Canon EOS M50 WEDDING photography FAIL or WIN? Can you shoot events with this mirrorless camera?
Canon EOS M50 WEDDING photography FAIL or WIN? Can you shoot events with this mirrorless camera?

Ahoj! This is Zdenka! Another beautiful
morning sunrise is about to happen. Today I thought I should answer one of the
most frequently asked questions and that is can you use EOS M50, Canon EOS M50 for professional wedding photography? Let’s roll the intro. And for a new faces, welcome my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer since 2007. I make tutorial, tech reviews
and fun vlogs and creative camera challenges, so you might consider hitting
the subscribe button. Here in Canada we are in full swing when it comes to
weddings. I’m also in full swing. Always very busy. First of all, what do I
normally shoot with during weddings? My main camera is Canon 5D Mark III, my backup camera is Canon 5D Mark I that used to be my main camera but now it’s just
backup. It’s actually almost ready to go. Technology has developed so fast and
it’s sometimes very hard to keep up, it seems like you need to change your
camera almost every single year. With those two cameras, I’m normally using
three lenses. The one is just a regular portrait lens 24 – 105 mm, the
second one is telephoto lens 70 – 200 mm with image stabilization F/2.8 and then the third lens I’m using sometimes is nifty 50 just a 50
mm lens F/1.8. For 50 mm lens I also bring macro extension tube
so I can take some of those beautiful macro shots of rings and jewelry.
I also bring CPL filter for the mainly the telephoto lens. If I’m shooting
outdoor ceremony at noon and the light is super harsh and I want to get rid of
some of the highlights in hair. And then obviously I bring two flashes with
me, quite a big amount of memory cards and it always seems like I bring too
many batteries but it’s never enough especially when it comes to AA
batteries for the flashes. Last weekend I decided to take the
Cannon M50 with me to a wedding just because everybody is asking me the same question if you can shoot with this camera at weddings. And it was a long wedding. I was shooting for 13 hours so I had plenty of time to
test it it out. I brought three batteries with me one is
Canon brand, the other two are non-canon. I wanted to save some money. I didn’t
bring 15 to 45 mm lens kit lens because I knew it’s going to perform
very poorly in low-light. I thought it’ll be kind of useless during the
wedding so I decided to bring with me Viltrox speed booster and use it
with a 50 mm lens and also with telephoto 70 to 200 mm. I knew that the 50 mm lens will be used only here and there because I’m
all about candid. Those special moments and with no zoom, I simply cannot get
there fast enough. I usually shoot at 70 to 200 mm because I can frame
it right away in the camera, I can get very close on their face and I can catch
that crying or smiling moment. I’m all about candids. Judgment time. So what do I think about
Canon EOS M50 when it comes to photo quality. Well, when you combine it with
Viltrox speed booster and very good lens and if you shoot during very good
light, right there in a very good lighting conditions, the photo quality in
some of the instances was actually better than my main camera 5D Mark III
when I looked at the computer. I personally like the photos way better.
They were very crisp, very clear, nice colours. Nothing wrong with it. And here I
had to say one thing. When it comes to photography, it’s all about the lenses. It
doesn’t make sense to save money and just buy cheap, cheap, cheap. If you are
thinking about doing this professionally, it’s always better to save money and
wait and just buy one lens and then save up and then buy another good lens. I’m
talking about the very good lenses with very low aperture where you get the most
light and fast lenses. The quality is beautiful. For example, my telephoto lens
70 to 200 mm. I have that lens for 13 years now, it’s a mint condition.
Looks like brand-new, works extremely well. There’s nothing wrong with it.
Cameras on the other hand, it’s not really that important which camera you
really have. You will be changing them down the road anyways. Technology is
developing so fast and yes you will probably go through few different
cameras doing you photograph years. How did the camera felt in my hands during
the wedding? Well, I shoot in full manual mode, I
always been. That’s just the way I work. And on 5D Mark III I know that there are
two wheels. One wheel I turn and I spin and I control aperture. The other one I
spin and I control my shutter speed. On canon M50, I truthfully felt that the controlling the camera was slower. There is only one
wheel which controls one thing but the rest I had to do on the screen, so
working with that camera, yes it was slowing me down a bit. It would be faster
on the 5D Mark III but that was my experience, my feelings, working with that
camera first day at the weddings. I’m sure I would probably find faster way to
work with that camera but that day my first day, I felt it was slowing me down. Let’s talk about focus. I have to say,
here I enjoyed the small camera more, mainly because of the face tracking.
Especially, when it came to the candid shots and I had the telephoto lens on, I
simply pressed the face and I kept it in a face tracking position and then I was
just like a sniper waiting for the perfect shot. When I was taking photo
with the full-frame camera, with the DSLR, I have to always half press the
button quite a bit, before I took the actual shot, so I have that person in
focus. It felt like a new toy for me, I literally have that much fun. Let’s talk
about battery. Yes, that battery. I shot here and there with the M50.
Getting ready photos during the ceremony, I didn’t use it all the time but once I
reached 200 photos the first battery was dead and that’s not good at all. If this
would be my main camera and I usually take about 1500 photos during eight-hour
wedding, I would have to bring literally eight batteries. With my full-frame
camera, I just need one for the whole day. Let’s talk about the screen. The
ceremony was during the day, around noontime at 2:00 p.m. it was a very
bright day, it was very harsh light, so now when I was looking at the screen, I
could not really see the photos, even when I brightened the screen a bit more.
I was still unsure if I had my exposure correctly, so I was looking through the
viewfinder but what I saw was very bright and colorful. Sometimes it was
flickering, I really wasn’t sure if I have the right shot, so here and there
when I took the photo, I had to really check the photo if it is correctly
exposed, if everything is ready to go. Perhaps it’s just matter of getting used
to it but to be honest, I still prefer optical viewfinder over the digital one.
I guess that it’s probably just a matter of getting used to it. The day was
over and we were starting to get into the
night shooting in low-light conditions. Well, let’s talk about that one. I knew
that if I’m gonna use the Viltrox speed booster and very good quality
lenses, like 50 mm lens and the telephoto, I would be able to keep the
aperture low and the ISO as low as possible. I didn’t need flesh for the
longest time, so I just shot in natural light because I was keeping it so very
low. I was introducing only a little bit of noise. I was able to shoot ISO a
little bit under 400 always under 400 but when I checked the photos on my
computer, I still saw that I’m quite seeing some noise. It’s not as crispy
clear as the full-frame DSLR. There is a quite a bit of difference, so yes this
camera is producing noise and for that reason, I would say it was bothering me
quite a bit. And as it got darker and darker, I had to pull out the flash. Yes.
And this part, I was really interested in because I really wanted to see how it’s
gonna perform with flash, especially those dancing shots, where you need to
freeze the action, you need to catch that moment. If they are dancing,
you need a flash. I used this one. I used to have Canon flashes before but I’m
finding this one does amazing job as well. It’s a lot cheaper. I have two of
them and the trigger. And here I was in trouble. Literally. If I shoot a my
full-frame DSLR and I half press the button, there’s a little red light which
helps me beam, which helps me focus. On the small camera, I didn’t get it. I tried
to change everything in a settings or trying to go around it and I believe
it’s not there, it’s just, it’s not definitely focusing with this flash.
Maybe if I had Canon, things would be different flash, but with this flash, it’s
not there. Truthfully, I didn’t do much studying or testing the M50 and flashes
yet, so maybe I was doing something wrong or maybe I didn’t have my settings right
but from what I saw that day, I just I couldn’t get that. Also, during speeches
and some other moments, I wanted to use just a touch of a flash, just a little
bit of a flash. I like to use the ambient light, a lot, and just flash it just a
little. Well, with the M50 and that flash I couldn’t get it. The flash was
overpowering. It was flashed way too much. The person was bright, everything was
dark, so I hit the end of the road for me. When it came to M50 and flash so I
obviously had to get my full frame camera from now on to get those kind of
shots and on the top of it, sometimes when you’re into speeches, you know when
people are kind of looking into their papers. They quickly look at the audience
and again they look into the papers, my flash needs to be quick. My camera needs
to react very quick to get that tiny second or two second moment. And with the M50, it was a bit slower. I could not get it that fast. Canon M50 is entry-level
vlogging camera primarily vlogging camera. You can shoot with it during good light so you can do all these outdoor photos, you can do family portraits. You can do portraits, I would say even fashion shots no problem. In good light you can shoot with it 100%. At weddings, you can use it
during the day as well. You get very nice results. You will be in trouble though in
the evening during low-light. To use this camera as you main camera during the
weddings? No. If you want to be able to do high-paying jobs, you need to pay a
little bit more to get the features you need to perform the job, to do the job
properly, so I would definitely go with a higher brand of camera, something like
Canon R will be probably be very good. My conclusion is. Bridal couples are
spending thousands of dollars for life event which cannot be repeated and they
are expecting high quality work from vendors, high quality work from
photographers and it is our responsibility to have the tools we need
to produce those kind of images. Well, that was my honest opinion. Hit the
thumbs up button if you liked today’s video, subscribe to all future videos
like this. If you have any questions, comments or simply want to say hello you can do so in a comment section below. You know I read it all and I always respond
and I’ll see you in the next one. Cau… Ahoj…

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    I'm worried about the m50s lowlight capability. Is it advisable to spend a little extra for the and get the full frame RP?

  88. Stella Devania says:

    About that battery problem, it can be solved by buying a powerbank with AC output like the vivan mf20 with 20800MaH. So, you'll just need 2/3 batteries, charge one while using the other. You can use it to power continuos lighting as well, if you're into videography. Andnof course, to charge your phone!

  89. Kamal Yadav says:

    Your videos are very good. I liked it very much … Canon 50 I have to take it but not answer it

  90. Alfredo Bullen says:

    This is exactly why I hesitate in buying the M50..i would love to have a camera that does well in photography (weddings and stuff like that) and video but won't cost me my left eye…anything you can recommend?

  91. Uldis Zalcmanis says:

    Hi, Zdenka, I'm looking for a telephoto lens for Canon M50 to shoot my son's football matches on a budget (I'm not a pro, just a father who wants a bit of a quality). I'd mostly shoot outdoors while quite in a distance and mostly video. I have a Viltrox adopter so I can use full-frame lenses. What lens would you suggest? Thanks.

  92. Joshua Chuah says:

    Hi Ms Zdenka, what would your recommendations for entry camera with dual memory storage slots? Is dual mem slots a must for such important assignments like weddings?

  93. Saif Khan says:

    I have 3 batteries of LP-E12 AND I'm using canon eos 100d… Please help me can I use it for wedidng photography I'm thinking that the batteries are very low?? Because I want all day photography

  94. Hong Nguyen says:

    I need some advices! In a few days i'm going backpacking, and i just bought Canon M50, with the kit-lense 15-45mm. I also have two other lenses: sigma 18-250 mm 3.5-6.3 and Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

    Wich should i bring with me? can't bring them all because of limited luggage. I usually take pictures of people and nature. Help! Thanks 🙂

  95. Courtney Wilson says:

    With my experience of using the m50 I had a no trouble with using it during a wedding. I didn’t have any issues with it with a canon brand flash. I believe if you had a working flash it would’ve suited you better.

  96. Joe Black says:

    Every time I search for something about cameras related there's always a Zdenka Darula explaining how : ) thanks!!

  97. Roman Doval says:

    Ahoj Zdenka, fotil som s M50 svadbu a áno to zrno je bužiaľ veľké……zaujímavé, že keď som to zrovnal so 4/3 snímačom Olympus E5 MarkII tak ešte aj tento menší snímač podal lepšie výsledky ako Canon M50 toto platilo ako u fota tak aj u videa !!! Fotky aj video z Olympusu boli čisté aj pri vysokých ISO. Nechápal som ako môže väčší snímač podať horšie výsledky ale je reálne je to tak !!! A to má navyše Olympus machanickú IS stabilizáciu na čipe – neskutočne stabilné videá to má. Zase na druhú stranu s M50 sa my pracovalo omoc lepšie, vynikajúci AF – ja som teda nemal problémy s AF, hlavne ak som potreboval u M50 je výborne riešená blokácia AF a celkovo blokácia expozície a iné veličiny pre video sú omoc lepšie riešené na M50. Olympus sa má čo učiť……škoda toho brutál šumu na čipe u M50 !!! Bol by to výborný foťáčik……

  98. Charles Wendt says:

    Have you tried the Canon 470-AI Flash yet? If you were in my area I would let you try mine, it is a neat flash.

  99. Charles Wendt says:

    I have never blogged and never intend to, I never take take someones photo (street shooting) with out there permission. To me that is an invasion of there privacy, at an event like a wedding it is different.

  100. Ken Mack says:

    I took your advice and added a Canon R to my kit so will need some advice on getting the best from this camera . Your advice for the M50 has been great this past year or so loved the battery grip from Poland you introduced keep up your great work in 2020 and hope you enjoy some terrific assignments .

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