Canon interviewed on ergonomics, Touch Bar, lineup 5D replacement, and heat dissipation
Canon interviewed on ergonomics, Touch Bar, lineup 5D replacement, and heat dissipation

31 thoughts on “Canon interviewed on ergonomics, Touch Bar, lineup 5D replacement, and heat dissipation”

  1. Tem says:

    cool content my guy

  2. Imeru Spence says:

    Interesting name

  3. William Dietz says:

    I think it’s very bitter. Canon wanted this year to be HUGE and now the Coronavirus is destroying this plan. No Olympics, massive time delays, enormous production problems…
    But to all others too: Stay at home and healthy. Best wishes from Germany.

  4. Stephanie Perry says:

    Could be that they will have limited released in July with the announcement in June?

  5. Prskyviews 1 says:

    Simon I enjoy your channel very much would love to see some comic relief to aleviate the wait for the R5

  6. Cochise Hart says:

    Great vid. 5 D mark 5 has my attention. Stay safe man.

  7. JayGrapher.Th says:

    maybe it wont over heat – indoors in a cooled room but taking it outside in a hot sunny day then no way – and im just describing sony's situation in their past cameras , and maybe for some as long as they know what they are getting in to, it might be fine.

    im just confused what they will call the next gen? willit all be mark 2,3,4 etc? R1 M2, R5 M2, R6 M2 etc etc vs other cameas lets say fuji thats by 10s xt3 xt30 xt200 then a few other letter schemes.
    but those are less important stuff.

    question is why skip all the way to 8k? we dont even see the R5 having 6k. why is that? if it can do 4k60, then 8k30? is it logical to think that 6k30 be possible at least an option?

  8. DC Allan says:

    The delay will give Canon a chance to work out how or if 8K will actually be 8K without some dumb half [email protected] limits. I worked from home for many years and got used to it. I left work after some back issues gradually worsened so now I get out even less . But not here to moan its going to be odd for a while, it could be so much worse if we do not abide by the rules. Stay safe and keep
    busy is about all I can advise.

  9. maor vaknin says:

    Canon EOS 5D Mark V/EOS R5 🤔
    Same features but DSLR and mirrorless
    Canon EOS 5d Mark V 4500-5000$
    Canon EOS R5 4000-4500$
    The 5d mark 5 is probably the last 5d camera in is series 😶
    Great video as always 😉

  10. Jake G says:

    What about the R6. That’s what I’m more interested in. I don’t know many people with 4k burning holes in their pockets.

  11. Chris Reed DIGITAL says:

    Dick Pound .. lmao nice 👍

  12. Arild Hagen says:

    Nice vid and elaboration on the theme. It's going to be an exiting year Olympics or not. I'm so happy that Canon releases the R"X" series now to up the game at Sony which I'm invested in. Peronally I am anticipating the first global shutter for my kind of shooting. Completely silent without rolling shutter would be a dream come true for wedding and funny enough for sport where the shutter count doesnt actually wear on the mechanics. The Corona actions taken in US seems to lack somewhat behind and I'm afraid you only see the tip of the iceberg, Measures taken in Norway has completely shut down the country. School, kindergardens, hotels, pubs, restaurants, concerts, movie theaters etc are shut down completely. Many companies are going bankrupt even with the support from the goverment. Even outside you can be fined up to USD 2000 if you don't respect the limitation on persons in a group. The even fine people staying at their cabins in the mountains if they don't pack up and go home. We are in the 13th day of extreme measures and waiting for the result on the number of infected people to decline. I wish all of you in the US the best of luck and god speed fighting the virus

  13. jeffrey fleming says:

    It’s wonderful how you’re tracking the many developments of the EOS R5. It’s great to know that you can be counted on for up to the moment updates-cool!😊👍

  14. iknowchris says:

    another great video in some not so sure times

  15. CEN CAPTURES says:

    Your new intro bro👏👏

  16. Christo says:

    Good job you cracked the code!
    R5=Revision 5
    ie the 'mark V' of the 5D line, that had to move to mirrorless to progress in the market.
    And with production issues in China they will rationalise their product lines going forward

  17. Ordinary Filmmaker says:

    👍👍 Please like and subscribe as it really helps support my channel. 👍👍

  18. djack41 says:

    Does the joy stick have the touch sensitive feature of the 1DX3 for moving focus points?

  19. Moshe ben Asher says:

    The upside of the delay in the announcement and release of the R5 is that it puts all that festering upgrade-envy to rest, probably for the remainder of the year.

  20. Mauricio Li says:

    Thank you and Stay Safe. 📸🌋☕🌴☀️👍🏻

  21. 3-Piece says:

    If they make a 5D-V, it will exist as a last hoorah for users not ready for mirrorless. The same reason for the 1DX-3. This will allow users more time to transition into mirrorless. Those cameras will be good for the next 3-5 years. After that, Canon is looking at it as, get on board or risk your photography with a 5 year old camera. The R glass will have dropped in price or remained stagnant. Since Canon already announced that it won't be developing new lenses, it will be harder to find some L glass. In a few years, dropping nearly 3k for a 70-200mm won't be such a shocker. The future is mirrorless and Canon knows it but it's letting its most loyal customers off with care. A 3-5 year headstart is what it's providing with the 1DX-3 and 5D-V rollout. Peace to y'all!

  22. Stefan1968ful says:

    No Olympics. So many people dead. Sad enough. So what will this mean for Nikon, Canon and Sony? Nikon could have a restart. Replace the bizmo Nikon D6 with a mirrorless professional camera for 2021 Olympics. Same for Canon 1DX Mark III, replace this anachronism with a mirrorless professional camera, a type of Canon 1DR. And Sony can replace the Sony A9 II with a Sony A9 III which comes with a global shutter for the 2021 Olympics.

  23. Cheese on Everything says:

    Really interested in this camera, been using the eos R for a year now and loving it. Hope it pans out.

  24. Nico Chetiani says:

    Hi, great video! Thank you very much. Is there any news about 7Diii? Do they have any plans in this regard, or 90D is the last crop DSLR camera?

  25. Peter Cetera says:

    It doesn´t make sense to release a 5D MK V…

  26. Shane Marsh says:

    Canon (and Nikon) will be guided by the market to determine when they start to wind down DSLR production. They’d be stupid to stop if there’s still a demand. However I think we’ve seen the switch now to where the mirrorless equivalent will be the first to incorporate new tech and features, with the DSLR equivalent playing catch-up. They’ll probably share a lot of components for economies of scale so that the main difference is the form factor but almost the same camera internally (maybe with some features removed in the DSLR equivalent as someone interested in video is unlikely to prefer the DSLR form factor.

  27. Shane Marsh says:

    Apart from the disruption to production, the big question will be whether many people have the money to buy an expensive camera after this worldwide shutdown is over. At the start of the year we were thinking that this thing would be back ordered for months. Now that’s probably not going to be a problem. We’ll still be feeling the effects of the Coronavirus long after the medical side of it is resolved.

  28. Parth unadkat says:

    You are not comfortable being infront of the camera

  29. Christopher Dyer says:

    Screw canon for disappointment after disappointment. As if I would ever give them another dime. 5DmkIII SETS OFF FLASHES IN STUDIO AND TAKES PICTURES. If I want video I shoot with a camera that has the ability to shoot video. NOT A CANON. I’m positive this next camera will be dud just like everything else since the 5D mkIII

  30. Mike Broesel says:

    The next 5D Mark V camera will likely be a hybrid type of camera, that will allow shooting with RF or EF lenses without the need of an adapter for the EF lenses.

  31. Jason Now What says:

    Everyone keeps talking about 8k and heat. It’s down sampling and the subsequent processing from it that creates heat, correct? It sounds like the 8k will not be downsampled at all if the megapixel count is correct. I think where the cripple hammer will expose itself will be 4K modes where downsampling would generate more heat and thus, I think we’re getting cropped 4K modes. Again.

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