavic testing the Mavic … lol

  65. Alberto Leon says:

    Can someone help, I’m not sure which one to buy the pro or the zoom? I love taking photos mainly to be honest but that zoom feature has me double thinking. I’m told the pro is superior in every way except for not having the zoom. Can anyone help?

  66. John s says:

    My choice is the mavic Zoom sharper video and then you have the zoom which is spectacular

  67. Cockatiels Ninfas & Carolinas World says:

    How many dpi do the stills have in the zoom?

  68. Gianni G says:

    Great video! You got a new subscriber here. Keep it up!

  69. KIESE MEDIA says:

    Incredible video. really loved watching it.
    Go on with it .subscribed to you.
    I will be glad about it if you support me as well 🙏 😊😃 ❤&✌

  70. Martim Vilela says:

    Loved the footage. Well done.

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