Coastal Now – Admissions Adjusts to New Landscape
Coastal Now – Admissions Adjusts to New Landscape

Good morning and happy Friday everybody.
We are learning a new way to do what we do we. We also have a 16 to 1 student faculty
ratio. Admissions at Coastal Carolina University is regularly live streaming
content to both prospective and admitted students. We have set this up as a studio
to be able to still continue to engage with students interested in Coastal
Carolina. What we have done is continue to run our tour program, virtually.
Typically at this time of year Admissions staff would be scattered
across the country meeting admitted students. Our team is very much
extroverts this time of year. We’re used to being all over the place and now
you’re telling a group, at a time they’re traveling and engaging with people, hey
stay home. We have over a hundred and sixty clubs and organizations. Instead,
that group is meeting students online. Now for those students living on campus…
We’ve had students enroll from those programs already. We’ve adapted and it’s
gone really well, so I’m pleased at what we’ve been able to do. April 4th would
have been Discovery Day on campus, a big event every year. Admissions is now
developing a virtual Discovery Day. What the students normally would have seen
happening in person, we’ll be putting content on the Discovery Day website
that they can view those videos. For prospective and admitted students
focusing on better times ahead at CCU can be a true positive now. Anything that
we can bring to them to bring some light in the day and hopefully something to
focus to, would be a benefit.

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