Behind the Seams: WNO’s The Magic Flute
Behind the Seams: WNO’s The Magic Flute

(lively orchestral music) – Today, I’d like to take
you behind the scenes to WNO’s production of
Mozart’s “Magic Flute.” “The Magic Flute” follows the adventures of a handsome young prince named Tamino and his bird catcher sidekick, Papageno. The costumes and scenery were designed by award-winning children’s author and illustrator Maurice Sendak. The handsome prince, Tamino,
wears a light blue silk satin 18th century coat. The vest is an iridescence brocade that picks up many of the
colors in the scenery. This is the costume for
Papageno, the bird catcher. When we first meet him, has a wonderful bird disguise headdress, and you can really see the whimsy of Maurice Sendak’s creativity, and, it’s just made to sit on top like this, and he wears it for a few
moments when we meet him, and then he removes it so we can see that he’s just a guy
under that bird disguise. The dragon looks very much
like many of the characters in Sendak’s illustrations, menacing, but somehow still friendly. It’s a big head, but it’s
actually made very lightweight, and the entire costume can be worn and operated by one person. The Queen of the Night wears
a very imposing headdress. It leaves no question that
she is the head of her domain. Her costume, still in
the 18th century style, made of dark sky blue velvet, appliqued with stars
and Swarovski crystals. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek backstage at the wonderful Maurice Sendak costumes for “The Magic Flute.” Enjoy the show!

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