Creative Cloud New Features | Photoshop Warp Transform [4K]
Creative Cloud New Features | Photoshop Warp Transform [4K]

hey there folks Gary Bradley here. Did
you know there was an update to the Creative Cloud in early November? you did great! If you didn’t have you been! in this video I’m going to take you through
one of the updated features to transform warp couple of extra things in here
which may make your life a little bit easier editing and we’re gonna do it
with this cactus here which is kind of leading to the right-hand side while
you’re not kind of it definitely is and we want to straighten it up and make it
look a little bit more happy so the starting image here is a jpg file just a
background layer in here and with that in mind I’m gonna drag my layers panel
out here I will need to release it from the background and then of course rename
that so cactus of course don’t leave any randomly named layers in your layers
panel and then I’m gonna right click on that layer name and then choose convert
to smart object because still the transform warp effect if you do apply to
a layer that isn’t the smart object and isn’t protected when you go back to
transform and warp you will not find the controllers or the mesh there to re-edit
to one-time-only thing so convert to smart object
now that’s protected and then if I just took our friend and deloused panel back
down there thank you this panel to the Edit menu and then down to transform in
the sub menu we have warp and what it will do then is it will put a warp
around the outside and we have very similar to the old way it used to work
we have a walk menu so you could warp it and take a look at the thumbnail icons
in here and that’s how it will warp and distort your artwork now I’m going to
leave those this time click away from that you could choose to have a greater
that’ll put on there it will split your artwork up into equal rows and columns
of 3 by 3 or 5 by 5 so my suggestion is if that’s the route you’re gonna go down
choose the one with the simplest divisions in so anything is a mesh or a
warp or anything that’s like this broken down to a grid you’ll want to start
simple and add the detail only when necessary because
obviously more point means you’ve got more fiddling around and tweaking to do
now in this case I’m not even gonna do that because I’m going to go up here I’m
going to reset the warp and then you can actually choose where you want to add
the rows and columns it’s under the feature now called split so if I was to
take my cursor and then hover over and then split columns and rows to show you
that well first of all you have to hover your cursor over the image and then if I
hover it around about here I can then left-click and let go
I’m trying to almost leave the bottom section where the plant boys are
unaffected so this will allow me to have a point that goes up vertically that I
can pull this cactus into position and then try not to affect anything lower
down now I can then also go up to this one here which is to add a row or a
horizontal split click on that one and then I’m gonna hover it round about here
and then left click so from here I can then hover over one of those points left
click on it which is always important because it may well have multiple points
active and then click and drag and I can pull this round here like so now is
beginning to distort a little bit so I need another point in the middle here so
again we’ll go back up click on horizontal split hover over I want it in
the preview around about here and then left click so that’s kind of where
they’re right in the edge of the tangent is for that curve left click again pull
that in like so and then let’s just give it a little bit of extra growth in there
and and make it reach for the stars come on cactus you can do it and then
spin that round and down here again this is we’ve got a little bit of a bend in
here so I may want to go and add another horizontal split hover over here left
click click in here and then just spin that around a little bit in there click
on the point in the middle pull that across I was a little bit too much
clearly and then just tinkering with these a little bit just to move them
around if you pull these sections too far apart you’re gonna get a noticeable
stretch in you and now we don’t want that so we don’t want any kind of
stretch lines in there just trying to strike this up so again I
click on this one and then spin this one around a little bit as well and you have
to watch out for the edges because it is possible sometimes you can pull those
edge handles in so if you do find you get little scene being pulled out here I
mean that could be quite good for a material effect or something like that
when you were revealing something the background and under the layer but if it
does you can always pull this off even off the edge of the year of the canvas
as well so that works quite well with that done I’m just going to zoom into
the middle in here just to seize a little bit more closely click on that
point I’m gonna click on this one here now if I do move this one it’s gonna
move the plum pot as well so I have to be very very careful with that I’m just
gonna move this ever so slightly you have to make sure that you’re not going
to bend the flower pot as well in there in a way that’s undesirable so I’m
trying to do this with us minimum fuss as possible and then zoom in a little
bit more then we’ve got kind of a straight line working in there move this
one up a touch like so with that I you know fairly happy and then just one last
glance around the outside make sure you haven’t pull any of the image in and got
any gaps around the outside with that I’m happy I can go up to the top I can
click on the tick it applies the transform warp in there and notice that
still it would be awesome I mean I would I would gladly make an icon for Adobe
that just had a little WAP symbol on it so we knew you know I would be willing
to do that I would love to see that feature added to the layers panel in
there just so you know when you pick up someone else’s artwork what’s happened
to it just as an indicator if it is a smart object the only way really to find
out is to go to the Edit menu down to transform and then choose warp again and
you’ll see the grid reappears on-screen now if I hadn’t have chosen to turn that
lay on just my object we will be starting from scratch again with
whatever edited form of that image looked like so yeah you can go back in
you can alter these points drag and pull them around and then we we have our
image looking the way that you know we want it in there so back up to the top
click on the tick and that folks is the newly updated transform warp inside of
Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 wow that was a mouthful there will be a
direct link to this image you can download and have a go yourselves maybe
you’ll get a better effect maybe you can create a weird one
or cactus of your own maybe turn into a letter who knows
so until next time folks Bella you

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    What are your thoughts on the updates t transform warp everyone? If you want to see a full breakdown of the Creative Cloud 2020 updates for photoshop you can follow the link here

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