Def Leppard – Photograph
Def Leppard – Photograph

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  1. 松田ゆかり says:

    メンバーみんな若い❗(@ ̄□ ̄@;)!!そして名曲❗(@ ̄□ ̄@;)!!

  2. Michelle Taylor says:

    just 2 million views for this classic? wow..

  3. Through my lens of life says:

    God I miss 1983🤘🤘🤘🤘

  4. Peter Zachos says:

    Friday Night Video Fights winner for WEEKS AND WEEKS…

  5. suzycreamcheesez says:

    the drummer did quite well with one arm

  6. Lisa Knell says:

    Takes me back to my high school years. My boyfriend had broken up with me right as this song was gaining popularity and I was crushed. I’d look at his photo and I could hear this song in my head “photograph, I don’t want your, photograph, I don’t need your photograph, all I got is a photograph… I wanna touch you” 😢

  7. Mike Schultz says:


  8. margaret hoehn says:

    i wouldn’t mind having joe elliot write a song about me

  9. Rob R says:

    I always play this song when I’m working on my cars lol

  10. Don Holmes says:

    Best band ever. Wish we still had same quality music and bands now. All autotune and crap. At least my childhood was epic!! Rock on

  11. Jonathan Clarke says:

    I love Def Leppard but only from the one cassette I was given in the late eighties. Animal, Rocket, Pour Some Sugar etc. are amazing. This is ok at best and I'm really surprised it's so popular.

  12. Isaura Ferrel says:

    But he says "oh oh I don't need your photograph"!!!

  13. 鈴木理優 says:


  14. EwGaming4U says:

    I’m so glad to see this music video. Thought it was deleted ❤️

  15. 92% stupidity says:

    who's here in oh wait no one fucking cares

  16. Gabrielle Dicierson says:

    Where is that Danny Bob????I know what you mean….You still miss him anyway…Daddy rules too…

  17. Christopher Reeves says:

    Totally dig the drummer's outfit.

  18. Lisa Tortorete says:

    In my top 5 favorite metal bands of the 80's..My favorite song of their's to which there are many more!

  19. Bruce Yngsdal says:

    He can hold his scream, that for sure.

  20. stuart johnson says:

    Well a lot of people are listening, especially since they were just inducted into the rock and roll Hall of fame this year. In fact, during the performance at the ceremony, they played this song…sounding better than ever!

  21. Sidney Vicious says:

    Saw them on the Pyro tour at the Forum in Los Angeles.So excellent. backstage was a hell of a party !! And the stage had so many pairs of girls panties 😂 it looked like a Victoria's Secret convention. 😋😈🔥🤘🐆🎉🎆🎼🎸📸

  22. Texocracy says:

    Audio on this is shit. Damn shame.

  23. Michael Colello says:

    This is one of those rare pop rock tunes that always sounds as good as the first time

  24. ttop bugatti says:

    9/13/2019 baybee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉🎉👑👑👑💥💥💥💥💖💖💖

  25. harrison wintergreen says:

    The rare song with an exactly perfect amount of cowbell

  26. —The_Big_Fork — says:

    Love the chorus

  27. Eduardo Cordeiro says:

    Rock xexelento

  28. Edwardslayer64 says:

    miss u CLARK 2019….

  29. Coach says:

    when you are playing races in gta v

  30. Matt Hoover says:

    This song needs to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

  31. Julie Gogola says:

    This song was the one that made Def Leppard famous. They had made many other vidoes "Rock of ages" among many others, BUT, THIS is the first video and song by Def Leppard and it made them famous.

  32. Rajivs Reviews says:

    Who's here after watching the premiere of AHS 1984 ?

  33. Frank Smith says:

    AHS 1984!

  34. Matt Lohrke says:

    Still the greatest pop/rock song ever written.

  35. Just Me says:

    God I'm glad I was a teenager in the 80's

  36. drivethrupoet says:

    AHS 1984 is gonna introduce the kids to some amazing music and I'm not mad about it. Also… it's uncanny how much the actor Cody Fern looks like a young Joe Elliott.

  37. Milky Way Galaxy says:

    The skating rinks (in the mid 80s) played this a lot. And yes kids, there were these little paper things called photographs that we put in our wallets.

  38. Ron Marston says:

    Wow good song 👌

  39. Milk Carton says:

    I see your face every time i pee

  40. fan1701 says:

    This song will always remind me of my 82 Z28. All I have left is a photograph….. and some memories. 😎

  41. Gabrielle Dicierson says:

    My fantasy….great song….I don't want her…..Great group……

  42. Thea Koss says:

    this song is just amazing. gets stuck in your head like nothing else.

  43. Patcharadanai Chanchei says:

    Because gta v made me to listen this song

  44. Louvina Johnson says:

    The drummer killed it

  45. Jizzy GAMER1350 says:

    GTA 5 radio rock

  46. Blackout Metal says:

    Great song, bring back the 80's!

  47. neckshredder1 says:

    Alright, now I'm gonna listen to Ratt – Round and Round.

  48. Lights! Camera! Jack! says:

    Back when Phil Collins was alive and Rick Allen had two arms

  49. Sam Smith says:

    Who still has Def Leppard cassettes and cds?

  50. Sam Smith says:

    Their albums was high and dry, pyromania and hysteria

  51. Matt A says:

    Reminds me of high school baseball because the first time I heard this song some guys were blasting it on the bus, after a tough playoff loss as we were heading home. Those were fun times..

  52. Laia says:

    AHS brought me here but I've prefered living in the 80's and knowing the song by myself 🙁

  53. Krazy Life Of Karson says:

    Such a good song

  54. mustafahajj says:

    These dudes are Bad A..
    That voice is mind blowin'
    Wow… Bad A.. great song.
    1980's rock on!!!!

  55. Brian Pancoast says:

    I met my first BF in 1983 because he thought it was pretty cool that I wore my Def Leppard shirt out to the gay bar (which wasn’t done). Ahh good times.

  56. D V says:

    Saw them on tour for this album 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽😍😍😍👍👍👍

  57. 蘇彥吉 says:


  58. navywifeandmother says:

    I just started reading Phil's book "Adrenalized" and was inspired to watch this video. I'm going to search for "Rock of Ages" in a minute but wanted to comment that after reading Phil's words telling what was going on at the time these videos were made, it really gave me perspective. I'm sitting here smiling seeing Joe wearing the scarf and the Union Jack shirt, and Rick's shorts. This is just great!
    (And in case Phil reads this, I'm really enjoying the book. See you guys soon, God willing. xo)

  59. Tzeff NL says:

    Rare music video with the drummer still having BOTH arms! 😀

  60. oliver philippe says:

    Always like this song Marilyn a switchblade and chains

  61. Diana Valens says:

    Don't care if I was born in '98 this song is forever my fav! Even asked for a song request this morning and the professor did not fail. Wish I could take my dads place back in '84. #80'sFan

  62. rex racer says:

    I bought my Ibanez Destroyer after seeing Phil’s in this video… still have it too!

  63. sunil singh says:

    one of the best song of all time……

  64. Robert Belknap says:

    Back in 77' I went to high school with Rob Bottin, who became a special effects makeup artist, in 83' I was his photographer on the movie "Legend" while in pre production, I shot alot of the creatures from the movie in the sculpting, and makeup stages. while in the darkroom developing a fairly important roll of film, this song came on KLOS, and totally distacted me, and I lost the whole roll of film. been my favorite song ever since.

  65. nicola misselbrook says:

    Still rocking in 2019

  66. Susan Brandon says:

    Kong sdong

  67. Bob Borton says:

    Didn’t know this song was about Marilyn Monroe

  68. D XD says:


  69. GoGodBlessYou ✅ says:


  70. Svetlana says:

    Аллен здесь ещё с полным комплектом рук

  71. Zachary Herman says:

    So much nostalgia brings tears to my eyes..

  72. rochelle hawkins says:

    "… I wanna touch you". That's my favorite line. Damn I miss the 1980s. Whatever happened to wearing white pumps? Yes, y'all remember. We females remember wearing white pumps and white heels. I remember having something to do with not wearing them after Labor Day. My goodness, those were the days. 50 years YOUNG is here… who is here with me in 2019?💋💋💋

  73. Sea Life says:

    Oh god only way to listen to this is volume 10 full bass……. Died and gone to heaven!!!

  74. Callum&Maddie1992 says:

    Awesome song and Still is in 2019

  75. John Morrison says:

    Classic brit

  76. Ruben Dario Monsalve Uribe says:

    Quien hoy con una de las mejores agrupaciones de la historia

  77. dony lopes says:

    one of the best bands, that actually keep me alive! hit it leppard!

  78. dony lopes says:

    80's rock is excellent!!

  79. EconAtheist says:



  80. alex Sandro lekão says:

    Gtav ✌



  82. Ms. Shelly T. says:

    Best hard rock group and hard rock song ever! Def Leppard: "Photograph". Thx MTV in '83!

  83. Evelyn Neufeld says:

    What kind of dagger/knife is that? My favorite part of the video 💓

  84. paul johnson says:

    Where it All Began

  85. plumeria66 says:

    When men used to be slim and beautiful.

  86. Dana Hulon says:

    Love you guys

  87. Camry Burke says:

    I so wish I could see them live !! Just a girl born in the 90s growing up to 80s music. 🙂

  88. The Regular Nick Robertson says:

    how do i even show how much i love this song

  89. Tiago Silva says:

    Ouvindo em 2020

  90. My Dixie Rekt says:

    Late nights playing GTA V with mates.

  91. Robert Dickson says:

    One of the greatest rock songs of all time
    Def Leppard forever
    ❤️ 🤟🎸🔥

  92. Jeffrey Richardson says:

    marilyn monroe
    jodys films two for the show
    hale bop comet doe

  93. MetalDrummer 09 says:

    There lead singer sounds like bon Scott crossed with axle rose 😂

  94. WSS says:

    This band (& song) was one of the few ones that got me started with rock-n-roll of which I am grateful and I was fortunate to have seen them live at concert – a fun group of people.

  95. Stephen Clough says:


  96. M Schau says:

    Man this brings back memories of the 80s, sophomore in HS. LOVE Def Leppard, when music was so awesome. In heaven, if asked, I wanna go back to the 80s!!!!

  97. doesnotcompute81 says:

    Needs more cowbell

  98. Lafayette Gerlach says:

    Whos still listening Nov 2019 Seen DL 4 times in concert they rock

  99. Shusiareed says:

    Someone here from American Dad?

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