(95) Acrylic Pour Swipe into Sunset Landscape with Sandra Lett 050518
(95) Acrylic Pour Swipe into Sunset Landscape with Sandra Lett 050518

so today I’m doing a video one other
chakra color video and I’m going back to my floetrol recipe and instead of
one to one I’m doing three to one three parts floetrol to one part paint
I’m getting ready to do it on the 18 by 24 canvas but I wanted to show you my
butcher paper and this is from the last few days so it’s all drying and
some of this can be used for making jewelry but I’ll show you because it was
so covered with paint I didn’t try to clean it off and then actually with my
leftover paints I went ahead and just played with some different colors and
did the little swatches on my butcher paper and like these are drips
from pours that I did but like that one’s kind of interesting seems like a delicate look and ones but
anybody like this is really pretty and that could make some pretty skins form
jewelry there’s a little heart you see at the heart there and this was with
bronze and blues and turquoise so like that’s pretty too but this was just
playing on the butcher paper so what I’m gonna do is just cut these pieces out
but I just wanted to show you how easily dried paint comes off it’ll happen like
this watch right here stop it right there
so here’s the whole piece of paint and there’s the different paper that came
off and it comes right back down to the white see how dirty it looks before if
you have heavier paint that drives on it you can just peel it right down to the
the white and this is the plastic side of the butcher paper so it has a film on
it so I just want to show you that what I’m gonna do is I’m going to put some
brown craft paper over this and and do my pour today over the craft paper and
then I’ll take this paper and cut it into pieces and put a fresh new piece
down but I wanted you to see what it looks like okay so today I’m going to
use different brands of paint didn’t want to forget my gloves here and I’m
gonna do three parts floetrol to one part paint doing the seven chakra
colors so the first one is the purple which is artist loft violet and I added
some soho urban art acrylic dioxcizine in violet
the dioxcizine is a deeper purple this is made in Raleigh which is
not too far from me the blue is a mixture of creative inspirations
ultramarine blue and sky blue. I had it turned around the turquoise color is a lot of
the bright aqua green and then I added some pthalocyanine blue to make it a
little bit deeper this one is light green I was gonna make it darker but I
actually kind of like the green color that it is so I’m gonna leave that. this is the
Soho urban artists acrylic and primary yellow straight cadmium orange hue from
liquitex basics and master’s touch permanent red in that cup so roughly
these are five ounce cups I have about one ounce in each cup so this is a three
ounce cup of floetrol latex based and so I should be able
to add three ounces to each color but that’s just a good way of knowing
exactly how much you’re using is just to measure it out in a little cup now
usually I eyeball it but I thought well today I’m going to be a little bit more
accurate the tube paints are extra thick so that’s
why I’m adding more floral than normal just to see the outcome I’m happening
for some really large cells and today I’m going to do a swipe with white so I
wanted the really true colors to be very vibrant and against the white so if I have to add water it’s going to
be a touch-and-go thing because I’m I don’t have a whole lot of space left in
my five ounce cups I probably have a little over an ounce of paint in each
one so I have to see how that goes this is artist loft flow acrylic on the white
and my cup here and I’m going to mix it at a ratio of 1 to 1 some of that white
thicker it’s not I’m going to mix everything up speed through the process
and then I’ll be back with you in a few minutes you okay so I got the colors mixed and I
decided that I need to I want these to be just a little bit deeper so I’m going
to add liquitex basics hookers green you some yellow oxide liquitex basics and
Vermillion which is artists loft to the orange they’re a little bit too neon
colored so I’m gonna do a swipe and I’m trying
to decide this way or this way and I think I want
to do it this way and then it can be hung vertically or horizontally either
way and I’m gonna split the colors and definitely do the warm then the cool so I think I’m going to put the
green on this side so it’s gonna be a little
bit different so I will put my white down the center and I was thinking about doing it
in the strips with the red and the orange and the yellow and kind of
varying it but I think I want the gradation of color you should start by I mean this center line you I’m going to make sure that it covers
both ends this is what I’m going to use this is a
dry erase marker poster board so it’s poster on the back and dry erase slick
on the front so I’m going to put the slick side down I forgot silicone I’m taking the white. Putting a pump in you so when you screw up go big or go home
right totally forgot the silicone so these are my squeeze bottles that do
have silicone so now I’m going to put the coconut milk in
the colors mad with myself we’re not doing that oh
I get excited about doing a painting and then I forget what I’m supposed to be
doing okay here it is and all its weirdness. pretty
lacing I guess you would say I basically tried to do a horizon type of one
because I’ve totally forgot to put the silicone in with my colors so I’m kind of disappointed that it’s
different was unique you

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