Best Tastes As A Blind Person
Best Tastes As A Blind Person

The following video tastes like chicken. [swoosh]
In earlier videos, I’ve told you about my favorite things to hear, smell, and touch. And this time, let’s do it — my favorite things to taste. [music plays]
McDonald’s french fries. Unbelievable. They are so good. I don’t know what it is, but they are better than everybody else’s and you know it when you eat them. McDonald’s burgers. The regular hamburger. I love that. I even like it better than the Quarter Pounder. It’s just different. I don’t know what it is, but i love it. A turkey dinner. An American Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. You know, the potato and the stuffing and the cranberries and everything. Probably one of my favorite meals of all. A good steak dinner. A nice piece of steak. A good filet mignon that’s cooked just right. Like at a baseball game, for example, a hot dog. It always tastes better at the ball game, right? Same with one of those hot pretzels. Always good in the bleachers. I love chocolate. Dark and milk chocolate like Kit Kat and stuff and plain M&Ms are delicious. And I love foreign chocolate too. Stuff that’s not made here in the US. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the vegetable oil that’s in the U.S. stuff that’s not in the other but’s so much better outside this country. Fruit flavors. You know, like Jolly Ranchers and Now and Laters and things like that, but I don’t like the real fruit. A Twix candy bar is a good one too. Those are always nice. You get two – one for each cavity. [laughs] [music plays] After all this food I need something to drink. How about a cold beer on a hot summer’s day. Even after a long day at the plant, you know, there’s nothing like an ice cold beer. Or a rum and tonic. One of my favorite drinks. I always get that with a little bit lime. Fantastic. A Coca-Cola or a root beer. Two of my favorite sodas. I’ll get those. Nothing like a shot of great tequila as well. You know, it’s fantastic. You can taste all the different notes that are in it. And I liked a mixed drink with vodka too. I just do. [laughs]
[music continues] Ooh, after all this to eat and drink I’ve got take care of my mouth now. Some nice minty toothpaste. A good strong one. Right? It feels so good when you brush your teeth. Listerine or those Listerine breath strips are fantastic. And of course, that minty dental floss, right. Not just the regular plain old floss, but it’s got a little flavor on it. The taste novacane. Every now and then you get a little on the back of your tongue. It’s a strange little flavor but I like it.
[music plays] There’s a bunch I forget in the food and drinks category. I like pizza. But I like good pizza like New York pizza. I like some fish. You know, swordfish is great. Salmon. I like tuna. But I like a tuna fish sandwich or real tuna steaks. Nothing in between. Who can forget salt, right? I mean, it’s delicious and you can put it on just about anything. In the morning, an egg sandwich, right. A couple of eggs on a bagel. Even scrambled eggs are nice too. Pancakes are so good. Nice stack of pancakes in the morning. Waffles too. Even french toast. All that good breakfast stuff. I’m not sure what it is and I’ve only had it a couple times but it’s fantastic. These little peppers you that you can just have a bite of, but oh my god it makes my eyes water. It makes me dance in my chair but it’s wonderful. I love it. A roast beef sandwich with horseradish. That’s my go to lunch every time. And the hotter the horseradish, the better I like it. Shrimp cocktail I’ll eat sometimes. I don’t know if it’s one of my favorites but it’s good. And again, the hotter the sauce, the better I like it. I like ketchup but I only like ketchup on a burger. That’s it. I won’t have it anywhere else. Ice cream of course. Like who doesn’t like that, right? But I’m a little bit of a snob. I like the fancy ice cream. You know, I don’t like the stuff just in your grocer’s freezer. You know, not Breyers. I’m kidding. I’m kidding.
[music plays] [music continues] Back when I smoke, there was nothing I liked better than a nice Newport filter cigarette. Or, the first drag of a cigarette with a match or a Zippo lighter. [gasp] Mmmm. Just thinking about it I could taste it right now. This video is not meant to encourage smoking… but if you want to live it up. [laughs]

100 thoughts on “Best Tastes As A Blind Person”

  1. Carlos d says:

    25 vegetarians disliked the video

  2. Outposts says:

    You should consider vaping zero.

  3. Witty Blonde says:

    good thing he doesn't like breyers ice- cream that stuff doesn't melt at all.

  4. Rachel Reese says:

    Everything he named are my favorite foods!!

  5. Taco Tuesday says:

    The moment you mentioned novacaine I was like "nope nope Im out"

  6. Valerija Ivanova says:

    You should try Kinder Surprise Egg! They are banned in the US because of the small toys that are inside the yellow/orange yolk. They taste so gooooood.

  7. Jane Turner says:

    Its weird I don't really like McDonalds in the uk, it all tastes really bland and processed but when I went to New York and had McDonalds it was so good and didn't taste like greasy cardboard lol

  8. Amber Otto says:

    this is nothing to do with being blind…

  9. Daenerys Targaryen says:

    Do you like white chocholate?

  10. Sunken Militia says:

    I haven't ate McDonalds in over 7yrs I got sick from a bad burger there once and haven't returned to a McDonalds since

  11. Edmisson Massingue says:


  12. Crystal Wood says:

    Yeah! Man after my own heart! Roast beef sandwich WITH horseradish (the hotter the better)! 😊

  13. Amy McGrath says:

    You like pizza, but in another video you say you don't like cheese.

  14. Maizie Laughton says:

    Woah for all he knows, our skin could be blue!

  15. Cenia Candra says:

    how blind people eat ?

  16. Denis Pavlenko says:

    He eats mc.donald's food, chocolat, candies, and doesnt like fruits…
    So unhealthy ! :/

  17. Cameron Meetze says:

    Is there anyone where who just doesn't like pizza, you have no allergies or anything you just don't like it

  18. Chlorineii says:

    Novicane is the worst taste in the world. I practically start choking when it starts flooding onto my tongue, so I'm bleeding, in pain, and choking on a disgusting liquid. That's why I hate dentists lmao.

  19. Anny says:

    I thought he said anything from the pig in his video worst tastes as a blind person and here he said hotdog and jellys

  20. RobinFlysHigh says:

    Good taste. Especially Newports. Definitely were my favorite when I smoked. Marlboro smoothes were up there too. :). Also the only place I liked cheese as a kid was pizza, although I have since broadened my horizons….. Lol. :).

  21. Cora Cobain says:

    Two question to this video additional to the worst tastes – 1. Isn't the meat of a hotdog pork?
    2. How do you eat a good steak without at least a pinch of pepper?

  22. Aidan Silli says:

    Says he doesn't like cheese but he likes cheese pizza. How exactly does that work?

  23. Youtube Explorer says:

    Don't try poop

  24. Samantha Quant says:

    So, you said you like pizza in this video but in another one you said you hate cheese. Do you eat cheese-less pizza?

  25. RoseOfTheNight4444 says:

    I don't know if you've answered this but it'd be cool if you did a video on how you shop for
    food (unless you literally have help x'D)

  26. Joe Judge says:

    Wait he talked about a hot dog at a baseball game, why would he be at a baseball game if he's blind lmao

  27. _luv_monkey 19 says:

    You like dark chocolate, pizza , fish, pancakes, horse radish and floss floss floss floss FLOSS ??????

  28. Minecraft Steve says:

    The average American foods

  29. xianated says:

    Hey Tommy, I always enjoy your videos and how you do everything with a smile – it's really uplifting. I also like the way you described foods in your video, especially when you talked about those small peppers!

  30. Kathy Bennett says:

    how many times have you had novacaine to know that?

  31. Marloes van Os says:

    is it truth that you can hear and taste better because your blind?

  32. Reyes Castillo says:

    You should take care of your diet.

  33. Angela Corcoran says:

    We had a deep Pan pizza in Chicago and had it cold the next day. It was delicious. Do you like cold pizza?

  34. Vivzid says:

    Taste is habit.

  35. mustafidh rahman says:

    dude… you can not say "the best taste" if you mention a whole bunch of em. LOL… let's just call this video "talking about edible stuff"

  36. Chris Bolland says:

    26 out of 82,020 people disliked.
    That is the smallest fraction of dislikes on any video I've ever seen.
    Keep up the great work viewers.

  37. Violin Lover425 says:

    you should try our pizza in chicago, it's the best 😀

  38. ZerGreenOne says:

    I have eaten too much Macdonalds on too many road trips, now I'm primed so that whenever I eat one I feel sick.

  39. Malik Wright says:

    Do a video of a blind person listening to Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. That would be really cool to hear their opinions on the creative work of other blind people

  40. Tamsin Barrett says:

    beer , beer , beer

  41. Loreal Madonna says:

    I love all the visuals kind of ironic lol

  42. Esoteric Groyper says:

    How does a blind person develop a smoking habit?

  43. Arthur Franco says:

    Tommy, what are ya saying at 1:15? One for each cavity? Are you implying something?

  44. MrPmmessina says:

    Have you ever smoked weed or taken any type of halucigenic drug? If so, how did it make you feel and did you like it?

  45. N A says:

    Have you heard of Hot Ones?
    I don't know if you like overly hot foods, but if you do…that would be a cool show for you to do.
    Sean Evans and Tommy Edison, together? Yes, please!
    (Warning, though: that stuff is HOT!)

  46. False Flow says:

    Same with ketchup.
    I hate ketchup on fries

  47. Rose Mona says:

    Have you tested swiss chocolate ?

  48. punxman says:

    That's everything

  49. Caleb Richards says:

    You should go on Hot Ones!!! If you like spice that would be a great interview. I’m afraid your cheery disposition might disappear after some hot wings though.

  50. legendary petz says:

    I like pizza but I like good pizza like new York pizza

    it is good pizza🍕

  51. Magge y says:

    It seems you are a really picky eater and yet you like mcdonalds, thats very strange for me

  52. Cheesus Sliced says:

    McDonald's puts beef flavor and seasoning in their fries, which gives them a hearty beefy kinda taste

  53. Sir Hooks says:

    You are awesome!

  54. TOM says:

    You are a blast to watch!

  55. Erasmo says:

    Surprised you like pizza since it is made with cheese.

  56. jackson roberts says:

    Yo y tf is he at baseball games

  57. Nilab Nazari says:

    Vape! Try the new cape

  58. valentin orozco says:

    "taste like chicken" hahahaha

  59. Tdhu Mobile says:

    You know how it, swordfish is the best fish.

  60. AustrianFanof TheKedosZone says:

    I would like to see if you would find the fries of McDonalds the best ones after you tasted my favorites 🙂 The thing is with the fries of McDonalds, I used to like them too, but I got sick after I ate them. Several times if I remember right, now I haven't eaten them for a long time 🙂

  61. AustrianFanof TheKedosZone says:

    Waffles are just great 😄

  62. B GT says:

    I’m curious. When you listen to audiobooks/ read brail / listen to tv how do you imagine it or see it in your head? The characters the scenery having no Frame of reference

  63. Morgan Bennett says:

    I love McDonald’s fries, dark chocolate, pizza, breakfast food, shrimp cocktail, and ketchup

  64. Shae Mara says:

    I’ll only eat ketchup on hotdogs, fried chicken, sometimes chicken nuggets and a burger . (Fries but only with mayo also)

  65. Dude Sah says:

    Who doesn’t like fruit?

  66. Ryan Gadsby says:

    What's it like being drunk

  67. iashrai says:

    You gotta work on your diet a little. Most of your favorite foods are very unhealthy and damaging the body and the foods you dislike are very beneficial for the body. Broccoli, cauliflower, almonds, walnuts…all very good for the body. I get that you perceive food differently but there's gotta be a way to get over it… But other than that I love all your videos xx

  68. Insipientiam Autem Illuminati says:

    I love how you seem to appreciate life and all the little things more than most people.

  69. Liv says:


  70. PlankeGast says:

    2:44 pancakes?? 😕 american pancakes look very strange..

  71. Atlas WalkedAway says:

    Huh, I've never thought of it before but I do enjoy the taste of novacaine.

  72. Rachel Greene says:

    Root beer!

  73. Kaitlyn Eccleston says:

    I’m a vegan and this made me hungry lmao

  74. Jack Jones says:

    Tommy whats it like to get drunk i think it would be 2 weird with out being able to see

  75. Shanice Codner says:

    How is cooking different for you?

  76. BrenticusMaximus1 says:

    "It's a strange little flavor but I like it." 😂lol, I tasted that flavor in my mouth just as you said it, very relatable.

  77. Firstasfasfa Lastasfasfas says:

    oh my gosh, we have the same taste!!!!

  78. Daniel Komar says:

    in n out is better than micky dees

  79. Raven Thunder says:

    Culinary perfection

  80. a clown says:

    You don't put ketchup on your ice cream?

  81. Diane Zimmerman says:

    McDonald's fries are okay when they're hot. Lousy when lukewarm or cold.
    I want fries thick enough so you can tell they came from a potato.

  82. Charlie says:

    The more i learn about Tommy, the more i realize how much of a party he is. Haha.

  83. Fuckboy Power says:

    Hey Tommy, I'd love to hear/read your thoughts on Candied Salmon.

  84. Larza says:

    You told u dont like cheese on another video? now you say u like pizza? wtf.

  85. Donovan Nungasak says:

    There was pepper on the eggs. Tommy doesnt like or eat pepper.

  86. Bethlehem Eisenhour says:

    Chicken and potatoes in the oven, pretzels dipped in hummus (I make plane Hummus, just blend it with oil and salt.) Ice cream, yougurt with nuts fruits and honey,, most everything..

  87. Tärsky says:

    You said in another video that you hate cheese. Yet there was two foods in this video with cheese in them.

  88. KensDreaming says:

    Does Tommy know that cheese is on pizza?

  89. blub blubbedi says:

    funny i'm actualyy eating chicken right now

  90. Wingman 7th says:

    i would legit kill my mom just to give you sight back

  91. Kent, knight of Caelin says:

    Is nobody going to tell him that cheese is on pizza?

  92. くら_おさ.める_かく.れる蔵 says:

    Has anyone told tommy that a hotdog is made from a pig which he said he didnt like

  93. Ger - says:

    What is it like for a blind person to be drunk?

  94. Anthony Ronacher says:

    He clearly hasn’t tried the new fresh beef quarter pounders yet

  95. sladejohnson says:

    Get this man some Blue Bell!

  96. Sierra Jacobson says:

    when he said a twix is one for each cavity… is he going to shove the second one up his ass

  97. Lord Damien TheAntichrist says:

    What about Patoa chips?

  98. Alexander Martinez says:

    2:55 My god this put the biggest smile on my face. I like your description of excitement so high that you'd be dancing in your chair 😂

  99. Alexander Martinez says:

    People who judge some1 with a missing sense are far worse than the average idea of a civilized, human being.

  100. Shannon Smith says:

    Anything you like drink other than alcohol? Like chocolate milk or juice? He only listed alcohol drinks

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