CONDO REVIEW : 68 Grangeway Ave, Scarborough Condos – Skyscape by Conservatory Group
CONDO REVIEW : 68 Grangeway Ave, Scarborough Condos – Skyscape by Conservatory Group

Jas Jagpal: Hi, I’m Jas. I’m here with Tom,
and today we’re going to talk about 68 Grangeway. Built by the Conservatory Group in 2008. And
there are 19 floors, 228-units, and 13 units per floor. Tom Sachdeva: The amenities in this building.
You have the swimming pool. You have the gym. You have the sauna in the man and the woman
change room. You have guest suites. You have the parkette with a fountain and a sitting
area with a putting green. You have a lot of visitor parking. You have a 24-hour concierge.
The building offers modern amenities. The maintenance cost of these units is about 67
cents per square foot and mind it. It’s all inclusive. Jas: Yes. Tom: So, if you’re looking at all-inclusive,
this is the building to buy at Scarborough Town Centre. Jas: And the pet policy for this building.
You could have two dogs or two cats or one dog and one cat provided that you are able
to hold them in your arms, leash them, and take them in. Tom: The East view of this building… hmmmm,
maybe not like it that much. But the other views are excellent. Jas: And the most expensive unit because of
view is a southwest unit. Tom: The walk score is 86 and the transit
score is 96 as well. So it’s very close to the Scarborough L.R.T. Eighty-six gives its
closeness to the Scarborough Town Centre. You have the skating rink. You have the entertainment
of Scarborough Town Centre. You have the library. You have the shopping. You have the FreshCo.
You have the 401 Jas: FreshCo and Shoppers is basically in
your backyard. Tom: Yes. Jas: Only two minutes away. Tom: A stone throw away. Jas: Yes. So, the prices at 68 Grangeway.
A one-bedroom goes for around 220 to 240. There’s one bedroom plus den. Actually there’s
two types of one-bedroom plus den units here. One actually has two washrooms. So those are
going to be closer to around 260. The ones without the extra bathroom are lower, around
240 to 250. The most expensive two bedroom and two washroom unit that has sold is around
320,000 in the southwest corner of the building with the best views. Tom: There are 228 units in the building,
of which, 60 are rented out. And it’s at 25% roughly. So, which is a good mix for Scarborough
Town Centre itself. Jas: So Tom, what do you rate this building? Tom: I would rate it an eight. And the reasons
I would buy in this building is its all-inclusive maintenance, location. and its got floor-to-ceiling
windows. Gives you a lot of light to the units. Jas: And the reasons why I wouldn’t buy in
this building is because you would have to spend some money to upgrade it to bring it
to today’s standards by putting in newer laminate floors in the bedrooms or even in the living
and dining rooms. After all, it is about a seven year old building. Secondly, because
the views. Unless I get a unit facing the west or southwest, the east views practically
you’re looking over at the L.R.T. storage shed and the industrial area. And finally,
the amenities within the building. This one actually has a smaller gym with only a few
treadmills and even the theater room. Actually it’s called a video room because there’s only
an LCD TV–50-inch LCD TV there with six, seven chairs. So, those are a couple reasons…
few reasons why I wouldn’t buy in this. So, if you’re thinking of buying at 68 Grangeway,
give us a call. We’re able to help you out. My number is 647-272-6629. Tom: And if you want to buy any condo at any
building at Scarborough Town Centre, give me a call. 647-299-4529. This is Tom Sachdeva.
Also, I’m requesting you to subscribe to our channel. Jas: Cheers! Tom: Cheers! Narrator: Call Tom and Jas to buy and sell. Jas: Less random access memory. Bigger hard
drives and more storage. I don’t know about bigger hard drives. Even the hard drives decrease
over time. About 25%. Tom: 20, 25%. 30%. You know units… Jas: 20. 25. 30%. What the heck? Tom: The pri… Wait. Jas: …with the best views. Maybe the best

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