DIY Portable Background Stand & Portrait Photography Background Material for studio or location
DIY Portable Background Stand & Portrait Photography Background Material for studio or location

in this video I want to show you a simple easy to find an inexpensive material that makes a great portrait background and it’s available in loads of different colors stay tuned until the end and I’ll even show you how you can use it as a full length background in a pinch and also how to build a very inexpensive and portable background stand stay tuned hey gang everybody loves a bargain especially when you don’t have to sacrifice quality in the process I frequently visit my local fabric store looking for interesting fabrics or vinyls that I can wrap around a model to create something that looks like a cool outfit or even a hat I also get one of my favorite backgrounds at the local fabric store and this material is inexpensive enough that I can afford to own it in a bunch of different colors the material it’s called velour it only comes in 60-inch widths in other words a 5 foot or one and a half meter wide background you can buy it by the yard so generally when I purchase a new color I get three yards that’s 9 feet or just under 3 meters but if you want to be able to squeeze out the occasional full-length shot be sure to get 4 yards that’s 12 feet or just over three and a half meters it’s important to know that there are several different types of velour and often the names are different depending on the manufacturer so instead of telling you all the different names let me just explain that some velour is really smooth and has very little texture and other the war has a subtle texture to it that you can brush with your hand and see the tones change like you see here both of these options are okay depending on how you intend to use them if you’re able to separate your subject from the background and use depth of field to your advantage it doesn’t matter at all if the velour has a little texture if you’re in a very tight space and need to have your subjects sit right in front of the background you’ll see a hint of the texture some people will like this others will find it objectionable there is no right or wrong depending on the brand and the amount of texture velour routinely costs between $5 and $12 a yard I always look for sales so that I’m getting it between 5 and 6 bucks a yard that way my portrait background is costing less than $20 for a really nice and really versatile background I’ve included links in the description below to stores at where you can find great prices on the different types of the lure most of the stores have very accurate images to give you a sense of how much texture their version the material has and before I forget one of the best features about this material you can fold it up and it doesn’t wrinkle I keep mine folded like this and when I open it up it’s ready to go I don’t need to iron or steam it and if you get it a little dirty it’s machine washable in cold water in my home studio I have bars permanently mounted so that I can hang the velour quickly remember stay tuned and I’ll show you how you can make an inexpensive and very portable background stand for using the velour and even short paper background rolls I hang the material in three steps first using spring clamps I stretch it on the top bar with one clamp on each side then I have a piece of half-inch electrical conduit that weighs about five pounds that I clip at the bottom now you can see that the background still isn’t smooth the trick here is not to try and stretch it tighter you actually want to make it looser so the third step is simply go back to the top and I release one of the clamps to let the background slide down just a little until it’s smooth and then I wreak lamp it and it’s good to go if I’m going to do a full-length shot obviously I don’t want to see the pipe so I’ll go ahead and clamp the pipe behind the material like you see here and then just smooth out the rest of the velour on the floor in front since the material will slip and slide when somebody walks on it I usually tape it down with some gaffers tape or if you can’t afford gaffers tape duct tape will work just fine just don’t leave the tape on the material for days at a time because it will leave adhesive residue that won’t come off easily now in this series of photos I have my subject placed about 4 feet in front of the material and you can see how the different colors make great portrait backgrounds you can get this material in the standard white or black and gray and just about other color you want the lighting setup here is the DIY LED lighting kit that I built in this video now here’s where you can start to have some fun with this material if we place a stroke behind the material and then we aim it towards the subject we can get effects like these by varying the height and the power of the flash remember there is no right or wrong so experiment and practice to find the combination that you like the most but I’m not done there if you want to go a little old-school with your background you can hang the valeurs sideways and let it droop in the middle then if you add a strobe on the floor between the model and the background and then aim it up you get this type of effect again you should experiment you can light the material from the bottom the side the top the possibilities are almost endless now I did mention that you can use the floor for full-length shots in a pinch the challenge here is that since the material is only 5 feet wide you have to keep your subject fairly close to the background here’s an example of a 3/4 length shot also with those LED lights and here’s a full length shot on dark red velour if we add a strobe behind the material like I showed you with the portraits we can get looks like these ok I promised you an inexpensive and portable background holder that works great with this velour material I made this one from one-inch PVC piping for a total cost of about 25 dollars and less than one hour of build time I strongly recommend not using anything smaller than one-inch as your stand will become extremely flimsy and probably won’t stay upright with the weight of the material now if you don’t intend to take your stand on location moving up to one and a half inch pipe will make an extremely sturdy stand I got all of my parts at the local Home Depot and I’ve included a parts list in the description below if you’re nice to the employees at Home Depot they’ll do the cuts for you the PVC pipe comes in 10 foot lengths the key to this build is to make sure that none of the parts are longer than 38 inches or 1 meter so that the stand can easily be stored and carried in a duffel bag so I have 4 pieces that are 38 inches long to make the uprights of the stand six pieces of 36 inches to make the three cross bars of the stand two pieces at six inches to lift the bottom crossbar and four pieces at 18 inches to make the legs of the stand I also needed four caps for the legs three couplers for the cross bars two elbows for the top crossbar and six tees that’s the entire parts list for this stand I also bought six spring clamps while I was at Home Depot that I’ll keep in the bag and use for attaching the background material here I’ve highlighted the sections that I glued together so that I don’t have 31 separate pieces to assemble every time I want to use this this way there are only fourteen pieces that come out of the bag and they go together easily now I sped up the video but you can see the unit goes together with very little effort I assemble it laying down flat and then stand it up less than two minutes to assemble the stand and another minute to hang the backdrop notice that I attach the backdrop while the stand is laying down and then lift it upright and turn the legs to support the unit and when I’m done it all comes apart and fits in this 40 inch by 16 inch duffel bag that I got on sale for 20 bucks at so there you have it an inexpensive and durable material that you can use for portrait backgrounds and an easy to build and very portable background stand so get to work build your own stand by some vellore and get out there and practice because your best shot it’s your next shot so keep learning keep thinking and keep shooting adios thanks for watching if you find these videos helpful please give them a thumbs up and share them with your photography friends be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode and if you have a question that you would like answered post it in the comment section below your questions could be my next video

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    Have you ever tried using a gel when lighting the velour from behind? It would seem to me using a complementary color gel could create some interesting effects.

  2. Jim Fachini says:

    Another fabulous video, Joe. Your time, efforts, & willingness to share your knowledge is so very much appreciated. One additional tip for the background stand for heavier weight material; Using expanding spray foam to fill the two top bars significantly strengthens the bar & removes the flex from the bar without adding any appreciable weight to the build. Some foam will ooze out when the bars are filled, but it trims easily once dry. Thanks again!

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  6. Alexander Hugestrand says:

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  7. Ryan Odneal says:

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  8. bhartwigutube says:


    I built the stand yesterday… almost finished! I ought to have measured out the height for scale – it is way higher than I expected. It just fits once I get it in the living room. I mis-calculated the amount of pipe , so didn't get two sets of cross pipes. I may cut the second set to 24" to scale it down a bit when I buy my 4th length.

    It looks awesome – now just need some willing victims, I mean subjects…

    Thanks Joe!

  9. JoAnn Slaney says:

    Loving your videos!

  10. Robert Mullan says:

    Joe I'll bet the lighting and background vendors hate you. For a few dollars you show us how to get everything you need. If the average photographer walks around a trade show or opens a photo mag, he or she will convince themselves that they could never live without have the stuff they see. Keep posting your great videos – I for one really appreciate your effort

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    A question for you – instead of using spring loaded clips to hang it, have you tried to sew a rod pocket at the top of the material so that the cross bar can go into the pocket… wondering if that would make the material smoother with less wrinkles.

  15. brute910 says:

    Yes! I did it! I built your DIY background stand exactly to your specs and it turned out beautifully. Got 4 Yds of grey velour from Jo-Ann's and the duffel bag arrives today. Thank you so much Joe for really going the extra mile with the diagrams and links. I shot some portraits this past weekend and they really turned out nicely using gels and speedlight to light the background. I do have to watch like you say that i don't shoot wider than the background because it is a bit narrow. And thanks for approving my Facebook friend request. Joe R.

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    $7.16new(3 offers)

    Is this what you are referring to as a good fabric that will not wrinkle? There are a gazillion fabrics that come up with your link so I am kinda confused on your recommendation. Thanks for your answer in advance and really love your channel. P.S. just heard your music being used on TV commercial named take me Guitar riff and all. Not sure if you owned it or???

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