Bolo – Pintura digital / Piece of cake – Digital Painting
Bolo – Pintura digital / Piece of cake – Digital Painting

Hello, there! In today’s video you will see a simpler study that I did of a slice of cake in photoshop. Instead of trying to make a perfect version I just wanted to get more used to the digital workflow,
which may sound a little strange because I’ve done digital paintings before and it’s not that new to me, but it still seems pretty
disconnected from the way I make traditional art. Basically I want to try to make digital paintings more often, both as these more relaxed and less
strict studies, and as more detailed pieces where I’m going to try to copy a reference photo more accurately. What I want is to feel more
comfortable with digital art. Even though I know it’s not perfect, I like this study, it looks like something I would do in a
sketchbook to test new material and even if it’s not the most well finished digital art I’ve ever done, I’ve managed to try
some different techniques, especially when it comes to making the lights blurred in the background. I know that I didn’t post a video last week. I apologize, I tried to plan to get a video done, but
there were some unforeseen events besides I had a test scheduled for what would be this last monday and I did spend the whole
week studying for it but because of the pandemic and the quarantine it got canceled. In terms of techniques I continued with the color blocking technique that I tested in the previous
digital painting video in which I painted the Joker. I also ended up using some more features of the program itself, like blur filters and changing
the opacity of some colors, to get the effect I wanted for the background. I comment on this because apart from the ability to fix errors, ctrl + z or two or three layer
styles I usually don’t use these program resources a lot and it was nice to be able to integrate other functions even in a simpler study like this one. For example, many artists that I follow, and who are much more proficient in digital art than I am,
they use photoshop resources a lot to adjust the contrast and / or color balance to have a more attractive piece with more coherent colors and it’s not something I have a
habit of using when I make my digital paintings. This makes me think that in future studies I should try to use at least these two resources and
see how they influence my final pieces, and decide whether it is something I want to adopt or not as part of my workflow. I know you guys must be tired of hearing this, but I hope you’re all safe, I know it’s boring to be
isolated but now it’s best to stay at home if you can because it is dangerous especially for older people, and even if you are young you certainly have
parents, or grandparents or uncles you love that are on the risky age group and could get sick and protecting yourself ends up being a way to protect them from contact with the disease. Well, thank you so much for watching, see you next time, bye-bye

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