Bible Study on Genesis 27 | Bible Study Journal
Bible Study on Genesis 27 | Bible Study Journal

Bible Study on Genesis 27 | Bible Study Journal so today’s video is Genesis chapter 27
and verses 1 through 4 I think was old and he could not see he called for East
out to hunt food for him so that he can bless him and if you remember Esau was
Isaac’s favorite and Jacob was Rebecca’s verses 5 through 10 Rebekah overheard
and she instructed Jacob to get goats from the flock so she could prepare it
the way isaac liked and to take Isaac to receive the blessing to take it to Isaac
sorry to receive the blessing so Rebekah was listening in on this conversation
between Isaac and Esau and she wanted Jacob to get ahead of the game so she
told him to go grab some get some goats from the yard or you know outside so
that she can cook it for Isaac verses 11 through 13
so Jacob explained that Esau is hairy so he said mom you know I’m not hairy if I
stick were to touch me he would figure out that I was Jacob and Jacob didn’t
want to be cursed you know he said he didn’t want I said to curse him for
trying to be manipulative in life Rebekah said to let the curse fall on
her and she said you know it’s okay just let it fall on me and just listen to me
and she actually told him to get some goat hair and put it around himself for
that one Jacob touched him he would feel you know how hairy he was which makes me
think like wow he sounds pretty hairy you know a touch a go and you think go
here and you think that’s your son Genesis 25 verse 23 God said in the
beginning that the older will serve the younger but what did it right back to do
does she trust that no she didn’t she decided to be manipulative and do things
what she wanted to do so she can get what she wanted maybe faster and the way
she wanted it but we should all trust God’s promises without trying to
manipulate anything he will work it out for our good we should just trust his
timing we don’t have to lie we don’t have to cheat our way into something we
don’t to force anything just kind of you know let God do it
verses 14 through 17 Rebekah put goat skins on Jacob to imitate hair and dress
Jacob and Esau best clothes gave him food to bring to Isaac so that’s what I
just said basically oh when Isaac said you know well how did you get the goat
so father how did you you know how to get the goat so fast if you went out
hunting so Jacob lied and he said the Lord gave
me success and we should really be very careful of lying and manipulating things
and then say well God helped me and he bless this because you know God he does
help us in the midst of my mess so we can make a mess and God will come help
us he’ll clean it up but just be very careful of what you do and then you know
try to say that well God made me do this or you know I hope I’m explaining that
okay Isaac was hesitant but after feeling the goat hair and smelling
Esau’s clothes because remember Jacob had nice house clothes on he became
convinced that it truly was Esau and then Isaac blessed Jacob right when
Jacob left after the blessing Esau came in so the timing of it was
impeccable because right after Jacob got blessed he stopped came in and then he
said you know dad here you go you know getting ready to give you the food and
then Jacob realized what happened so in Esau despised Jacob but he said
that he took his birthright which was true but he started to take any
ownership for also giving his birthright away remember back when he was out
hunting and he came in he saw some stew and Jacob said I’ll give you stew if you
give me your birthright and Esau said sure you know he didn’t even think twice
he ate the stew and gave up his birthright that easily you know he
didn’t mention any of that to Isaac he didn’t take any ownership he didn’t say
you know anything about that he just quickly got you know upset with
Jacob and said that he took his birthright so in verses 37 through 40
you see II stone he’s just desperate he’s asking his father you know what can
you what kind of blessing can you leave for me and that was kind of interesting
to me because I feel like Esau it sounds like he’s depending very heavily on his
father to bless him when you know the blessing was truly coming from God not
necessarily his father but he’s asking his dad I said
what can what’s left for me what can you bless me with so I sick his blessing it
was more of a prediction really it said Esau will live by the sward and
serve his brother and he will eventually break free from his brothers role I
looked that up and kind of what that meant and I guess in second Kings which
we haven’t gotten to yet you know of course second Kings chapter 8 verses 20
through 22 we’ll learn about that down the road but basically the their
offspring so the offspring of Esau will be under the rule of the offspring of
Jacob and eventually they will break free from the rule verses 41 through 45
Esau planned to kill Jacob after Isaac died and Rebecca Rebecca found out she
should be she seems to be you know she’s open here to everything that’s going on
but she found out and she warned Jacob she told Jacob go stay with her brother
live on and if you remember Lebon or leaving and her on when Abraham’s
servant went to go you know find a wife for Isaac
Laban was her brother but he acted kind of in the role of her father probably I
don’t know if her father and passed away for he was ill but for whatever reason
she had trusted in him so it sounds like she wanted to get to go stay with him
because she trusted her brother until least I’ll calm down so Rebecca told
Jacob she sent for him once Esau was calm so once you so calm down
she took she told Jacob that she would send someone and let him know to come
back then verse 46 Rebekah told Isaac that the reason why she sent Jacob away
was for him to avoid marrying a hit a woman which if you remember it said that
the word said in the last chapter I believe that they despised Esau as wives
and she probably just played it off like you know Jacob I’m sorry I said could
have thought you know why did Jacob leave so Rebecca just probably tried to
play it off is this well you know she didn’t want him to marry a woman you
know a Hittite woman just like Esau did and that’s why she sent him away to her
hometown to find a wife and the whole chapter is just very interesting to me
because it doesn’t sound like a family it sounds like they’re all people who
are not you know a unit family means that you’re together that
you trust each other that you’re there for each other you love each other and
it just sounds like they don’t really trust each other
Rebecca was lying to Isaac and Jacob is lying to Isaac and Isaac in East Isle
we’re planning you know for Isaac to bless him it’s just a lot of stuff
that’s going on that’s not a hundred percent truthful so this chapter was
pretty interesting not a lot of trust going out on this family next week will
will read Genesis 28 thank you so much for watching as always and I will talk
to you next time

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