Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers &Videographers 2019
Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers &Videographers 2019

– Christmas is just around the corner and you may be looking for some
gift ideas for that special photographer or
videographer in your family. Well stick around cause
I’m gonna share with you some of my top gift ideas coming right up. (upbeat music) What’s happening everyone,
Claudio Zavala Junior here and welcome to another video. If this is your first time here, thank you so much for
checking this video out and to all my returning guests, I’m so glad to see you again. Well I can’t really see you,
you can see me so, nevermind. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m gonna share with you some
Christmas gift ideas that I know I would like personally
because I already have them. If I didn’t have them, I would
definitely want these gifts. They range anywhere from $20
to just a little over a $100 so there’s a wide variety of
options for you to choose from. Starting of the list is this right here, which is a tech pouch or tech bag. And why is this a great idea? So let met show you. I’m gonna just give you
a close up right there. This little bag holds so much and it fits neatly into
a suitcase, a backpack. You can even take it
along with you like this if you want to. Let’s see, I got charging
cables for my phone, for cameras, microphones. USBC cables, auxiliary audio cables. Power brick. I have a wireless microphone kit. SSD drive. Camera batteries. And all of this fits
neatly right into this bag. Great gift idea. Another option is a
battery backup like this. There’s different sizes. This one is a little bit slim. Something that I’ve experienced
before, being out there, no power, if there’s no
outlets out in the country. Out in the field. So there could be times when
you need to charge the camera or quick charge just to
finish up a project or shoot. That actually happened to me before because I left my
batteries in another bag. Luckily I had something like
this and I could plug into my camera, keep it charged
up for emergencies and if you want to you could also charge
your phone while you’re at it. Something else on the
creative side of photography is giving them something
like this right here. This is called a lensball
and what it does, is you place it in front
of the lens like this and if you shoot a scene
basically flips it around but basically makes it look
like you’re holding that actual place or scene in the palm of your hand. Really great way to kind
of change perspective of photography, so cool idea. Every photographer or videographer needs something like this. This right here is called a switchpod. It’s basically a mini tripod. Not telescoping. It’s great and it fits
neatly in a bag, tucked away. And it’s nice. Set up the camera here, hold it like this to shoot some video to do some selfies. Open it up like this, set it
on the floor or on a table. Again you got the camera
here, put it on a timer. Shoot a family photo. In addition it comes
with three threads here where you can attach three
different attachments like a microphone, a monitor. Really cool idea right here. Next up I have this right here. This is a flat tripod. This is called a platypod. And what it’s used for is
to get into some low areas that a tripod just doesn’t work. Maybe like under a car, in a mailbox. Different places to shoot video or photos. Set a camera on top, use this
ball head on top with it. Screw it on like this. Camera on top. Set it again on the ground like this. Perfect for those really low shots that you need to take on the ground. In addition if they need
to set it up on some uneven surfaces, it comes with
three of these little legs right here with rubber tip
on one end and a spike. To keep it from moving. Cool idea. Next up on the list is this LED light. This LED light is great. Very small, bout the
size of a business card. Fit into your pocket. Fit into a tech bag. It’s great for adding additional
light for a photo shoot or a video project. You could also use it for mood lighting. It’s great, it has built in
batteries so there are no batteries to purchase. Great little idea. Next up on the list is
this video micro by Rode. It’s a great little microphone. I use this for my video shoots, when I’m doing it here in the studio. I also use it outside. It’s great little inexpensive microphone. Plug it in right here. Plugs into the camera and
voila, instant great audio. And it’s very inexpensive,
does not break the bank. Pick one of these up for them. Your videographer
friends and photographers would definitely like this next gift idea. One, because when you’re
shooting video especially it takes up a lot of
memory on the memory cards. You need to offload those. These right here are great. They’re small and they are SSDs. So you can transfer photos and
videos from camera to this, using a computer pretty quickly. I have a couple of these
and these are great. Pick one of these up, share with them. Nice, nice. Something else that
comes in very useful for photographers and videographers
are things like this. Right here is this little thing that’s called a friction arm. You can use this to attach
additional monitors and microphones on top of rigs like that switchpod that I shared earlier. You can add a cold shoe mount and set this on top of
your camera, tighten it up. What’s great about it is
that you can pretty much set this up on any angle. I have a couple of these lying around. These are great. These are kind of those
things that you’d like having, you don’t always use,
but when you need it. It’s there, it’s great accessory to have. So, pick one of these
up it’s a friction arm. The last gift idea I
have to share with you is this right here. This is a multitool kit. Open this up so I can show you. It comes with screw drivers, Allen wrenches, a torque’s wrench. All different types of tools
that every photographer and videographer needs, because
these are specifically made for the types of nuts and
bolts that are used on a lot of our gear. And this one right here
specifically the screw driver, most often times we’ll
need a coin to tighten up kind of mounts and things. And for some reason I don’t
always have a coin in my pocket. But because I have my tech
bag, this is always with me. Great, great gift idea. Pick one of these up for that
special someone in you life. So those are my top Christmas gift ideas for the photographers and
videographers in your life. FYI I’ll have links to every
single one of these items in the description below. In case you wanna pick
one up, it’s right there. Before you go, be sure to leave a comment. Click on that like button. Be sure to subscribe to the channel. Don’t forget to click on that bell and turn on the notifications. Thanks so much for watching. Be good to one another. Peace, I’m outa here.

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