Book Trailer for “In The Wake” by Nicola Davison
Book Trailer for “In The Wake” by Nicola Davison

Even death doesn’t stop people from talking to the ones they love. In dreams or a shifting shadow in the fog,
they might be there, closer than in life. Emily is haunted by the loss of her father,
still seeking his guidance, though he’s been gone since she was a girl. Now a grown woman, returning to the East coast with her own family, she finds their new house on the ocean stirs old feelings. When she gets to know Linda, the widow next door, she finds she’s not the only one haunted by voices. Linda is bound to watch over her adult son,
but unable to protect him from himself, Soon, Emily is caught up in the lives of her
neighbours, deepening the tension in her marriage. She discovers that the new house has a short
but turbulent history that is entangled with Linda and her unbalanced son. Set on the shores of modern-day Nova Scotia,
“In the Wake” is the interwoven story of two women stagnated by grief and their own flawed
versions of the past. Can the truth set them free?

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