All Norwegian Dog Breeds List
All Norwegian Dog Breeds List

Norway is a country with beautiful
nature, but harsh and cold weather, so it’s no wonder that most of the dogs
developed in this country are tough healthy and versatile. In this video I
will show you all the dog breeds developed in Norway. Number eight Norwegian Buhund – closely
related to Icelandic sheepdog and Swedish Elkhound, the Norwegian Buhund
is an intelligent, affectionate and energetic Spitz type of a dog. They are
workers and in the past, they oftentimes lived on farms where they were used as
herders. Number seven Hygen Hound – this breed was specifically bred to withstand
a long hunt in harsh Arctic terrain of northern Norway. They are completely
tireless they have amazing sense of smell and they are extraordinary trackers so
even when you are not using this dog as a hunter you might want to try some dog
sport with them, like nosework or tracking trials to keep their exercise
and hunting needs fulfilled. Number six Norwegian Lundehund – the most unique dog
on this list, well not only that, this is one of the most unique dog worldwide. Why?
Because of their anatomy. The Norwegian Lundehund, also known as Puffin dog was
used to hunt puffins and they are just made for it. They have six fully
functional toes on each foot, both jointed and muscled. Thanks to that they
could easier crawl into caves to puffins nest. They are also incredibly flexible. Their flexible shoulder joints allow them to stretch out flat and therefore
legs can be moved sideways at a 90 degree angle to the side of the body
Number five Eurohound and Greyster okay these are two different dogs but
the above cross breeds of German Shorthaired Pointer and both are used
for similar purposes. The Eurohound is a cross between Alaskan Husky and GSP and
the Greyster is a mix of GSP and Greyhound. Both crosses were developed to
be fast active dogs with high stamina and endurance. These crosses are believed
to be the best type of dogs for sports like sled dog racing or skijoring. Number
four Norwegian Elkhound This is a typical northern Spitz like
breed and it’s one of the most popular of all Norwegian dogs
It’s an ancient and extremely versatile dog breed, they were used as livestock
protectors sled dogs watch dogs and big-game hunters. They are especially
good at tracking elks, which is why they are named
Elkhounds. They were also used to hunt wolves or even bears. This is a strong
hardy tough but also extremely loyal dog. Number 3 Black Norwegian Elkhound
Yes this is not just another color variety of the Original Norwegian Elkhound
which is by the way according to their breed standard always in grey
color. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a separate modern variant, which is
extremely rare outside Scandinavia. They are bred for the same purpose as the
grey Norwegian Elkhound, but they are smaller and more agile. Their main
purpose is also hunting but just like the original breed, they are very
versatile and they are also used as guards or herders. Number two Dunker
This is a descendant of Norwegian scenting hounds and a Russian Harlequin
hound. They were originally developed to be hare hunters. It’s a friendly but just
like most of the dogs on this list very energetic breed. They have the typical
scent hound appearance with their floppy ears and sleek built. Number one Halden
Hound – and the last dog breed on this list is another hare hunter called
Halden Hound. They are named after Norwegian town Halden where they were
developed by crossing indigenous Norway dogs with Foxhounds, Beagles and some
other scent hounds Tell me in comments which Norwegian dog
breed is your favorite or which one do you own and what is your experience with
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