Alina Baraz – Floating (feat. Khalid)
Alina Baraz – Floating (feat. Khalid)

Alina Baraz – Floating (feat. Khalid) The Color of You | 2018 2am and I’m still breathing Staring at my thoughts
Floating up to the ceiling I’m swimming in everything you said
I’m thinking ’bout jumping in instead
I’ve got you skinny dipping Deep inside my head It’s in the way you see, you know what I need It’s in the way that you’re holding me
Bringing me close You know that I won’t let go, you’ve got me on repeat You’ve got me in a dream I let my worries go soon as you come through the door Thinking ’bout what it’d be like to be yours Every time you move
You’re liking like a dozen I think that you could have it (Ooh ooh) Everything you do I want to do it with you
Don’t ever want to miss you You do, you do, you do You do, you do, you do, you do It’s in the way you touch me
I don’t know much about love But I’ll keep on checking my phone
To see when you’re home
Or when you want me to pull up We’re one in the same
You got me caught in a daze
I love it when you say my name All my love is your’s I’m swimming in everything you said
I’m thinking ’bout jumping in instead
I’ve got you skinny dipping
Deep inside my head Every time you move
You’re liking like a dozen
I think that you could have it (Ooh ooh) Everything you do
I want to do it with you
Don’t ever want to miss you Woah, oh
You do, you do, you do You do, you do, you do, you do 2am and I’m still breathing Staring at my thoughts Floating up to the ceiling

100 thoughts on “Alina Baraz – Floating (feat. Khalid)”

  1. Vinycius Soares says:

    Q música mágicaaaaaa 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  2. Haziq Hazali says:

    I ❤💚💙💛 College Music!!!

  3. R says:

    not bad. but honestly, I don't think Alina is ever going to able to beat Urban Flora.

  4. Guigamerr says:

    Whos the girl from thumb?

  5. Jordan Beaman says:

    That Gambino sample 👌

  6. Isabella Acevedo says:

    This song is AMAZING!! Luv your music edits🌹

  7. Slozhi says:

    I don't get how songs like this don't get as viral as other songs, this is true art.

  8. Noor Fahmie Batide says:

    Everytime you move, i looking a like a dancing" what i heard

  9. mrs Keisha says:

    I ship them, this is my my favorite song, and electric, I just love Khalid and Alina because they have a song for every mood.

  10. Phạm Linh says:

    can u give me that picture in the song? i like that <3

  11. KittennKatt says:

    The instrumental makes me think about the moment the bus is hovering over the world in Fortnite.

  12. Cherefe1771 says:

    They sound so amazing together!!!

  13. Deyb says:

    So much chill

  14. _ Alockes _ says:

    This the type of song that plays in your head in love at first sight 😁

  15. Quinny Hwang says:

    such a good song

  16. BHČ says:

    It was at 1.8k and now it’s over 50k 😂I’ve prolly listened to this song over 500 times today

  17. Shambhavi Kalra says:

    love it

  18. Shrek says:

    To all of you all who want music like this check out:
    1. Majestic Casual
    2. The Sound You Need
    3. La Belle Musique
    4. Koala Kontrol
    5. Eden
    6. Maths Time Joy
    7. Matt Quentin
    8. Zoology
    9. (Fill in the list with your favourite and copy paste so that by the time this gets around, everyone will have access to all of College Music's fan's favourite artists yayyyy)

    But of course, College Music is still the best, it's sort of like the most chill out of those above I mentioned. Just pure gold to the ears and mind 😘 😘

  19. acetpang says:

    i'm vibin to this pretty damn hard

  20. Jethro Doucheblack says:

    background picture? also good stuffs!

  21. Samuel Sousa says:

    Plagiaram “Tempo Perdido” dó “Legião Urbana”

  22. TheOnlyKyrios says:

    Flight of the navigator?

  23. Victor Munoz says:

    anyone have an instrumental ? really need one!

  24. S K Y L E I G H I. says:

    This song so soothing

  25. Kaycee says:

    She’s so pretty !

  26. Miss Lexi says:

    Love coming across New Music 🎶 Fell in love with this Song the First Time i Heard It 😊

  27. Annaliesha Sam says:

    aesthetic much

  28. Play-Doh says:

    Alina Baraz and Kalid nail it EVERY TIME.

  29. Moonlight Smith says:

    Она великолепна, слушаю весь день 💔♥

  30. Vanessa Buenrostro says:

    i swear, they're voices are perfect together

  31. mana Guerrero says:

    Both of them will never let me down 😭😩💯

  32. Idontwannabeyouanymore says:

    In heaven

  33. FABI Yo says:

    🎧I let my worries go as soon as you walk in the door…. 🎤ayyy Iron Man TQM!
    Te extraño tanto. I don’t think to have the will power to control myself if I see you. I want to touch you, kiss you 💋

  34. someone says:

    I LOVE their voices together 😍

  35. sleep deprived says:

    the girl in the thumbnail what’s her @? It’s for chemistry homework

  36. ThenameisJaster says:

    who's that girl in the thumbnail? name please for thesis purposes

  37. Nightbot says:

    Wow college music who ever this is deserves the recognition

  38. Eroy almonte says:

    Hi 🔥🇩🇴👏

  39. jett tesoro says:

    where is the image from?

  40. LaRocha says:


  41. Scott Kimber says:

    The girl in the picture looks like she's stuck in a guitar

  42. Tisha Williams says:

    Don’t ever wanna miss you 💯💋❤️😘😔

  43. Heaven bby says:

    Já amei do começo ao fim

  44. Lana.bby - says:

    Alina never fails to impress❤️

  45. BlackStar Senpai says:


  46. KIRA SAN says:

    Great Song💓

  47. Julian Dozier says:

    I ship them lol

    I dont ever want this to end

    I could lay in a bed of khalids voice😍

  48. Cocoabutter says:

    Mr. Avery

    Your my sun, I’m you moon.
    When the sun goes down you give me light to shine in the night

  49. RielEvilnside says:

    I love these lyrics, melody, truly a great song. I want more when it ends. Well done!

  50. 夏季限定 says:


  51. LaRocha says:


  52. steven12370 says:

    What is the girls name on the background

  53. On Jah says:

    The fucking vibes 😍😍😍

  54. Anahi Roman says:

    This songs on hella replay 😩❤️

  55. Fezeka Mkhize says:

    Khalid is not giving us a break. thos is hella fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Queen Saeedah says:

    Favorite song of the year😍😍😍😍😍

  57. Tabby Cat001 says:

    So in love with this song! 😍💕

  58. Angel Rivera says:

    I’m certain we’ll be seeing more of Alina in the near future. Very underrated talented artist in my opinion. I love her.

  59. Tyler Syhabandith says:

    I think Khalid and Sam Smith should do a song together who would like that

  60. Jaxx says:

    Ok but the girl in the picture is so pretty.

  61. fa peap w! says:

    anyone know the girls name ?

  62. amelia afsheen says:


  63. Ozgun Guney says:

    i think the bassline is slower version of "bruno mars – treasure"

  64. Elshadiaha Hardin says:

    Every thing Alina Baraz does Is AMAZING but with Khalid is Amazing….. er!!

  65. Castano Key says:

    I'm obsessed

  66. Joannelauroree says:

    This song is 10x better when listening to in the hour of 2am

  67. Jonier Henao says:

    Bro I love the riff I need to learn it

  68. Anne-Gaelle Burns says:

    This is a remarkable upload! As well, my husband has a page on Youtube, (Andrew Burns Music) and was struggling to find new subscribers. I see that he has been working very hard on his channel, and I think that there are a few of his tunes that are actually very similar to the songs that you have here, so I felt I would be extra nice and give him a shoutout. If you like all the awesome music on this page, I am sure that you will appreciate his music also! 🖤

  69. tay k47 says:

    Fat boy sse brought me here

  70. handle me says:

    Lo fi vibes😢😪😷

  71. J T says:

    Chills!! 2 of my favorite voices <3

  72. Ernesto Velasquez says:

    I might be going insane, but doesn't this sound a lot like "Flight of the Navigator" by Childish Gambino?? It might be inspired by it, but I can't NOT see the similarities

  73. Jigme Kinlay says:

    Who's the girl in the pic????!

  74. Brasil 2018 says:


  75. kynai says:

    Alina and Khalid are my favorite people to listen to now. ♥

  76. jerry har says:

    Sampled from CHILDISH GAMBINO- FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR!!!! Nice tune thoo

  77. Anthony Nellon says:


  78. Ana Maria says:

    Probably the best combo ever

  79. maya lee says:

    This song is not long enough lol love it to much

  80. Kelly Anne Searle says:

    They should make an album together🙌

  81. fjordi pasha says:

    Where is the video ??!!!

  82. Que says:

    why doesn't this have more views 😔

  83. Vanilla Cream 6lack says:


  84. Vanilla Cream 6lack says:

    It's not 2am still thinking about my thoughts floating at the ceilings# Khalid is Unpredictable # It's all Love# He's always seem to be waiting on somebody 'Lol

  85. Christine Okoro says:

    I fucking love this song! Especially the melody

  86. Joy Mehany says:

    1:50 that high note!!

  87. Aditya Rai says:

    The girl from the thumbnail –

  88. Parisa Shahabi says:


  89. Dorian Mariani says:

    I love alina baraz

  90. Nami Miyaka says:

    Alina Baraz songs never disappoint 😩🤧

  91. Mr. W says:

    Who’s she?!💗

  92. Lelouch Bautista says:

    Is that Dexie?

  93. Andrew Chan says:

    Savannah Zuniga

  94. Khánh Huyền Lưu Thị says:


  95. raia alfonso says:

    Khalid + Alina = PB + J

  96. zelian pangulima says:

    The girl in the picture was so pretty😍

  97. Albert Ledesma says:

    Just cheep copies of Urban Flora.. with out Gilimatias it's just another shitty attempt at Gil's work.. With out Gilimatias it's just more crap…

  98. Mike Spector says:

    Yvette KING.😊😚♥️💍

  99. abb679 abadi says:

    Maria my love

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