Camping at Whiteshell Provincial Park The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1861
Camping at Whiteshell Provincial Park The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1861

welcome welcome to the outdoor
adventures here we are with our family home today
right hey Jessie good morning good morning how are you
doing today you’re just kind of looking over there yeah I know right oh there is
a bit of a weird weather out there today well we had a little bit of rain yes so
right now it kind of quit raining but still really really wet out there so
let’s go check out and see what we’re up to you guys looking at this well what is
this cooler we got all kinds of stuff in here Oh looks like we’re getting ready
to have breakfast well good morning there young lady yeah
what you up to over here the usual look at the Oldham eggs over there oh my
goodness boy he’s gonna cook some good eggs so we’ll have breakfast here in a
little bit and then we’re gonna pack up our stuff we’re going camping are you
guys ready for a camping trip or what I am so that’s coming come along with us
right over to the lake I will tell you all about it when we get there it’s been
a busy busy day so far getting all this stuff ready over here as you guys can
see some homemade bread right there Oh been a super crazy busy day I got all of
my stuff ready to go now got the van all packed up I can’t even open it I’ll just
thinking about it I can’t even open it but a lot of stuff in there so yeah we
just took a shower and we’re just about ready to go we’re gonna go to Winnipeg
first and then we’re gonna be dropping off our daughter and want to Peck first
and then we’re going straight to the lake so yeah I’m super excited on the
way to win ladies and gentlemen and yes indeed we
are we’re finally getting some nice sunshine apparently it’s been kinda
raining all weekend long so far today is Sunday if you guys didn’t know but this
video may not be released on Sunday who knows I haven’t really told you guys but
I’ve been kind of releasing videos Wednesday and Saturday that’s kind of my
schedule right now and so who knows it might be on Wednesday it might be on
Saturday but I release this video regardless when it is I’m gonna be
spreading out the videos like that every Wednesday and Saturday we are gonna go
camping for a couple of days and so we’ll be making videos every day that’s
the goal anyways but I’m just super super stoked that we’re getting some
nice sunshine it’s even nice and warm today plus 21 I didn’t expect it to get
that warm but overnight it’s going to definitely start cooling off a little
bit but yeah or even cooler I think one night that’s supposed to be eight there
to one night but that’s alright my dad has got the hydro we’re at his seasonal
campsite and so we’re gonna probably put a little heater in the
in the tenth or something like that and then we’ll be alright but anyways let’s
go to Winnipeg drop off our daughter and then we got to fuel up the car or the
van I guess you could say get another steak mr. Ronnie apparently misjudged
his meat supplies I guess and so he wants me to get a mistake for tonight
we’re gonna be cooking some supper tonight there and as you guys just heard
me say we’re gonna be cooking some nice barbecue tonight I guarantee you that
so that’s hammer down get to Winnipeg drop off our daughter and then we’ll go
camping for a couple of days it’s gonna be the last weekend this year that’s a
long weekend and where the campsites are still open right so basically by next
long weekend everybody has to be off the campsites and you can no longer rent a
campsite so I said you know I worked up perfectly I come home Sunday we’ll go
camping for a couple of days it’s not supposed to be the greatest weather but
whatever I they have free party this weekend
well we already got a year lease of our country but yeah but either way we’re
gonna have a couple of days of fun that’s for sure
then they guess what we’re driving I know I haven’t really shown you guys any
kind of driving video here in a few videos so somebody said the other day
well you know you went to camp but never showed us a driving video so now at this
time I’m gonna take my GoPro along and show you guys some driving videos since
I know a few you guys are missing the driving videos why not show you guys a
few driving videos so yeah even even the campsite videos will be spread out they
won’t be one after another I’ll be spreading those out every Wednesday and
Saturday we’ll have a video up and I’m really hoping that I can capture the
Milky Way a little bit here tonight or throughout the next few days but what it
looks like it’s gonna be cloudy so hopefully it’s not gonna be too super
cloudy and hopefully we can find a good spot where we can take pictures of the
Milky Way that would be awesome if I could do that yeah this farmer is Dave
all right now they’re not because it just rained so it’s too wet to harvest
anything so they’re probably looking forward to getting some sunshine but
from what it looks like we’re supposed to get a little small chance of rain
tomorrow yet so we’ll see how much it rains tomorrow or Tuesday but I think
Thursday is supposed to be a really really nice day
supposed to go up to you know 24 or 26 degrees so that’s beautiful wetter so
I’m definitely gonna take full advantage of that hopefully we can do some fishing
for you guys we show you all that good stuff so you guys can look forward to
some awesome camping videos coming up here I’m pretty sure we’re going to try
and do our best in producing some awesome videos for you guys because this
way the last time we go camping this year and no winter is going to be around
the corner very soon right so you see I don’t that trees the leaves yeah you can
already see it on the trees up here like they’re already starting to change
colors so fall is just around the corner so we’re gonna have to you know do our
best to produce some awesome footage for you guys Diego is not with
now he has to work tomorrow yeah until Wednesday he will be working in an
Thursday he starting school again yep he’s a busy guy we are very very close
to my buddy’s campsite here in new to make leg yes indeed I’m really really
looking forward to that a little bit of a bumpy road zigzag and everything but
hey there is the sign for no to make Lake look at that guys right here to the
right yeah big crawl sitting underneath it yeah we got to go a little bit past
it to where his campsite is but yeah we are very close to it and I’m very happy
that we have nice sunshine it’s 23 degrees Celsius right now
couldn’t ask for anything better not too hot not too cold
perfect yes indeed I’m gonna bug him like crazy and tell him hey I brought
you some sunshine you know you owe me a beer
and I see a lot of people out here though because this is the last weekend
right that people are going to be camping I saw a blue start over there a
while back ago let’s see if we see him there again no he was kind of
heightening and bushes over there but nothing there today I guess there’s too
many people out here today that’s probably what it is
handi yeah we saw a bald eagle we saw a hawk yeah have you seen a few animals I
got my camera ready just in case we see something I do take a couple of pictures
of the bald eagle but it was a little bit from behind so I don’t really like
those kind of pictures or most people don’t but
we’ll see maybe I get a good shot of it maybe not but here we go welcome to new
to make Lake ladies and gentlemen we are arriving yeah let’s see if we see
anything good down here let’s see hold on oh that’s only my phone whatever
we’ll go into here to my buddy’s campsite I’ll have us a good barbecue
tonight guys Wow look at here guys we have made it to Ronnie’s place he’s
hiding over there he doesn’t want to be on camera but what can I say he’s
driving that Chevy you guys remember that Chevy yeah I’m smelling some
barbeque over here what do you get say mr. Ronnie you’re drinking some cold one
over here or what I don’t want to step on it yeah I don’t want to be I want to
get close to you but I don’t want to step on that I don’t have to all right
all right mr. Ronnie hi hey I’m doing good man welcome here oh thank you thank
you yeah what’s your son doing over there barbecue you’re teaching him well
yeah now let’s go check it out right yep go check it out let’s do it that’s see
what kind of goodies he’s got on the grill over here Ronnie is lazy over
there right he’s teaching his son to barbecue over here let’s check it out
and see if he’s doing a good job are you doing a good job there young man yeah
you are well that’s how I look oh I’m telling you guys this guy is doing a
good job look at that some nice steaks on there beef ribs some chicken oh I’m
telling you you’re doing a good job you better close that though you don’t want
to put that on fire right but you had a good weekend so far yeah yeah he’s dead
he getting good meat over here yeah yeah that’s awesome I know he’s got his boat
back over there we’re gonna do some fishing Ronnie tomorrow morning they got
the campfire going over here oh man we’re gonna have an awesome time Ronnie
yes yeah I got to have me a cold one and mr. Walter if you’re watching we’re
drinking some good stuff over here oh that was awesome man

10 thoughts on “Camping at Whiteshell Provincial Park The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1861”

  1. bigal00087 says:

    Happy hurricane day..getting it today on east coast Canada.
    Cat 2 the camping videos..especially with those clowns..your buds..they silly..comic relief.

  2. Angie and Chuck Show says:

    Great looking bbq.πŸ‘πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

  3. Carla Head says:

    Great video!! Hope you guys enjoyed your camping weekend -good food, and fellowship with friends!!! Delicious ,mouthwatering BBQ-take care and good seeing my beautiful princess Jessie-LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!!!Good seeing you too,Effie! GOD BLESS-keep up the great nature videos. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  4. Maria Lynn says:

    You should of brought me some of that good food Rudi, I was at the flying J at St. Agathe! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

  5. Tom Ludden says:

    Hey Rudi,, that young man waa doing a good job with the BBQ.. Where is Walter? Looks like you guys are going to have a good time. ENJOY….

  6. Lillian; Head says:

    Great video, Rudi, that Barbeque looked good,hope you Elfriede enjoy your camping takecare

  7. Got to have a Hobby says:

    Think you made a good choice revamping your videos
    And young man look like he was a master bbq person in the making
    Enjoy yourselves

  8. Ben Maier says:

    Are u still driveing

  9. Saltydog KW says:

    You mean we are not gonna see you camping in February? Lol come on that’s when it’s fun! Hope there is a fishing catch and cook video πŸ‘πŸ˜‹

  10. Herb Austin says:

    Lol looks like someone's channel has all but fallen off. I better watch what I say. He may find me and call the police to my home

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