BEST New Zealand Photography Locations

Well hi guys thanks for tuning in. I’m here
in beautiful New Zealand to reveal my top five photography locations. Now right off the
bat here I need to be quite clear. These five locations are actually for the south island
only. There some magnificent spots up on the north island, but seriously if I had to list
every single location we’d be here for three and half hours, and we really don’t want that
do we? So lets get into it, coming in at number five is the majestic Queenstown. Queenstown
is just incredible for photography, and when I say Queenstown that also covers the immediate
surrounding areas like Arrowtown, Lake Wakatipu, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, Lake Hayes
and of course you must do the scenic drive out to Glenorchy. You can’t go wrong where
ever you decide to put your camera, in fact you even grab a snap as you step off the plane.
Sunrise, sunsets. You’ll have a field day here with your camera, in all sorts of weather
and importantly all year round. Coming in at number four, we going to have to head west.
No, west is that way! West to the stunning Lake Matheson. You can find Lake Matheson
right near the famous Fox Glacier, the pristine lake has some of the most stunning reflections
you’ll ever see. Surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife Lake Matheson is a must for photography.
My tip in shooting here is to get there on sunrise cause the water is so still and calm
in the lake, a real bonus for reflections. Being early too you’ll also get that early
morning mist or fog drifting into your shot. Acting like a mirror, you’ll get the most
amazing images of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman reflecting in the water. It’s also a great
spot for astro photography. And in coming in at number 3 we’ve got the big fella himself,
Mount Cook. Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. Nearby lakes like Lake Pukaki
and Lake Tekepo are also worth a visit. The park has some of the most incredible scenery
you’ll ever see. Walking trails like the Hooker Valley track lead you out to Hooker Lake where
you can capture floating chunks of ice with Mount Cook in the background. Around this
area also is Tasman Lake. It’s very accessible and great for landscape photography and also
a selfie or two. Coming in at number two we have the gorgeous… Lake Wanaka. What? Wanaka.
Yeah right, Lake Wanaka. Well, if Tom Cruise can say it in a movie, then it must be good
right? Seriously though, Lake Wanaka is just stupendously beautiful and home to the famous
Wanaka tree. Yes, you’ve probably seen it on a thousand Instagram posts and rightly
so, the surrounding mountains in all times of the year make an amazing backdrop. My tip
is to shoot here on sunrise, but with the tree becoming more and more popular be prepared
to rub shoulders with your fellow snappers. And coming in at number one we have the jaw
dropping Milford Sound. I think if mother nature ever made a move set, this would be
it! The world heritage listed Milford Sound is truly a sight to behold.
Massive waterfalls falling hundreds of metres into the sound, wildlife including birds,
seals, dolphins, whales and just the sheer size of the snow capped Mitre Peak will leave
you speechless. My tip for shooting here is to try and time it with tide coming in during
the morning hours, head to where the water is calm and you should get some beautiful
reflections. Nature trails, ancient forests, you just can’t go wrong here when it comes
to grabbing the ultimate photo. Well I hope this video has given you some ideas of what
to photograph in New Zealand. If you know somebody who’s coming to New Zealand, maybe
you want to share this video with them. I’m Adrian Alford, thanks very much for watching
and always feel free to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. I’ll see you next

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