Abstrakte Malerei Acryl, einfache Technik, für Anfänger, Schwamm, Landscape
Abstrakte Malerei Acryl, einfache Technik, für Anfänger, Schwamm, Landscape

Today I introduce you the spronge technique, in front. take a bath sponge.
sorry, i don’t no the right word in English. This is very easy and you can with
the sponge very different work and yes this very simple
Technique I’ll show you today this picture.
the picture is just one more thing wet, that’s why the light reflects
and otherwise it would be even deeper now to have. yes, let’s go to mine
Workplace Today it looks fun and different
because I paint now a glove. if you work with the sponge,
It is important that the first sponge is wet. so no
use dry sponge. The technology is very simple.
she comes from the glaze technique. color the canvas once very bright,
with a thin, transparent color. then let it dry.
in the first paint job you can get to know your tool and yes, too mentally ever
make picture partition. The paint is dry and I paint
at first in the horizon area. now you can change the color like that
we use it is not too thin because now I blur the colors
the sponge. with the flat side. wipe the paint away. Paint on it, wipe it partially off. I use several pages of the
sponge, so I take the flat side to blur the color to soft
get transitions, and I turn the sponge in my hand or open something take away the color. I paint with transparent and
thick layers of paint in one. So for Part I leave the background
shine through, then I work transparent and on the other hand, I want
completely cover the paint, just to to draw in dark, deep clouds
and then I let the color stand, how she is.
and so it seems from behind, from below the bright blue. if the edges dry too fast, give
Just add some water and redeem the approaches again. then
you can redistribute the color. white covers the colors and i want to
have a different shade of blue here. therefore I give it a little blue and take
know about it. this will give me one mixed shade. I want something stronger in the front
stay blue and go backwards get brighter. You can draw fine lines
or wipe it off again. you can work wet in wet, so with
two shades that wipe each other. you can wipe. and leave the structure of the sponge,
to have effects where they should be. you can also dab. yes the color dries quite quickly and
I paint that again white. the color is dried off dark.
I know now that thin knows darker dries. I use one normal sponge. you
you can also get your sponge trim. the way you need them. Now I only work a few more
heights and depths. and then the picture is for me too
already finished. you can just watch and try it out. it is one
very nice, simple way to do something where you do not have much for
must be able to. just a little bit fun to have. I’ve just worked here, too
already my brush, no, mine sponges cleaned, sorry. I only have one
shade used. So that’s white and blue or turquoise. you do not need more. easy
any spronge you have. you can cut it then you have two. and then you can start. So I think it’s often because of the
technology, if you do not go somewhere comes. So, maybe you try
just spronge out. yes, the picture is the way similar, too
with the sponge, worked it is also very simple
implement. I can see that I have one again video from create. if there is interest
consists. Thank you very much for watching and thanks also for a like and also for
your comment. Greetings, Petra

14 thoughts on “Abstrakte Malerei Acryl, einfache Technik, für Anfänger, Schwamm, Landscape”

  1. Lore Bauer says:

    Wieder wunderschön! Grüße von Lore

  2. Laz Arus says:

    Wonderbar ♥️

  3. inssane34 says:

    Tu m'apportes le calme et la sérénité ! Merci Petra

  4. Anna 7 says:

    Ich habe gestern Abend einen sehr interessanten Himmel Fotografiert, und mir überlegt,wie ich sowas Malen kann. Voilà, da ist die Antwort.Vielen lieben Dank, schön das ich dich gefunden habe. Liebe Grüße .

  5. GihanFineArts says:

    So beautiful my friend ❤️😘
    Thanks for sharing
    New artist here show your support 🤝🙋🏻‍♂️🔔
    Full watched 🙋🏻‍♂️

  6. Norbert Oltmanns says:

    Hallo Petra, wieder sehr schön geworden, das andere Bild würde ich auch sehr gern in der Herstellung schön.Liebe Grüße aus Elmshorn von Dani Oltmanns

  7. Imma SnowWhite says:

    Das gefällt mir richtig gut. Ich hab oft Probleme damit, dass man nach dem Trocknen beim Himmel noch ein paar Pinselstriche sieht, auch wenn ich versuche es zu verblenden aber mit dem Schwamm sieht der Himmel hier total natürlich aus. Vielen Dank fürs zeigen. 💖👍 (Video zum rosa Bild am Ende würde mich auch interessieren).

  8. Sjef Beekmans says:

    Simple..beautiful, to me you're an amazing artist.

  9. Da Royal General says:

    not bad. soothing to watch.

  10. Roger Gaborski says:

    Very nice technique. Thank you for posting the video and English subtitles.

  11. Karin Henseler says:

    Superschön liebe Petra !!! Wie ist diese Farbbezeichnung? Und wäscht Du die Schwämme nur mit Wasser durch?

  12. Nat Caron says:

    Super! Merci!

  13. P.F Fine Art says:

    Hallo Petra 😉 eine einfache aber effektive technik und das andere bild gefällt mir auch sehr 👍vielen dank fürs teilen. LG Pascal

  14. Lou says:

    Thank you Petra! I'm right in the middle of working on a painting with abstract figures that I want to almost blend in with a blended pale background, you've just solved the problem of which technique to use 😀

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