Astonishing facts about INTJ | Who are INTJ? – MBTI
Astonishing facts about INTJ | Who are INTJ? – MBTI

They can be in the same room, vehicle, whatever,
as someone else and not speak for a long amount of time. Like forever. Every TV series you like gets cancelled because
not enough people watch it People consider them as egotistical and a
know it all. They don’t trust easily and they overthink
a lot, especially those that are important to them. They are clever and sophisticated and have
little tolerance for stupidity. Hey there, welcome to Hello Psychology. If
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for weekly updates. Let’s go. Of the 16 personalities defined by Katherine
Briggs and Isabel Myers, INTJs are known as “Scientists”, “Master minds” or “Architects”. INTJ stands for Introversion, INtuition, Thinking
and Judging. They are the kind of people who are not invited
to parties and gatherings, but whenever someone gets into a trouble and needs a person to
get him out of trouble, they will make the first call to an INTJ. This means that INTJs like to solve problems. They are considered to be having superior
intelligence, but I believe this trait is overexaggerated at times. The reason being INTJ people have generally
high expectations and goals and they trust too much on their intellectual and too little
on their emotions. INTJs have a more conscious relationship with
their Feeling process, which is in part why they’re sensitive. They’re often very aware of how things are
impacting them emotionally, though they don’t always know what to do about it. You will hardly find them gossiping about
others, they would rather focus their energies inward on more meaningful achievements – such
as mastering a complex subject through research and development of ideas.) INTJs have almost compulsive desire to give,
and to such an extent where they self-sacrifice. This appears to happen only in close relationships,
but can sometimes expand to friends that they care about. INTJs love self-development and grooming because
they understand that just little effort put on themselves will take them a long way. Contrary to a popular belief that they may
be anti-social, depressed or have some mental issue, they honestly do not care about these
opinions though because they love themselves more than they do others. For an INTJ a no is no, once they are determined
if they decided something, there is no turning back. Once their focus is hooked on to a task, its
next to impossible to distract them from it. For an INTJ, most of the social norms don’t
make sense and they don’t feel obliged to follow it without legitimate reasons. They
are not very fond of traditions & customs. What are the issues faced by INTJ? They are likely to be intelligent and intelligence
equals isolation, so they are not likely to be popular nor socially appreciated. They appear to be unprincipled to many people,
as they don’t love to wear masks that the society has defined, the norms about customs
and morals that the system has defined just do not set well with an INTJ. Instead they have spiritual beliefs that are
tied to consistent patterns and logical meanings to the world and its existence. If they get into a relationship with someone,
they find the person to be advancing friendships and boundaries, way faster than they are comfortable
with. They feel that they are expected to open up
and overshare just as much as the other person, but that never happens, in short they feel
really unsure on how to cross the boundaries most of the times when getting into new relationships. They are really not good with jokes, sometimes
the INTJ says serious things that are actually meant to be funny. They can be sarcastic too
but they are not creative on their humorous aspect. The INTJ is written off as egotistical and
a know it all. The part that other people don’t see is the ever open mind of the INTJ,
who is always interested in learning more to substantiate their findings. No one is more skilled in the art of overthinking
things than the INTJ. They always seem more interested in working out every possible answer
and every single scenario before taking action. This can lead to angry or annoyed responses
from people who dislike this kind of “thinking too much before taking action” approach
and often times this labels them as “lazy”. They are not “lazy”, but they prefer to
think for a while before acting when the decision is important. As INTJs, it gets lonely when no one comprehends
what goes inside their heads. As far as the negative traits of an INTJ go
– they aren’t the easiest person to deal with, but their limitations don’t hold them
back in any way. What do you think about it? I would love to hear from you in the comment
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