Blea Tarn & Tewet Tarn Landscape Photography
Blea Tarn & Tewet Tarn Landscape Photography

continue straight your destination is on the right morning guys I’m in the Lake District this week working so I thought I’d nip
up to Blea Tarn at first like to catch a sunrise now I’m here a good hour before
sunrise, it’s dark as night out there and I thought I’d have the place to myself
it’s freezing cold blowing a gale and the light’s not particularly fantastic
so I really did think I’d have the place to myself but there’s four cars in the
car park another car has just arrived and I can
actually already see head torches down… on the lake on the lake it’s gonna be a good morning
wonder greener cat it’s freezing cold – Judith snow this weekend now we like
that because when the weather is that bad and when it gets that cold in the
winter the lazy people or the more intelligent people stay at home that is
just typical look at that that is a blood red sky and the bow twist round to
where we are nothing isn’t that just typical now there’s a slight problem
when you come to iconic places to photograph it you can call it a problem
that is of course is the chances are you’re likely to meet other
photographers and me being me me being a chatty person you end up setting up grab
it a couple of shots and before you know it you’re standing still drinking coffee
two and a half flower two and a half hours later you put the world to rights
but you haven’t got any work done and that was the case this morning met a
lovely fellow by the way Matthew if you are watching this great to meet you this
morning great chat and hopefully we’ll bump into each other again that’s a good
thing how wonderful is that see photography
landscapes get out there meet nice people you just can’t beat it it’s so obvious what the foreground
interest is it’s so obvious what the background interest is it’s very
difficult to pull yourself away from the position where I’m currently stood
taking the iconic shot but don’t let that put you off
grab it let me very quickly talk you through this particular shot for what
you’re looking at now is the composition unlikely to go for certainly from where
I’m stood at the moment anyway it’s very simple 24 mil I’m gonna do a panoramic
sweep so I’m going to take six images going across the tan portrait mode f11
ISO 100 and I think my shutter speed is something like a tenth of a second so
unfortunately it’s not gonna be very exciting when it comes to the water
you’re just gonna get a still water and there’s a slight breeze as well so we
don’t have that gorgeous reflection get imagine what it’d be like if you turn up
here and that water is flat so it’s a fairly simple composition it’s pretty
much the iconic shot when you get here with the exception of maybe move it
slightly further to the right or moving on the other side of the wall you know
it’ll make sense when you come here what I’m talking about if you’ve never been
here before and if you have been here before you know exactly what I’m talking
about I’ll grab this shot now and then I’ll wander around and see if there’s
any more compositions I can grab I just got so lucky I was just saying
about how how poor or how pants are how neutral this lighting was and as soon as
I started taking a panoramic sweep where to break in the clouds the Sun shone
through and just lit up that mountain in the background just delicious Paul this morning it’s cold this morning
I’m a bleed tan what a fantastic place this is I’ve never been before it is
just fantastic what I will say right off the bat is if you’re new maybe new to
photography and you’re looking for somewhere where you can go that’s
relatively easy to walk relatively easy to find
then I’d I’d say categorically this is the number one place if you have access
obviously to the Lake District if you’re not too many miles away then I come here
blue tan because blue tan is easy to find there’s a big car park in place his
national trust so you have to pay for it so just be warned unless you’re a
National Trust member of course in which case it’s free but it’s literally a five
minute walk from the car park to where I’m stood now which is the iconic place
to come and take pictures you’re likely like it was in my case this morning
you’re likely to be joined by other photographers because this is probably
the most photographed area of the Lake District or certainly one of the most
photographed areas of the Lake District but don’t let that put you off is plenty
of room you’ll meet nice people I’m sounding like as if this is an advert to
actually come here but know right off the bat this is a perfect spot for
landscape photography especially if you knew he’s a question for you what accessory
would you miss the most if it wasn’t in you back know I mentioned earlier on I
don’t have my li 10 stopped filter I broke it unfortunately a couple of weeks
ago when I was in Lewis and Harris and I saw missing I’m so missing I’m I’m
desperate for one this morning I haven’t got one which is really really annoying
but I thought of myself I wonder if there are if there are other accessories
and maybe other people use that they would really miss if they didn’t have it
in the back so there’s a question for you know what accessory
you miss if it wasn’t in your bag comment below enjoy that very very enjoyable morning
and this goes to show sometimes you could just keep it really simple come
away with a nice shot there might well be iconic doesn’t really matter just
been a great morning a fantastic morning for that matter
good call now though I may have already mentioned it let’s get that cow pwe t2 it tan absolutely gorgeous spot
but it’s proven to be a little bit awkward right in the middle of the day
the light is really really bright which restricts us really from shooting from
one angle of the tan looking out obviously away from the Sun it’s nice
because it lights up the mountains in the background but it is proving to be
just a little bit tricky on top of that it’s amazing the weather at the moment
absolutely just it’s delightful to think we’re literally less than two weeks off
Christmas so winter is pretty much knocking on the door I think something
like two 23rd of December is the first official day in the UK of winter I think
so anyway it’s absolutely delightful a little bit chilly but there’s no breeze
in the air and obviously because there’s no breeze in the air that’s why we’ve
got this stunning reflection that’s going on in the town right now every now
and again there’s a little bit of a breeze that whips up and it destroys
that reflection but so far we’ve managed to grab a couple of shots okay so the
composition we’ve pretty much settle for is fence posts leading into the water
bottom right-hand thirds mounted in the background with the reflection of water
is just gorgeous an award-winner it isn’t but a very nice picture it is so my setup for this very
straightforward f11 iso100 and I’m at 80th of a second I’ve got a point nine
filter on the front there to try and bring some of that light down bring some
of that glare down in the sky and that’s it so no ten stop filter very simple
very straightforward and it looks quite nice yep
very happy absolute whirlwind of a trip that’s to
it tan taking care of back to the van a cup of coffee on to the next location you

10 thoughts on “Blea Tarn & Tewet Tarn Landscape Photography”

  1. Ben Fewtrell says:

    Nice stuff Gary. Merry Xmas.

  2. Dave Arkanoid Gilbert says:

    Lovely stuff as always, Gary. First shot was my favourite. Just love the black and white. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the very best for the new year

  3. Ted Nelson says:

    You missed a shot! With that rock out in the water you should have run out, climbed on the rock and had the picture taken. With your red coat you would have been perfect!

  4. 1spitfirepilot says:

    Another excellent video, Gary. The item I'd most miss – my polariser. Most filters you can do a work-around, but the polariser is, I think, the key thing for landscapes.

  5. Gareth E. Williams says:

    Hip flask.

  6. Martin Cutrone says:

    Love your positivity! Nice images too!

  7. RugbyLock0914 says:

    Wish I could make it but I'm about 6,000 miles away!! 🙂

  8. john graham says:

    Great video and pics, fantastic reflection at tewet tarn.
    Like you think I'd miss my ten stop filter, but I think you were missing your gloves just as much 😀😀.
    Happy new year to you, looking forward to seeing more videos from over the coming year.
    Many thanks

  9. Gemma Gates says:

    Need me some new Gary videos! Hope you’re well, miss your content!

  10. John Brackenbury says:

    Great work Garry loved the B&W of Tewet Tarn

  11. Maine Mountain Media says:

    If I ever make it to the Lakes district that will be my first stop! Great photos Gary!

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