Coastal Landscape Photography At Sunrise On Anglesey (Ep #062)
Coastal Landscape Photography At Sunrise On Anglesey (Ep #062)

Hello and thanks for joining me on
another landscape photography outing. First of all let me apologise if the
image quality on this segment is a bit rubbish.
I don’t normally shoot from the car, but I’m in a bit of a rush because I’m
heading down to the Menai Strait to try and grab some dawn light
and I’m late. So bear with me let’s get going well luckily I made it down here just in
time I really haven’t had time to sort out this camera the audio or anything
because I really wanted to catch to this light show just as I pulled up the sky
absolutely lit up in exactly the right place I’d taken a shot from here earlier
in the summer and I’ve been waiting for midwinter because I knew that the sun
was going to rise immediately behind Caernarfon castle I was a bit worried
this morning because of the amok cloud especially the low cloud over the
mountains it was either gonna wreck the image or make the image I haven’t
actually decided on that yet because at the moment I’m just shooting the high
cloud which has litter absolutely beautifully so a really fabulous morning
down here and not even too cold I’m really sorry about this but absolutely
no time at all to even think about talking you through my images so bear
with me again well the main light shows all over now I
think that’s it for this morning an unbelievably short vlog I’m really sorry
about that I simply didn’t have the time to do anything about filming one of the
things when you’re a stills photographer there are times when the still
photography really has to take precedence because that’s what I came
down here for and much as I would love to share the detail with you
unfortunately all I could do was try and grab some shots what I’ve done is a
series of long exposures I don’t know how well they’re gonna come out because
I could actually see the camera moving there’s a really stiff breeze as the
next weather front rolls in and we had a huge storm last night which actually
blew out one of my conservatory windows so I’ve got to get home and sort that
out the lovely mrs. G won’t be too happy that I’ve come out to take pictures when
there’s emergency DIY to be done but I just had a hint that that sunrise might
be quite might be quite special so I thought yeah I can spare an hour
but yeah as I said I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to spend a bit more
time talking you through what I was up to I hope you enjoy the images and there
will be more to come before the end of the year hopefully well I’ll have a bit
more time and can bring you along for the journey
so thanks ever so much for tuning in I really appreciate your encouragement and
support and even though this isn’t representative if you like the sort of
thing that I do why not subscribe and join me next time Cheers

21 thoughts on “Coastal Landscape Photography At Sunrise On Anglesey (Ep #062)”

  1. fredy ott says:

    Great capture, you've caught there, David. Congrats.

  2. Alan Coles says:

    short n sweet (vlog that is not you, lol) but what shoot that turned out to be . Quite rightly image taking had to take precedent over pieces to video for sure. Cracking images your forward planning of shooting towards the castle was a great one.

  3. Jamie Overland says:

    Lovely images captured David, you were spot on with the sunrise potential! Hope you've recovered from the storm damage!

  4. Sylvia Slavin ARPS says:

    Stunning images you were truly blessed with lovely light. Great little vlog.

  5. PhotoNinja says:

    Great images mate👍🏻 beautiful conditions

  6. Bensguide says:

    What beautiful morning light Dave, I completely understand about the less time recording footage, I have found myself in this situation a few times while vlogging. Beautiful images though with exquisite light.

  7. Barry Johnson says:

    Well done David, Hope mrs G didn't give you too much of a hard time over the mini DIY you had to do, and i'm sure that the time spent shooting the sunrise help you think about the DIY and all the preparation needed

  8. Mali Davies Photography says:

    Loved the drama! Nothing to apologise for, totally agree with the photography has to come first. Stunning David. As always, professional and getting some high quality captures. In the bag forever

  9. Twa-Dags Photography says:

    Beautiful images, David, incredible sky.
    Twice this past week I've had to watch gorgeous sunrises over a muddy building site, without a camera, so it's great to see quality images of them.

  10. Jerry Hutchinson says:

    Blimey! What amazing shots. Totally incredible colours!

  11. NWG Photography says:

    That was a belter of a sunrise! Great images captured

  12. Tim Day says:

    Really good video, you captured both the moment and the story.

  13. Garry Blackburn says:

    When things move that quickly grab it while you can. Hope conservatory is fixed and Mrs Gallery is happy

  14. Verdon Rocks Photography says:

    Love what you managed to pull off in that story and short video, love it!

  15. Jeff Ogden says:

    Good on you for making a morning run despite home repairs awaiting! Some really nice shots, very dramatic light and colors. A bonus for me is that I now know how to pronounce "Caernarfon"–I have been butchering that (and surely many other) Welsh names. Cheers, Jeff

  16. Philip Culbertson says:

    Great photos, wonderful light. That pano would make a great triptych style display.

  17. Brian Horsey says:

    Short and sweet, David, but thanks for thinking of us! A couple of amazing sunrises last week.

  18. Paul Compton PDphotography says:

    Great sunrise young man hope that window is now fixed. Still a great vlog as it tells the truth in what we do haha.

  19. Verdon Rocks Photography says:

    Really don't know if you posting anything before holidays, just wanna take an opportunity and wish you and your wonderful family healthy and joyful Merry Christmas, from colorful Colorado, VDN!

  20. KIESE MEDIA says:

    i really liked watching this video footage. keep going 😊

  21. Des Gardner says:

    Just caught up with this one! Just a quickie how many times have we heard that one off you photographers and then you put your pictures up to view,,,,, wow…thanks for sharing….

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