Deeper Pixels :: How to PHOTOGRAPH the GRAND CANYON
Deeper Pixels :: How to PHOTOGRAPH the GRAND CANYON

so I have some footage that I want to
share with you but I need to set this up with a little bit of context so
yesterday I got back from Arizona I was out there for a few days to work with my
friend Stephen’s photo lab called hidden light I got to make a palladium print up
there with my friend Matt and it was really an amazing time and I’ve got some
videos I’m going to share with you one thing I did not expect is that I would
be going to the Grand Canyon and my friend Rod was up there and he said get
some rest tonight because at 4:30 tomorrow morning we’re gonna get up and
were gonna drive to the Grand Canyon and if you follow me on Instagram I did a
bunch of Instagram stories on this while we were out there and by far the most
asked question that I got was Ted does your jacket really say deeper pixels on it? of course it does this jacket was designed for the absolute deepest pixels
and we’ll get into that in a minute but first I want to check out my experience
at the Grand Canyon probably best to start at the beginning [music] this was my first time to visit the
Grand Canyon and it was a complete spiritual experience it was like nothing
I’ve ever seen before you know I’ve seen pictures of the Grand
Canyon obviously but until you’re there you have no concept of what an amazing
thing this is and so my friend Rod Clark who took me up there – I didn’t
know I’d be doing that on this trip so he said we’re gonna get really early we
want to photograph this right as the sun’s coming up I said okay we can
do that so we get up at 4:30 and we you know head out it’s freezing cold and we
finally get there and we’re kind of… Rod has been there before so he knew a
couple locations so we’re coming up over this ridge and we’re gonna kind of scout
where we’re gonna set up tripods and shoot and I’m coming up over the thing
and the sun’s not up but there’s a little bit of light coming up on the
other side so you can kind of see into the ditch so to speak and here’s the
Grand Canyon and it’s… you look down and it’s dark and it’s black but there’s
textures and in my mind it was like that’s the photograph I want to get I
don’t even want the Sun up this is what of course it wouldn’t make a great
photograph you can’t capture that dark a mood and have it work on paper or even
on screen as well and we weren’t set up yet but we did set up and then the Sun
came up but this thing is just it’s phenomenal and you know you’re looking
at this thing and you’re obviously in front of it and it’s such a surreal
experience because in my mind it’s like I’m seeing this but then you’re looking
at on this little ridge and you see these tiny little figures and you
realize those are people that is huge and because I’ve never seen something
that’s five miles across before where you could see most of it you know this
look out and it was just it was so amazing it was phenomenal and I can’t
wait to go back because the problem is is when doing landscape photography and
as fast as the light is moving particularly at sunrise we kind of stuck to
one location and then moved a little bit later and did a couple other shots but
you really want to go back multiple times and so I can’t wait to go do that
again I think it would just be fantastic and it was an amazing amazing experience
when you do landscape photography and and I didn’t know I was going on this
trip which was kind of good because then I didn’t over pack but really for any
type of photography whether that Street or landscape my ethos because I’ve been
so bad at it in years past is that I like to have as little with me as
possible and only have what I need because if you
bring too many lenses and too many extra options then you spend more time setting
things up and not actually photographing so that was a
big deal for me on this and I did do video obviously as well as stills and
because I want to share with you guys so my video rig I had my gimbal and my
rx100 mark 5 on that and I shot all the video with that and then I had separate
camera for stills and I did bring some filters and a tripod because that was
kind of essential when you’re shooting in low light but it was pretty basic
what I did in terms of filters and all that and my setup so we went down there
and you guys were talking about my jacket earlier and actually I mentioned
this has actually replaced an entire camera bag for me which is huge because
you know when you do especially with landscape photography usually there’s a
lot of walking involved to go do it and so to be able to replace one of my
camera bags with something is pretty amazing if you guys are interested my
man Brian Abrams makes these and Brian is a really interesting guy… they’re
not designed specifically for photography but they work really well
for that Brian spent about 25 years working for
the US military special ops designing tactical gear and
he’s out on his own right now and he started a company called Ababilis and
they did a kickstarter project about a year ago and they introduced a bag that
was really cool and was very successful and their new thing is this responder
outerwear tactical system which sounds really cool but basically there’s two
pieces to this it is the jacket and it’s also this hoodie that I had on and both
are amazing and what’s really cool is there are pockets everywhere on these things
and literally between the two I guess you’ve got seven pockets going on the
hoodie basically has one big one that goes you know across your stomach but
the other cool thing about this is it’s also very breathable so you don’t
suffocate in it and it also has reinforced shoulder straps so… or
shoulder pads and they’re not pads like they don’t stick up but what’s really
cool about these is when you’re wearing a backpack is that they don’t like you
don’t feel any rubbing against your shoulders so you can go quite the
distance and not feel the pain so to speak but the jacket is quite awesome he
did do mine custom with a deeper pixels velcro military-grade sticker on here
you can customize this with whatever you want I suppose but it has seven pockets
on it and they’re amazing the front ones have magnets in them so if you put
something in there you don’t even ever think about it it closes up and locks
you can fit like a small tablet I put my filters in the back of it which was
really cool and I think these are outstanding the other really cool thing
that makes this really useful is it has all these laser-cut molle slits in it so
basically what this means is like don’t have it here but my knife
you can put that in here if you need that to travel with or you can look
online and you can get you know tactical clips and stuff to tie on here so what’s
really cool about this is if you want to do street photography for instance and
you want to bring an extra lens you’ve got pockets to put it in so it
eliminates the need for a camera bag you can put SD cards you can put all your
stuff in here and it’s really quite amazing there’s another shoulder pocket
here so I guess that’s another one so you guess you have eight pockets total I
will put a link to his Kickstarter campaign you gotta go check it out he’s
got a really cool video on there and he’s a really interesting guy but I will
put that in the show description and because I was in Arizona I got to do a
lot of really cool things and I worked a lot with hidden light who were printing
studio there my friend Stephen owns I got to make some prints while I was there
with my friend Matt I made a platinum palladium print actually it’s a pure
palladium but anyway I’ll get into all that so there will be a lot of videos
coming out this week as fast as I can edit them and then next week I’m gonna
be in New York City people have asked me about a meet and greet kind of thing and
I’ll see what we can do it’s gonna be a very busy trip but stay tuned and I’ll
let you know one way or the other you can follow me on social so usually talk
about those things there too till the next video guys I will see you all then

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    Having seen a total eclipse for the first time this year I know what you mean by "until you have been there in person".

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  12. J. Fontaine says:

    Great music and very cool photographic adventure.

  13. Bill Ferris says:

    Ted, so glad you had an opportunity to visit and photograph the Canyon. As you said, being there, seeing and experiencing it in person is a truly spiritual experience.

    I recommend you add a River trip through the Canyon to your bucket list. When you go, check out Adam Scallau's guided trips for photographers. Adam is a fantastic Flagstaff landscape photographer and has, in recent years, started offering a guided River trip through the Canyon for photographers. Adam's a great guy and I'm sure you'd love the experience.

    Of course, something like that is a significant time commitment. It your next visit is limited to just a few days on the North or South Rim – perhaps some day hiking part way into the canyon – let me know and I'll be happy to share with you some of my favorite photographic spots.

    Enjoy the Holidays!

  14. Chris Prouse says:

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    Well done, Ted! 🙂
    Shame the sky was so clear. High clouds, or even a little haze, to soften the light are always welcome.
    Glad you finally made it to G.C. If you REALLY want to get "lost" in the landscape, take a day-long wander in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.
    Nice pics, by the way! 🙂

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    You need to do the North Rim sometime. It's even more outstanding, although much more difficult to photograph. The Alpine meadows on the road in to the main site are magnificent! Aspens and pines everywhere. September or October is the best time for the North Rim in my opinion.

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    I was there for the first time this past Thanksgiving weekend. I was blown away at the sheer cliffs right on the rim trail and at the lookout points. Looks like you were setup at Mather Point? I will say…unlike you, the cloud gods favored me during my visit a few weeks ago.

  30. Keith Mayoh says:

    Enjoying your work, Ted. Looks like a great trip to the GC.

  31. Rod Clark says:

    Great video Ted! So glad we were able to go shoot The Grand Canyon together. 9 degrees Fahrenheit first thing in the morning is pretty chilly, but it was such a magical experience to be there at first light, it didn't matter how cold it was. Next trip, we're going to Yosemite! See you soon!

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    Even a bad photo of the Grand Canyon takes my breath away, the experience is that powerful. You did pretty good for the first exposure and a one time visit. I still haven't seen any single image that really sums it up. For a quick assignment, we could share our images with you to show what we've done with the challenge.

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    LOVE THE DEEPER PIXELS JACKET TOO! Do they make kids sizes?

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    I was there and found it to be actually surprisingly boring. I feel as if the human brain isn't really capable of comprehending how absolutely huge that canyon is. It felt to me as if I was looking at an oversized postcard.

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    Do. yourself a favor and hike or ride a mule down to the bottom.  Take lots of time there is just all kind of places to shoot and never enough time.

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    In 1972, aged 14, I visited the Grand Canyon and you have expressed in this video exactly how I felt when I stood on the rim and looked out over the canyon. It is totally breathtaking! As a vista I don't think I have seen or experienced anything like it since. Ted, thanks for stiring up a happy and awesome memory!!

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