Christine Pelosi on impeachment: Trump’s behavior has been divisive
Christine Pelosi on impeachment: Trump’s behavior has been divisive

100 thoughts on “Christine Pelosi on impeachment: Trump’s behavior has been divisive”

  1. TheMetalGuy852 says:

    Just another traitor to our constitution…

  2. Rani Rich says:

    Queen Pelosi and King Schiff of the Star Chamber should slither back down their hole and suck down another stiff drink! Christine Pelosi knows her dad and brother have deep ties into Ukraine Oil and I believe they are desperate enough to try to impeach before arrests are made! Catholics absolutely don't believe in Abortions/ killing babies for which pelosi is champion of … seeing through the lies yet?

  3. Bad Attitude says:

    Mother and daughter belong to the same coven!

  4. Dan 821 says:

    Trump has been divisive?? You got to be kidding me!! She is as dumb as her mother.

  5. Dan 821 says:

    And this woman's opinion matters..why??

  6. penniated says:

    Hey people, She's trying to protect her mother. What do you expect?

  7. greg huff says:

    Oh god…another nancy

  8. Popenator 7 says:

    You cant get more stupid than PELOSI

  9. Popenator 7 says:

    I would do abortion If i was Pelosi's unborn Child!

  10. Mad Hatter says:

    Are all the Pelosi's this dumb?

  11. David Vollgraf says:

    Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah… she's delusional just like her senile mother…

  12. Robert De La Cruz says:

    She studders and snears just like mommy..and she better fall into place or no inheritance for her..

  13. Alan Lusk says:

    Petty Pelosi's – SCHOOLYARD BULLIES!

  14. Timothy G says:

    You mean America’s most current corrupt women!! Nancy is a crooked witch! Her district in San Francisco’s has turned into a human toilet!! What a joke she is!! You can see she brainwashed her bitter feminist man hating daughter!!

  15. rich s says:

    Trump has been impeached. Anybody but Trump 20/20

  16. rich mclean says:

    Nancy has raised a dingbat

  17. L D says:

    These Leftists always assume the moral high ground. Pelosi prays for the President because she's such a compassionate human being. And without her prayers Trump will roast in hell for eternity (because he's an evil Capitalist). Give me a break!

  18. Mike D says:

    Tell your stupid, incompetent mother that she RUINED The City.

  19. Phil Grimm says:

    No they were not allowed to bring their witnesses only the ones Adam Schiff allowed.

  20. Kirk Grimm says:

    Pee. Losi sounds like an std

  21. maggie j says:

    This chic can't put a sentence together just like her mom🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Mike Hodgetts says:

    Wow what a hypocrite !

    As Victor fox says, The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  23. SNA FU says:


  24. Kevin Skipper says:

    Piglosi Family Reprazent!!!!! 💩

  25. Kathi S says:

    Sorry, but this is just another example of someone ignoring the various types of information on these issues that don't fit their accepted narrative.

  26. J C says:

    she looks just like her mother, ugly inside and out who eats newborns for breakfast like her mother.

  27. Danny Baker says:


  28. Voltaire says:

    liar predator Pelosi preying on Trump
    😇 🗡👹 🔫😩

  29. Chas MaTaz says:

    Peloosi is a loon. So is her daughter. Losers!!!

  30. DebTipka says:

    The tree doesn't fall from the nut. The saddest part is… I think they really believe the garbage they spew. So anti-American at it's very core. No truth in anything she's been programmed to say.

  31. L Morter says:

    Nancy Pelosi is not a real Catholic. She is pro choice so she places herself outside of the church. I'm not a Catholic but even I know the rules.

  32. Martin G says:

    Mommy’s little PELOSER !!!
    Condescending spoiled brag!!

  33. Aaron Lowry says:

    Crazy doesn't fall far from the tree 🤣🤣🤣. Both her and her mom are nuttier than squirrel turds.

  34. Nandini Bhagwat says:


  35. edward nah says:

    Who is Whistle Blower? Why did not he testify? Instead, his layers' group talk a lot under their biased opinion. This is exactly the way of Communist Soviet.

  36. Maria A. says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself and for having a corrupt mother.

  37. Reggie Abernethy says:

    She’s just as creepy as her mother…yuck.

  38. T Sabo says:

    No you and Nancy your mom, and dem leaders have been devisive, ever since Trump was elected. Look in the mirror.

  39. Alan Meola says:

    Her mother got her a job at the dnc, most dems are un-employable.

  40. T Sabo says:

    Nancy prays for the president daily? Is that before or after she votes on partial birth abortion, and the killing of the innocents? This women is delusional

  41. T P says:

    Does your mother pray?
    Let me give you my mother’s pedigree in prayer.

  42. Howard Amey says:

    The entire Pelosi family is a crime syndicate. They've stolen millions from the taxpayers.

  43. Sandra Payne says:

    Old Nancy's so called power is totally misguided. She is a complete fool and a nasty hater.

  44. Become a Web Designer and Developer says:

    Yuck! If I had an egg I'd throw it.

  45. Little Nat says:

    It's imminent that Pelosi gets fired

  46. Little Nat says:

    She's in it for the Bemjamins

  47. Brandon thomas says:

    Her eyebrows never move. I wish her lips didn't either.

  48. Hildebeast Clinton says:

    “Trumps Behavior.”
    “Trumps Lies”
    The tools of desperation.

  49. Josh Mahan says:

    shes as stupid and brainwashed as her mother

  50. Millie Barney says:

    Wasn't she accused of trafficing cocaine through mexico.
    She is the daughter of a CRIME MONGER.

  51. Closeoutracer says:

    Paul Pelosi Jr. …… Nancy's son. Was in Ukraine stuffing his pockets with cash. Like Hunter Biden.

  52. Dog Soldier says:

    Can't believe Fox gave her a platform to sell her book because that's all is happening; Fox promoting her book.

  53. Badger Colony says:

    Why is this pig on Fox

  54. Chris Deuel says:

    She’s in a dream world just like her mother. A class in civics should be necessary for all school kids.

  55. Bassey Eyo says:

    Jezebel's daughter spouting hate as usual… nonesense!!!

  56. Golf Nut says:

    Divisive only because you snowflakes are triggered by everything that doesn't agree with you.

  57. Don Burwell says:

    Another nasty unattached unstable Democrat

  58. Keith McCormick says:

    Thanks fox for insulting your audience once again by giving voice to a liar like pelosi s daughter. Like she and others like her don't have the majority of main stream media already shoveling out Dem propaganda every moment of every day.

  59. Laura Hailey says:

    Zelinsky said there was no quid pro quo so how does she explain this away???

  60. George Finkle says:

    Hold your watch up high, because she is brainwashed too, and you gotta save that leather.

  61. White Nationalist says:

    Retardation runs in the family

  62. NorthShoreMoana says:

    Nutty Nancy Piglosi son? Looks like a dude. HUGE neck.
    Piglosi doesn't panic…… she has dementia she doesn't know to panic. 🙄

  63. Brian Lanier says:

    Pelosi also keeps saying you don’t need evidence hearsay is enough now she saying her hearsay is not evidence it is not enough and she needs actual evidence now

  64. Suzi O says:

    Just that last name makes me want to scream. Holy cow, she even SOUNDS like her evil mother.

  65. Trini Reader says:

    Trump is divisive what about the Democrats behaviour?

  66. epigmelo says:

    lets get mayor breed and da boudin on fox. they ll tear up all fox arguements

  67. Allen Chancery says:

    There's two of them?

  68. Jan Bracewell says:

    Dotty old cow

  69. Rocks Cousteau says:

    If I was this skank…..I would be hiding out…..hiding my face in shame. Both of them are so dumb…..they just do not have a clue.

  70. John Smith says:

    These democrats needs to be neutered

  71. Captain America says:

    She's as much as an idiot as her mother

  72. Mason Woods says:

    Trump prevented people from testifying, wow, lies and lies and lies. She is lying, there was no urgency. It wasn't the case that they were trying to get to the trial and had to move fast. Trump blocked all evidence, and it would have taken months to get around the Presidents own actions to block all the evidence. As proof, 16 witnesses testified, all under the same circumstances as the ones who did not testify, they could have too, but they had nothing to say to help the president. Now make no mistake, every single person who testified, Trump's own people, republicans a plenty, they ALL testified to his guilt, there was not one single person testified that he did not do it. He did it. He is caught and he might get away with it, and you people will cheer. The human brain is fascinating.

  73. Shoeless b says:

    NO !
    We definitely dont need to hear anything from another Pelosi.

  74. Kie Haley says:

    Omgosh her daughter lol what in the world is our government coming to just a pony and dog show ?

  75. Raven Rage says:

    Why am I getting bloomberg political ads?

  76. peteswelding09 says:

    who cares what this rotten apple that fell from the ROTTEN NANCY PILOSI TREE,, thinks.?

  77. James Jones says:

    Another satanic Pelosi, oh Lordy.

  78. V says:

    I came for the republican whiners. So much whining!

  79. james markarian says:

    Wow, a Mini Nancy, that we really didn't need to hear from.

  80. MikeWhite 81 says:

    She’s not making any sense at all

  81. Letty Arámbula says:

    Pelosi’s daughter didn’t get her looks, but definitely got her mindless lack of self awareness and unlikeable factor.

  82. braytha42 says:

    "I pray for the president every day". I think she would be better served praying for herself

  83. NeeNee B. says:

    Why are we interviewing this woman?? Where is the overwhelming desire to hear from ANY Pelosi, at all?? If this wasnt Pelosi's daughter, would we care about her opinions? 😒 I hate mainstream media. ALL mainstream media, left AND right

  84. Jeffrey Gray says:

    She can barely put a sentence together.

  85. Louis John says:

    Joke praying clean your district

  86. stephen mcdonnell says:

    Oh dear 😔😔😔😔

  87. Fish Hawk says:

    Hey Christine, go play in traffic.

  88. IM4NRA says:

    Getting uglier each generation! Give yourself a late-term abortion! Call it mercy!

  89. mysticCrunch says:

    Your mom is ANTI AMERICAN

  90. Kevin Medlin says:

    I had no idea Nancy had bred. Anyway, what does her daughter know? What is her frame of reference? "That man was mean to my Mommy!".

  91. Kevin Medlin says:

    PS Are we sure Nancy is the most powerful woman in America? Maybe in politics… If wealth is any indication, Melinda Gates and the Walton girls blow her away. As for popularity and a broader influence over the American people (remember, not everyone pays close attention to politics) probably Beyonce has her beat. So let's quantify that statement.

  92. Chip Morgan says:

    Nancy should have swallowed this one

  93. Stephane Labossiere says:

    She is as beautiful as Nancy 🙂

  94. Sharann Bray says:

    We have employees in Washington doing nothing but collecting big paychecks, and their children riding on tails of the do nothing Parents. I was born into the wrong family.

  95. Top Secret Bear says:

    Nancy pelosi and many other democRATS are a disgrace to America.

  96. Mark Oldani says:

    Another idiot on to sell a book and narrative..

  97. Anno Neemus says:

    Pelosi being Catholic explains a lot about her behavior: 1. Power-hungry. 2. Uses goodness as a mask and a front. 3. Liar. 4. Praying for the failure of the president, i'm certain. lol 5. Currently both the pope and Pelosi are open border socialists/communists. 6. Both traitors to humanity.

  98. Real Fast says:

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real!

  99. Faamanatu Ministry says:

    she is a hater just like her mother

  100. Faamanatu Ministry says:

    Pelosi prays to

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