BlackBox Beginners Guide – How to Sell Stock Footage
BlackBox Beginners Guide – How to Sell Stock Footage

100 thoughts on “BlackBox Beginners Guide – How to Sell Stock Footage”

  1. SoCal Surfer says:

    how long does it usually take after uploading your videos on the FTP to show up in your contribute page?

  2. RJ Stock Footages says:

    woo i love it.. this video..

  3. Larry Smith says:

    How do you find curators?

  4. Fynn_Daubner says:

    ok I loved this video I know almost everything about stock footage now but there is one thing I haven't quit understood by now.
    What does the model release do and what is it exactly?
    Hope someone can answer me the question.
    Keep going

  5. Ben Finkley says:

    Hi Jeven! Great tutorial! I have a question, I'm super nervous about getting subjects in my shot that require model releases or any editorial considerations. Any recommendations to get a full understanding of what not to shoot? Thanks in advance!

  6. Record IN Producciones says:

    Is it normal my first 3 footage I upload to BB are pendin review status for 3 days ?

  7. Cyglas says:

    is it good if we reduce the clipsize with compressor after we outputting the footage from fcpx?

  8. 358studios says:

    I seem stuck in curator. I see submitter, but it's greyed out. Any thoughts on this? I really don't want to curate for others, just create and upload my own. BTW, I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I've had several offers to curate. Help appreciated.

  9. health me One says:

    I had upload then not thing on my dashboard. How long have to wait it to show?

  10. CameraCheckChannel says:

    I have about 500 files on Adobe Stock. Do I have to delete all these files in order to re-upload them to BB?

  11. JOE BLACK says:

    thanks alot for sharing bro!

  12. Alan Dimery says:

    Hello Jeven, I am new to all of this and I find your videos very helpful. Thank you. I notice this video is about a year old. Is BlackBox as good now as it was then? Just one question, if I may, what would be the best fps to save as. I live in the UK which is 25fps, but the USA will probably be the biggest market and is, of course, 30fps. Or should I upload both? Thanks.

  13. Patrick Vanden Bussche says:

    Jeven, dank u wel. Deze duidelijke informatie maakt veel duidelijk om aan de slag te gaan met mijn beeldmateriaal.

  14. Alan Dimery says:

    Hello Jeven, great videos. I notice that Shutterstock are asking for non US citizen contributors to fill out a form G8, whatever that is. Do you know if Blackbox require the same? Thanks.

  15. f2hannah says:

    Hey, is there anything like BB but for Photographs? Thank you.

  16. Joel R G Gizmo says:

    Can I use Screenflow to edit with. / And doesn't have to be 4K / I can't record With A standard iPhone6+

  17. Machia Media says:

    Thank you! This video was super helpful!

  18. Isma TECH says:

    HI Joven. Could you please help me? I've uploaded several videos to BB through an FTP but I'm not able to see any of them. I've used a PC and a Mac without success. Neither with several browsers. The FTP works correctly. Thanks in advance

  19. Luis MolinArt says:

    Hi Jeven! What are the recommended frame rates (fps) for stock footage?

  20. Goran Chloupek says:

    Hi thank you for video. I just register at blackbox and refer to you as one who connect me with it. I am thinking about buy your Course, All Access Pass.

  21. A life of OFW says:

    Thanks bro! It really helps

  22. OzWorld says:

    Hi, will it drop the price if i ticked the editorial box than uploading the model and location release ? Thank you

  23. Matias Nagore says:

    How much time does it take for videos to appear on BlackBox after uploading them to FileZilla?

  24. Karel Bruce says:

    Can you make a video of why my stock images are failing when I transfer them! Or if anyone in the comments can help me!

  25. JS_filming says:

    How to make a proper model release??

  26. David Englund says:

    Very helpful. I'll definitely file this for a reference! Now, all I have to do is start shooting footage that's worthy of being sold, which is harder than I realized! 😉

  27. Francesco Signorini Video says:

    -60% agency and -15% blackbox, no thanks

  28. Barry Brophy says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! New computer arriving this week. Looking forward to editing and uploading my stock footage. Any tips on how to redo rejected footage from Blackbox?

  29. vijay firefoxstay says:

    Hi I don’t have 4K camera , but I have Sony alpha 7 mark 2 , can I shoot HD videos and upload it

  30. Idriega says:

    Woow, very interesting info man! Like!

  31. Mr. Anderson is Fully Auto says:

    You mentioned places. Can you explain getting releases for places? Is there an issue with products or logos on products like cars or clothing?

  32. Intelligent Design says:

    So I was totally high (weed) when I made a vague attempt at understanding everything you eloquently presented. And I'm thinking now should I dig into this packet of chocolate chip cookies or should I just pretend I'm all balls of steel and just look it in the eyes and reject it like a boss. I totally just failed. I promise to watch this when I'm not utterly fucked out of my head LOLOLOLOL weeeeeeeee!

  33. vdubtravels says:

    Cheers, very useful information put forward in a concise and interesting manner, great video

  34. Brian Campbell says:

    Man thanks for this, I've got so many unused timelapses on my hard drives. I'm gonna put them to good use!

  35. Gus Y says:

    Hello Jeven, I noticed on the User Guide is says, not to use quick connect.

  36. Helga Christ says:

    anyone already making money?

  37. Thor ODT says:

    BB takes 15%, the keyworders another 20-40%, this on a 30-50% of the revenue share left to you from the agencies…
    you spend a lot of time and money to make and edit video contents …
    are you really sure that you are making money sharing your work this way ?

  38. Sue B says:

    File zila won’t work on my Mac…. I did sign with link you provided

  39. IIISW ILIII says:

    What do you like about Finalcut X vs. DaVinci Resolve?

  40. Medium Cool Video Productions says:

    Great video Jeven! Thank you 🙂

  41. On Tec Soluciones says:

    Hi! i like your channel and this video got my interest but i have now a problem with 28 videos since march 15, i used the same curator you use on your video (Joseph Elliot) and i don't know if he is not working anymore or something but now i cant change my curator and my videos are stuck, also blackbox don't give any way to contact him so what can i do ? again thanks for your video and i hope you can do an updated video about this 🙂

  42. Cuối Tuần Làm Gì says:

    what's attack documment??

  43. Lim Doeun says:

    I just completed created black box account my account screen doesn't appear like you show

  44. Nitin chavan says:


  45. Romme Kamps says:

    how do you make a Model release and wha does it look like? does anybody know these things?

  46. formulaone07 says:

    Do non-4K videos sell too? My phone is relatively new but doesn't record video in 4K.

  47. AllureWeddings Photography & Film says:

    Did anyone try messaging their AGGRESSIVE facebook page??? Don't even ask questions there. There is a rude bastard at the end of that keyboard. Ask for a screenshot of the conversation before you start blabbering away pls.

  48. Sunil Aralikatti says:

    What happens to footages if black box closes down ? No mention of that anywhere on FAQs

  49. Thor ODT says:

    what happens if a user of BB violates the copyright, uploading contents of someone else and the stock agencies ban the whole BB account?
    all the BB users will be banned for the violations of one of them?

  50. Love & Money Secrets TV says:

    If you have bicyclists from behind so you can't see their face, do you need a release?

  51. The Begg Family Antics says:

    I was going to say don’t you just apply a LUT! Then you said you can use a LUT. I have an Osmo Pocket, Panasonic LX15/10 and G80/85. The Panasonics don’t do more than 30fps at 4K, only the Pocket does. Thanks for all the info. You don’t mention how much it costs to join BlackBox. I bet its not free!

  52. ARITRA GHOSH says:

    I can't upload any stock footage to any website because my FileZilla client never connects to a server, I use wifi for internet connection and there is a proxy which is turned on in the main internet setting in windows 10….after failing several times I tried my mobile network with a hotspot but the same problem continues.only in case of phone there is no proxy and the server connects at first but when something is uploading it terminated at the there ny platform other than filezilla? this is really disgusting for me.

  53. Mike el Bombasin says:

    I've seen that you made "video and audio" on the rending file on FCPX. Maybe is it more sure to render as "Video Only" for your video to be accepted? Cheers

  54. Radical Living says:

    I have uploaded and submitted clips to Blackbox weeks ago, i searched if my content was appearing anywhere in shutterstock video and pond 5. I can say with absolute certainty that it's not showing up on these platforms. Anyone else noticed that????

  55. Sergeantos Story says:

    Any Black Box members on here? If so, what is the “Government ID” that they require uploaded?

  56. ae4xo says:

    I have no idea how to even get started. I have 200GB of videos from around town and school events. But I have no idea how to get started

  57. Kothandapani Janakiraman says:

    Dear brother I am happy of your video. Creative people need help…thanks

  58. Creative Fro says:

    Where do you get the model release form ?

  59. Joel Backlund says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, made everything clear.

  60. stellan clark says:

    Why do they what 2 Social media links for registration? I feel like a government ID is enough, not sure I want to give a stock video place links to my personal social media accounts.

  61. THE KING says:

    Would you suggest to submit short films?

  62. NYN2K says:

    I didn't realize until after your not uploading to blackbox but filezilla which blackbox takes themselves out of as a 3rd party software. Not sure why its this way but I would have rather upload direct to Blackbox I need to make extra money but downloading programs on my pc is a risk facebook already reading msgs etc wht does this one do hmmmm smh.

  63. Action Hero1 says:

    should i submit the property files for nature videos like waterfall, river, forest etc related??

  64. Lance Huntress says:

    Thanks for this (and all) informative video. This was very useful and informative. That was a great idea for the topic you came up with, well-executed!

  65. Pablo Calvinisti says:

    Great tutorial! 👍🏻

  66. The Hutch Music and Video says:

    Hi Jeven. Do you have any advice or videos on copyright / intellectual property. It crossed my mind that sharing your video property (e.g. DropBox) with a collaborator you risk losing it or it being "shared" elsewhere (for sure a minimal risk but a possibility right?). This certainly happened to me with music content a few times.

  67. Ian says:

    Because that’s what agencies need. People keywording with every possibility ever. If every does that it’ll be impossible to search for anything in a few years. Keywords should be essential words that are relevant, not used as some kind of SEO hacking tool.

    Other than that, great video!

  68. Phil Daniel says:

    Is it important that the footage is shot in 4k? or can it be shot 1080 FHD?

  69. WhiteNoise says:

    super nice video thank you!
    i have i question. i uploadet and submitted my stock and now the status says "pending view". what does that mean and when will it change to ready?

  70. Metehan Demirkaya says:

    Do someone know with which bitrate to render and upload the stockfootage clips(for Premiere pro users)? Does only the size of the clip matter?

  71. FairDinkumAussie says:

    Thanks for the great insight.

    Is it possible for you to tell us how the easy release app works for getting model releases onto BlackBox? Do we need to save and upload or does Blackbox pick it up automatically when it has been signed? Also, do we need to enter a heap of legal text or will BlackBox do it automatically?


  72. Zegeebwah says:

    I've been using BlackBox for about a year now having uploaded around 150 clips. While I have consistently made a nice little chunk of extra income each month from it, it's ALOT of labor up front and is a frustrating process guessing what clips will be accepted or rejected.

    I've uploaded a clip of a certain subject and had it acceped only to have similar clips rejected. I sometimes will wait on rejected clips and resubmit them later without changing anything and have them accepted, etc. There's an inconsistency to the approval process that's incredibly obnoxious especially after you spend so much time shooting and editing said footage for it all to be for nothing. Hopefully they improve it but if you have lots of extra clips on hard drives you're doing nothing with then give it a shot.

  73. Franklin Michael says:

    9:48 When you film what should be your target? Do longer clips sell for more or do they sell any better?

  74. B Valdes says:

    Hello Jeven great video. I’ve been interested in uploading videos and pictures to Blackbox for a while can this be done with an IPad?

  75. Franklin Michael says:

    If you upload videos to blackbox do they determine if it's only editorial or not? Or do you have to tell them which clips are and which aren't?

  76. The Joker Box says:

    Seriously, I’ve been researching and most people NEVER GET SALES! what’s the deal for real with black box

  77. NYN2K says:

    Good day nice video but please explain how am I to get a property release form of a waterfall or a tree? You skim through that part very fast about the woman without explaining much about it. And I know what it is.

  78. No says:

    Alright so every time I opened filezilla it had to redownload. Isn't this kind of garbage?

  79. Rohit Naik says:

    To which all agencies the stock footages are delivered?
    How can we know the download count of each agency?
    What if the numbers shown on black box are altered?

  80. Anureet Chhabra says:

    My footages are 1920×1080,and they look fine on my laptop player,but when i see them on blackbox thumbnail,they look so grainy?

  81. Dareck Crane says:

    Great video! can you please go in depth on the "BEST EXPORT SETTINGS" from Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro etc please, thx

  82. David Curtis says:

    I was wondering if you know if Blackbox has or accepts model releases from any of the model release apps? or is it always a paper form?

  83. JAA J says:

    Great Tutorial Thanks!!!!!!

  84. Hilbert Celestino says:

    i dont understand one part! after you transfer the video in the filezilla, how the the video goes to the blackbox?

  85. EnmanuelCrespo says:

    How do we know for how much our clips get priced?

  86. SHAH JAFFAR™ says:

    In registration input there are few option in expertise column e.g curator, producer, submitter and etc which one should I chose if my works shoot a footage. If you don't mind please elaborate few role in the list.

  87. Jimmy Lee Wolff says:

    awesome thank you so much for the tipps! ONE Question: i have some arials from the nature on hawaii is it better to put them in the "travel" or in the "nature" category? ( no people in the shots mostly beaches, mountains , jungle )

  88. Tastie Dine says:

    What if the content I want to upload, already has a watermark of my logo, is it still valid or will I have to shoot all over again and upload it on BB?

  89. sexymiao says:

    Hello, how long it will take for pending review?

  90. Frank Ranieri says:

    Thanks for the valuable information. I can't wait to get started. FYI, I tried yo use your link to BlackBox in the event you get a spiff but the link didn't work.

  91. DigiPixel Studio Graphic&Post-Production-VFX Motion says:

    hi dude thanks for the video can you please make quick tutos for beginners like me just the part of how to link payoneer to BlackBox and thanks

  92. Raymond Isbill says:

    Where do I find what the clips actually sell for so I can see if black box is indeed only taking 15%. Seems I could make more by submitting individually to a few stock sites on my own.

  93. Steve Hays says:

    Jeven – What format seems to sell best ? (ie: 422, 422HQ, Rec 709)

  94. PJ ski says:

    "Because one of the hardest things in stock is just dealing with the upload." Oh… as opposed to say, I don't know… shooting world class footage? Yeah, that line there confirmed this is a promo for BlackBox. I was hoping for something objective. It's getting tougher and tougher to find genuine, objective content on YT these days that isn't skewed by commissions. 🙁

  95. Kothandapani Janakiraman says:

    Hello Brother,
    will You create a video on “how to upload video clips in File Zilla '' Straight and complete information will help us lot…thanks

  96. David Curtis says:

    just curious if you have a shortcut to grading and encoding all your shots for upload. Are you actually creating a sequence for each and every clip and exporting or do you lay all your clips on a single timeline and export using in and out markers per clip in the timeline? There must be a faster way than one clip at a time in a sequence. delete after export and add a new clip to the timeline for grading and encoding.

  97. Asmat ullah kakar says:

    jevon dovey i uploaded some footage but no sell why

  98. Antonis Fassolas says:

    How do you know what is going on with the release forms that we are asked to sign? Especially for minors how does one know that the information is kept confidential?

  99. Bonepicker - Gold Rush Backstories says:

    Hi Jeven; Thanks for the video. I using FCPX but what I don't get is how you separate each clip. Surely you do not want an event for each clip? Can you combine clips? Otherwise it is a lot of events to share and upload. Richard.

  100. Dory Peters says:

    Hi. I clicked on an actual video and filled all the required fields. I clicked on SUBMIT and BB wasn't responding. I tried SAVE and still no response. I clicked RETURN and it put me back to the list of available videos. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance!

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