DHB EP11 – Grading, Asphalt & Landscaping
DHB EP11 – Grading, Asphalt & Landscaping

Oh I’m Jamison and I’m Jamie and this is
Brayden and Maddie we recently took a leap of faith trading in our home in
Georgia first in the face with my parents house
we gave up my high-paying corporate job to pursue our dream of building stuff
and empowering others whether we’re building a family building a business
building a house we’re building a table we like to do it ourselves this is our
DIY life hey guys I’m Jamison and this is Jamie and this is episode 11 of our
dream house bill and in this episode we go over a lot of things that happened on
the exterior of our home yeah we’ve got a lot going on around the house not just
inside but around with final grade and all this landscaping that we had to do
and we’re gonna knock down that process or break down that process and how it
all came together so one of the first things that we did when it came to
landscaping was out of necessity we had to backfill an area where AC was gonna
go so we placed some rocks there by ourselves some big boulders just to
retain that and then backfill that area so that we could set our AC unit obviously we knew we were gonna do our
big boulder wall ourselves so we handed it off to our excavation company and
they started bringing in rocks they started building the Great Wall of China
their backyard it was a really neat process to see they had a full-size
excavator as well as a mini excavator and a dump truck that was constantly
bringing in boulders yes so the dump truck would drive around back and the
kids would be sitting up on the porch with their chairs and popcorn watching
the rock show and they would just like dump all of these boulders and it would
shake everything it was a pretty fascinating process or what it was
really neat and then seeing the full-size excavator and the mini
excavator work together to place those rocks just where they needed them and
make sure that they were tamp down in place was a really neat process yeah we
knew we needed to make this rock wall really really stable because we have two
kids that were guaranteed to climb up it the second that it was done so it is a
very stable rock wall but it is huge so the process of building a rock wall is
fairly straightforward you set the rocks in place make sure that they fit
together nicely but then also you want to back the rocks with a with a fabric
that’s gonna allow the moisture to come through but retain the soil and not let
the the soil erode from behind the rock wall through the rock wall you can also
use that fabric and the soil to kind of lock those boulders into place so after the rock wall was in place the
last thing we had to do before we got final grade was put the septic in yeah
and that process what seemed to be straightforward because this is a lot
full of perfectly good sand that we could use for that septic system turned
out to be not exactly the case where we thought we were going to get the sand
from or what you’ll call what we’ll call it borrow pit essentially is where they
dig a big hole and excavate the sand and put it in the septic system that turned
out to be not so good soil No so we were about to send the trucks out to go bring
in new sand when we had a little hunch and dug in a different spot and luckily
we were able to find the perfect saying all there a lot to use for the septic
system which saved us a ton of money and the subject system ideally we were
hoping to be around just a few feet deep but it ended up turning into quite the
yeah it was like we dug a pool back there it was huge
yeah but overall we got that in to set the tanks ran the line out to the septic
system got our field in and then backfilled it and we were good to go for
final grade now it’s time to begin the final grading
process and that all is a little bit more there’s a lot to it a lot more to
it than I thought initially you have to take into account all the different
elevations whether or not you’re going to be putting asphalt in because then
they would have to greet it a little bit lower to accommodate that you know where
your concrete walkways like what we what we’re standing on here is gonna go and
just making sure that all of the everything is drained properly there’s
the pitch is correct to get all the water to run away from the house so that
we don’t have any issues with flooding so after the final grading process was
done we were well into winter and we weren’t able to get as much grass
growing as we had hoped yeah we actually didn’t really get around to a lot of
things before winter hit we weren’t able to pour these concrete pads then either
there was a few things that we had to wait on until the spring well one thing
that we knew during the winter time was that we wanted to put an ice rink out
back so we put that ice rink in and we made it as big as possible
the problem with that was was that we basically created a dam and all of our
downspouts weren’t rounded underground so all the water that was coming off of
the roof and down off of those hills was trapped behind our ice rink and building
up and working its way back towards the house
so all winter we had to deal with the freeze/thaw cycle and the water backing
up and we had pumps running all the time so we knew when spring hit we needed to
deal with these drainage issues so what we did was we rented a trench here and
we cut a couple lines in the ground and buried drainage lines from the
downspouts all the way out to the back of the property making sure that they
were pitched accordingly so that all the water would run out of the back and
underground and away from our house so then it was time to actually pave the
driveway and obviously this was the process that we hired out we had a crew
come in and pave the driveway and they did a really good job we did two courses
and basically what that means is two separate layers they can only go three
inches at a time per layer and then they compact it down to two inches so they
did that twice to give us a final thickness of about four inches yeah and
actually the process was a lot quicker than I thought
I don’t know why I assumed it was gonna take them hours upon hours to do this
but I felt like the driveway happened really fast yeah they were in and out of
here in a day and they got everything done which was pretty remarkable they
had a bunch of guys going one on the paving machine as well as a couple of
rollers going and making sure everything was nice and compacted so then it was on to the side the cool
thing about side or so we heard is that instant lon instant thick lush lawn it’s
gonna be great we found a really good deal on it so we got you know I think it
was about a twenty five to twenty seven cents a square foot which worked out
pretty good and we were excited about the fact that we’re gonna have this new
instant lon however there’s a lot of work involved
in laying sod it is not a fun job it is not we had twelve pallets of sod
delivered and which is about 10,000 square feet of side yeah we got and the
idea with sod is that once it’s delivered you want to install it
immediately ideally you want to install it the same day because they cut the sod
in the morning and then they deliver it and then you want to get it laid out the
same day yes however oh we had our side delivered on Friday yeah and we were
getting a lot of sod so the idea was to have it and deliver it on Friday move it
all around the lot get it situated and then Saturday
morning go at it hard until we got it done that didn’t happen
guys we woke up Saturday morning in it was pouring rain which meant our lot was
a complete mud pit and there was no way that we could lace that on Saturday so
we had to delay it one more day yeah to Sunday morning and we got on top
of it right away and it’s an awful job it is it is it was I don’t know we
started at 8 o’clock in the morning we probably got done around 3:00 or 4:00 in
the afternoon and it was just a back-breaking job hauling the sod
everywhere near there to go laying it positioning it just right then
it started to rain so then it just made everything muddy and we’re just covered
from head to toe in mud and sore and angry at life and by this time we we had
to lay the sod there we waited any longer than the sod was just gonna die
so we used to get it we needed to get it down on the ground so we pushed through
the rain luckily we had a we had some friends come out and hope videographer
in delaying sod it was great it was fun time
it was not it was not terrible but however the next day we we regretted it
I think a lot of people everybody was sore
everybody was very sorry it’s good to get a good workout out sure but I’ll
never I’d never want to do it again but ten thousand square feet was not nearly
enough side to cover everything so we still have to put grass seed down and
grow some grass but it was a good start so yeah like Jamie said we’re gonna seed
the rest and hope it blends in over the next few years so with the grass in and spring is here
everything’s starting to bloom it’s time to start maintaining all of this stuff
so luckily we have our sponsor Riley outdoors who has provided us with some
very cool tools yeah my favorite being the lawn mower so we got a 100 amp our
zero turn battery-powered lawn mower from Ryobi and this thing is sweet it is
so much fun even if you’re not cutting grass sometimes I just take it down to
go get the mail so the nice thing about it is it’s perfectly silent and when the
blades are on it just basically sounds like two high-powered fans underneath of
you the other cool thing is that it’s got a lot of torque since it is electric
it can handle just about anything that a gas mower could and it will move up to
three acres on a single charge they also hooked us up with an 18 volt
battery powered fogger which is perfect for out here obviously we’re in the
woods we’ve got some wet lower areas that are gonna attract mosquitoes and
the like so we wanted something to be able to knock out all of those bugs and
the battery power fogger is perfect for that
Jamie also has this weird obsession with pressure washing so Ryobi sent us a
couple of different pressure washers to test out one being their 1800 psi
electric pressure washer which I thought would be perfect for by the garage
pressure washing cars I’ve washed I’ve washed everybody’s car I’ve washed the
Bobcat wash the tractor it’s nice because you plug it in and you hit the
on button then it starts you don’t have to worry about gas or any of that that
comes with a gas-powered combustion engine but they also sent us their
high-powered 3600 psi gas powered pressure washer which is going to be
perfect for pressure washing the house and getting all of that tough the big
stuff the stuff off of everything you can power wash everything
it’s amazing the other thing we had to gear up for with spring is spraying our
fruit trees if you guys have followed us in the past you know that we’ve got some
apple trees and pear trees out back a little orchard some might say a little
orchard so ryubi’s got an 18-volt backpack sprayer which is perfect for
spraying than with the fruit tree space that sprays to make sure that all the
bugs are on and it makes the job a battery-powered one so much easier than
the whole pumpy thing you do and then the spray so you made my life a lot
easier they’ve also got a sweet new 40 volt
backpack blower that can run off not only 140 volt battery but two the cool
thing about it is that says it’s battery-powered you don’t have that
engine that’s running all the time so it’s nice and silent most of the time
you’re using it so thank you REO be outdoors for sponsoring this episode of
our dream house build if you want to learn more about all the tools that they
have to offer make sure you check them out at Rio be tools calm and they’re all
available for purchase exclusively at the Home Depot so with the sod and the
driveway and the next step was adding a basketball hoop we had to have a
basketball hoop and just so that you know our kids can make memories and all
this stuff and he could make memories a little bit selfish on my part I wanted
to have a nice basketball hoop out front because Jamie needs to be nice to match
the house and the barn and yeah so we went with gorilla and they provided us a
hoop and we put that sucker in and it is a tank it is huge and it is amazing it’s
beautiful actually I love it I do I love the basketball
hoop so that would be a fun going from here on out we also installed a hoop
light to go over top of it and provide light for some nighttime basketball yeah
hopefully the neighbors don’t get too upset with us
ice rink in the winter you

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    I would be careful if I was you if you stand still for more then a couple of seconds she will be pressure washing you?. The fogger looks good I could have used one of those a few years ago when I lived on the shore of Loch Lomond in Scotland, The mosquitoes there were more like guided missiles as soon as you opened the door to go out they were at you. You need the round brush attachment for the concrete as it is much faster to use and you don't need to wear wellies.

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