Depositphotos Review on AppSumo
Depositphotos Review on AppSumo

Bloggers, marketers, website owners — raise
your hand if you’ve experienced the stock photo struggle? I’ve been there — we all know the free
ones look generic and the good ones are SO expensive. But you NEED high-quality images for your
website and marketing materials, so what are you supposed to do? Stick around for today’s product showcase
because this deal is about to blow your mind. Whattup fam? it’s Chrystie with AppSumo
and today we’re talking about Depositphotos, which is the single most popular AppSumo deal
of ALL TIME. Why? Because it’s a library of ONE HUNDRED MILLION
PLUS stunning photos, vectors, and graphics that you can use royalty free to level up
your image game. Having access to high-res, unique images at
your fingertips is a marketing game changer. Want to create beautiful advertisements that
convert? Done. Need the perfect cover for your e-book? Check! Want your website to look like you employ
professional photographers from all over the world? You got it. Let’s dive into it works: Within Depositphotos, just type whatever keywords
you’re looking for directly into the search bar and THOUSANDS of results will show up
instantly. Once you find an image or vector that you
like, you can adjust the download size, as well as see visually similar royalty-free
images. These photos come with a standard license,
which means you can use them for commercial purposes on both online AND print. Depositphotos lets you get granular with your
search, so you can narrow down by subject, size, keywords, categories, and colors! Let’s say I want to find a taco image that
doesn’t include any people, and has a lot of green – voila! Depositphotos comes through and gives you
exactly what you want. Depositphotos also has curated collections
so you can monitor top trends in stock photos, as well as filter by ‘Trending,’ ‘Popular,’
and ‘Newest.’ These collections are an awesome resource
for designers and content creators so you can always keep your finger on the pulse! Sumo-lings, this is not a drill. Our Depositphotos deal is a must have if you
EVER see yourself needing stunning images for social media, your website, or any digital
or printed content you’re putting out! Credits don’t ever expire so get your stack
on while this deal is in our store! What are you waiting for?

3 thoughts on “Depositphotos Review on AppSumo”

  1. BugFound says:

    No thank you for the 100 pics limit .
    I miss old LTD deals where it really meant LTD.
    100 pics is limit and where is LTD ? Oh stack till 1000$ ?

  2. Jon Deak says:

    Normally I just hop on desls like this But unfortunately I will not be purchasing this app. It’s $50 USD for 100 photos. There really isn’t anything special about that especially when it’s really no different than buying credits from Istock or 123RF. If they were smart and wanted to build their brand awareness they should have done a deal with lifetime unlimited downloads with no restrictions. Come on App Sumo! Give us better!!

  3. IAm Sam says:

    Bad deal, read the fine print. You’re not saving anything, mine as stick with istock. Greedy startups like this will learn the hard way to gain new followers.

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