ChillYourMind – Best of 2018 | New Year Mix 2019 by Jyye
ChillYourMind – Best of 2018 | New Year Mix 2019 by Jyye

ChillYourMind – Best of 2018 | New Year Mix 2019 by Jyye

91 thoughts on “ChillYourMind – Best of 2018 | New Year Mix 2019 by Jyye”

  1. ChillYourMind says:

    As every year, we are happy to present you our Special Guest Mix by Jyye and of course – A 2018 Yearmix representing best tracks for 2018, ChillYourMind style.
    Hope you enjoy this beautiful mix and support it by a "like" or a "share" with your friends <3
    Let's make the 2019 year the best possible! Happy New Year! 💙💙💙

  2. ChillYourMind says:

    How many likes can we get for this AMAZING Mix by our friend Jyye?
    2 Unreleased Jyye songs inside! 👀

  3. NocturneAlley says:

    Awesome mix ✌🏼❤

  4. Restrain3D Nutt3R says:


  5. TheLatestSounds says:

    On to 2019❤️

  6. Sithandekile Moyo says:

    Enjoying the mix 👌

  7. Χρήστος Κροκίδης says:

    The best from all.

  8. Bass Music Movement says:

    Siiick mix! ❤️🔥

  9. Trap Astronaut says:

    Awesome mix! 🎉 I'm sure, 2019 will be a nice year! 😇

  10. Deep House HQ says:


  11. Bounce & Bass says:

    ChilLYourMind at it again! <3

  12. marjesty david says:

    Nice remix nice beat

  13. MamutWorkout says:

    Ah man JYYE and CYM..amazing!!! +1 like

  14. Jennie says:

    #RadioSquad ❤️

  15. Midsplit says:

    love it <3

  16. Crystal Sounds says:

    Nice job! Love the mix

  17. Marija Zdravkovic says:

    Happy Holidays <3

  18. DogeAudio says:

    Time to enjoy another amazing mix!

  19. Schwifty Music says:

    Thank you for this New Year's gift!♥️

  20. Jesusdaughter Dynamic 1 says:

    Beautiful beautiful song ❤️ this 👍

  21. Qbed says:

    Perfect mix for end of this year! Great job!

  22. Branko Kujundzic says:

    Damn it's to good to be true!

  23. Girl Kissing Prank says:

    This is magic, love, emotion. Gentle, lovely, happy.

  24. Thrills says:

    Amazing mix, full of chill yet banger songs at the same time! Love it

  25. Kosmicka Sila says:

    Happy new year everybody! Love ya people! Enjoy in music!

  26. Jeleni Umiru Sami says:

    I will play this mix in new year!

  27. Milisav Cvijovic says:

    I can feel it. I need this after long week and long year. To relax…

  28. QBED RECS says:

    This year was great. Next will be even better! Thank you for great music!

  29. Marina Mimi says:

    This is pure love! <3

  30. THENEWANGELO says:


  31. Rexyl Lloyd Realista says:

    787th view is mine 😍

  32. Omar Ballouta says:

    Great music indeed. I subbed to your lovely channel and I would appreciate if you could check out my channel too.

  33. Nathan Nakhmanovich says:

    Jyye on CYM! Awesome. Thanks for the great mix!

  34. Branko Milovanovic says:

    Beautiful mix.

  35. HeavyBeatz House says:

    Aaaand it's on repeat. Already!

  36. Mirko Popovic says:

    Perfect music like always. Wish you guys successful healthy and happy new year.

  37. Dragisha Petrichevic says:

    I can feel the magic of music. Nice compilation.

  38. Zimoje Ciric says:

    With chill your mind mixes winter is not that cold. Love it!

  39. Miodrag Kiselina says:

    Damn its good!

  40. Transponovani Djevrek says:

    Can't stop listening!

  41. all mii says:

    Very cool,saludos

  42. Future House Cloud says:

    this year mix is really amazing! 😍
    Wish you the best for 2019! 💙

  43. hhh Torres says:

    Great for 2019

  44. Eva Martínez Morán says:

    Amazing! ✨❤

  45. Adi-G says:

    What a beautiful mix to end the year!

  46. Roman Nowak says:

    Thanks Jyye!!!

  47. Jyye says:

    Happy new year to you all ❤️

  48. ghosty yeet says:

    i love this new year mix

  49. Cassandra F says:

    Perfect mix to listen to while getting ready for NYE shenanigans! 🎆

  50. Rahul Sharma says:

    This is so relaxing 😍😍

  51. Giorgi Turmanidze - YourMusic says:

    This guy has become my favourite producer, i have never listened to a mix more beautiful than this <3

  52. Niraj Sandhiv says:

    My Search For 2019 New Year Mix Definitely Ends Here; Unless Sum1 Suggests Another…Happy New Year To All !!!

  53. Chill Astronaut says:

    Amazing mix, amazing songs, amazing background, amazing channel!

  54. i Orika says:

    12:55 name psl

  55. Jakshy Bala says:

    I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

  56. Jakshy Bala says:

    Oh God, I'm being chilled.😍

  57. LuquidSoul says:

    Ending Year Mix!!!!! Bye 2018.

  58. Dom Taylor says:

    VOOST – only one – was the best and the most banging tune

  59. Skillovsky says:

    21:35 name pleas 😀

  60. Mekaeli Faumuina says:

    Awesome mix!! but where are the time stamps for the track list maynnnneeeee

  61. SSL Music says:

    Happy new year guys! Nice mix Jyye btw!

  62. allen philip says:

    chillyourmind is the best online radio i have ever enjoyed you guys are the best.. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS and really nice mix jyye

  63. Ryan P says:

    Criminal – Kiso and Nick Goldston

  64. GAME Game says:


  65. Endri's Queen says:

    The bestttt forever!!! ❤️

  66. Juju Mongin says:

    Toujours aussi fort CYM! continuez comme ça et bonne année à toute l'équipe!

  67. Eric Phalen says:

    Got me dancing

  68. Music lasing says:

    hi, I just created a channel. everybody hepl me get 1000 subcribe, thanks very much

  69. wolfieplayz xx says:

    I love this song I listened to it twice while drawing and gaming 💙

  70. Sara Kola says:

    Love it !!!!!❤❤

  71. DEVIC Lifestyle says:

    jost don't stop me

  72. bad girl says:

    So awesome

  73. Chloe Aiello says:


  74. Gustavo Reynal says:

    I love this song: Matvey Emerson & Rene – Alright (Moe Turk Remix)

  75. Karol Zwijacz says:

    2nd song it's Jyye but sb knows the title?

  76. Alexis Maria says:

    Yesssss!!! Love from NYC xx

  77. Alexis Maria says:

    Kisses from NYC thank you! xx

  78. paul minimal says:

    name of song 4:10 ? plz <3

  79. sergio stroppa says:

    OK OK OK ++++++

  80. Fral Bahandi says:

    32:24 Halet halet halet u halet u halet halet halet u halet u

  81. Vijay Vishwakarma says:

    Summer chill my favorite song

  82. Sarah Nichols says:

    Forever listening to this ❤️

  83. Ly Nguyen says:

    Love your music

  84. ray montenegro mundaca says:

    Buena música.

  85. David Michael says:

    Can anyone ID a tune where a man sings "Yeah I move my feet". Thanks!

  86. Danny_ Chase says:

    oh yeah yeah. oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. oh yeah yeah. oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. oh yeah yeah. oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

  87. Guiprox says:

    2020 <3

  88. raj jung says:

    Want more mix for more dose🙋🙋🙋

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