9 Less Obvious Photography Tips For Better Family Travel & Home Photos
9 Less Obvious Photography Tips For Better Family Travel & Home Photos

70 thoughts on “9 Less Obvious Photography Tips For Better Family Travel & Home Photos”

  1. QCCanales says:

    just got a Fuji XE3 paired with a 27mm f2.8 exactly for this!! Also have a XT2 with more glass for specifically going out to take pics.! nice vid thanks!

  2. Derek Comer says:

    Best tip I got was that wall, so simple but do affective. I still print my photos, but only display them in my office, that wall has given me a idea for our kitchen wall. Once the brackets are up u just change the picture, ingenious 👍👍👍

  3. Alma Ocampo says:

    Truly appreciate your words of wisdom! Also, love the photo wall!!!

  4. TheRoel75 says:

    My wife and kids go crazy if I have my camera longer than 30 minutes in a day (top!) in my hands. Even on a holiday they hate it when I take my camera out to take photos of them.

  5. GamerNxUSN says:

    I am sure you have answered this but couldn't find it. What is the mount system you are using? Have you done a video over it?

  6. max d. machy says:

    Brilliant post, sticking out even amongst the very high level on your chain! You mentioned that you prefer "meaningful" ideas to gear review, whereas the later get you more interaction. Stick to new and original ideas, please!
    All the tips make an awful lot of sense in the family / social context. Most are true far beyond!
    What slightly irritated me at the beginning was your body language, different from your "standard" way. Getting immersed in your world of thoughts I found it perfectly natural – conveying a rather philosophical view on things! Thank a lot for all your videos and even more for those outstanding ones like this or the more detailed one about the usefulness of bokeh

  7. jiggyb21 says:

    I love your channel! This was a perfect video for me. ALL of my favorite photos of family have been taken with the x100f. Take it everywhere with me.

  8. Matthew Finnigan says:

    Love the idea of resetting the camera after each use. One reason I want the x-t30 is the auto button. Also makes it easier to hand on to someone else.

  9. WowMarie says:

    Yesss 😁

  10. Syed Nizamudeen says:

    That tip no : 9.. Tailor made for me.. Thanks.

  11. to7be says:

    Thank you so much for this great content. I love how candid and down to earth you talk about things that matter to you. It's extremely inspiring and actually the kind of – mostly philosophic – input I need and want to listen to. Love your photos and idea behind them – please continue this!

  12. Andrea Iseppon says:

    Andrew I’m a newbie (and likely “noobie”) to photography but you videos made me so passionate about my photography. I just started on an XT1 and you’re such an inspiration. I’m addicted to your videos and I love the passion you put into your “work/art/whatweveryouwanttocallit”. Love your pics and tips!

  13. Matt Chan says:

    Thank you I love these kind of videos. I’d love to see one on making family videos/ vlogs in the future

  14. Andrew and Belinda Parker says:

    Love the lighting and color of this

  15. The Dog's Side says:

    Killer job. Newer to your channel over past few months, loving every video 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  16. Marco Roepers says:

    I think using photography as a logbook is a valid way doing it. In fact it is the way I am using photography and I am happy with it. Important is that a picture tells a story. Beauty is not all. It is a different approach of fotography. But I must amid the pictures shown in this video are gorgeous.

  17. Scott Magoon says:

    Damn! This was great advice.

  18. Edward Jenner says:

    The cell phone comment made me laugh – I have been known to pull out my cell phone while carrying a FF+70-200 f2.8 or bigger. Sometimes you gotta get the shot quickly and if you need DOF+wide angle and have a behemoth in the other hand. My only problem is my phone is really crap. Sill better than nothing though.

    What makes me laugh though are the looks and comments I have gotten doing this. It has convinced me the whole gear-thing is actually an innate human condition and definitely not restricted to photographers and similar hobbies.

  19. Jonathan Fletcher says:

    Love your channel……look forward to more Fuji opinions, reviews and vids! <3

  20. Jorem Jay Banaag says:

    And with that I'm now subscribed! Great video really helpful.

  21. Rivki Locker says:

    Wonderful content , well delivered! I love tip 7 especially.

  22. Louis LeBrun says:

    Very well said. Sage advise.

  23. Allen Schneider says:

    This was so helpful and interesting. I'm a serious amateur and family photographer and looking for a new camera. I've considered an a7iii or a nikon 76 because of the good reviews and FF capabilities; but because of size, weight and cost of lenses I'm now thinking about the fugi xt3 or possibly the "to be released sony a7000." Would you have any recommendation for general family use but also sports (grand kids soccer) land scape, animals (wildlife) and street photography? Thanks, Allen.

  24. Hooray for Pentax! says:

    0:48 Needs to become a caption contest image. Epic dog shot.

  25. Tomáš Malý says:

    Realy, realy great video! As if you were talking to me from the soul. thanks

  26. Greg Stevenson says:

    Just stumbled across your channel. Love the inputs to the process that you have.
    One suggestion. If you could take a leaf from https://www.youtube.com/user/seantuckermerge (I am not affiliated in any way just a subscriber)
    You would be on to a winner. Subscribed to you.

  27. Mihaela Cone says:

    Like button not big enough. Seriously, the best advices got since I start watching Youtube photography guides (about a year ago …). I will revisit this one soon.

  28. Svetla says:

    Best video!! Thank you, Andrew!

  29. Santosh Kulkarni says:

    I just stumbled across this video and am glad I did. All the points you mentioned, just stuck the chord as to what I try to follow at times when shooting kids at home.

  30. SirGhost says:

    Our of interest. What lens would you keep on your camera for home documentary photography?

  31. Vasco Jardim says:

    I am literally flabbergasted by this video… was this a photography lesson or a life lesson… it must have been the most useful, practical, emotional set of advice I have ever seen on youtube. It touched me emotionally, much like a poem would. You are an amazing human being and your love for photography (and life in general) really shines through in your videos. Unlike most/all other photography youtubers that have an agenda, or are angry fanboys, or gear heads, you simply love photography. I am deciding which camera system to get and you are a big reason why i am leaning on Fugi bit would really love the opportunities to pick your brains on it… anyway. Thank you for this video🙏🏻

  32. Didier Karibian says:

    your look is too "décontracté",on dirait un infirmier en pyjama ,not beautyful,that's a pity cause you are perfect of intelligence of photography 😉 (for exemple compare making photos to a poem is great) . Merci !(,mais -enlève ton sale putain de bonnet…)

  33. Jesse Gibbs says:

    This is an amazing video with great insights. I've watched it twice in the last couple of weeks. Everyone who takes photos should watch this! I know it's been asked already, but could we get a behind the scenes look at making that photo wall?! And what company do you use for printing the photos on that wall? Keep up the amazing content!

  34. Nick Google says:

    Just curious: are you LDS — looks from the picture in the chapel?

  35. Rebecca Garcia says:

    Helpful! newbie here…

  36. Pablo says:

    I can not understand that you do not have many more subscribers, you deserve it! Thanks guys for your time, i love you.

  37. Fotos y Mas says:

    The main reason I don’t shoot with my iPhone is because images don’t print very well. I’ve gotten great shots that I can’t print bigger than 4×6.

  38. Dominick says:

    Real photographers shoot full manual and sometimes Auto ISO

  39. antidzomtribute says:

    @ 8:39, what lens that you using, pls help

  40. Hunter Carter says:

    The comparison of photo series to poems is absolutely beautiful.

  41. Rosanna Eliassen says:

    Can you do a "tutorial" on the picture wall you've created? It looks so cool and simple

  42. Dimitri Lazardeux says:

    So much truth in this video ! You are a wise man ! Thank you for that ! Cheers from France

  43. Patrick Kal says:

    TY – This was very helpful

  44. buyaport says:

    My favorite tip: Reset your camera. Perhaps equally good: Set it on auto, so you can shoot fast. As a child I HATED photography because my mom, who was a professional studio photographer, always required ages to take a shot! Don't do that to your children!

  45. Fabien Boogielup says:

    Great advise ! Especially about kids and camera complexes ! I will never ask again my son / daughter to re do something and just try to capt the moment as it happens !
    Thank you, love your work, love your channel !

  46. Zach Locks says:

    I really enjoyed this video. You had some very helpful tips that I plan to implement into my photography. I have two young kids and I am always struggling to walk that line of documenting, but still enjoying the moment. I think you did a good job of giving advice/tips that most other "family photo tips" do not include.

  47. Danielle Fernandes says:

    Where do you get your photos printed?

  48. Victoria Bouchard says:

    Thank you for this video! So encouraging and inspiring. This is packed full of great tips that I can apply right away.

  49. kamy smith says:

    Awesome man … bang on

  50. Corot Images says:

    Very well done. I always remind myself look what I have and not what I don’t have, one will be happy in photography and life

  51. Monique Brits says:

    Oh gosh I love your photography ethic and reference to photography being poetry! I am inspired!

  52. Stu Lora says:

    That last tip, trying to get something specific from my child, that's me. I have to work on that :/

  53. JY Hwang says:

    thanks for the last tip. it is valuable thing.

  54. James Cooper says:

    Wow, that was full on! i wonder how many words per minute you achieved !! As usual great stuff … 👍👍👍

  55. MrBusy says:

    The poetry analogy is great dude 👍

  56. Michele says:

    Speak. Slowler. . Thank you.

  57. David Angel-Blair says:

    Thank you! Great video.

  58. Just Me says:

    Excellent video.

  59. Faidyt Finale says:

    Ran into you channel a few months ago, I enjoy your videos and I think there is a lot of good information, congrats! Greetings from Russia!

  60. Jorge Baez says:

    Best advice i have come across!!!!! I will use every single one of these Tips!

  61. TechDeficit says:

    This was very well thought out. I really appreciate everything that you talked about and plan to try and put more of what you said to good use.

  62. Andrew Laing says:

    Great common sense advice. Thanks for this video. Looking forward to more videos expanding on these points. Love it!

  63. Chris Conner says:

    That was awesome. Best tips on photography "strategy" I've seen.

  64. Nixil says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I am not a photographer but an enthusiastic hobbyist and I am happy to use my
    DSLR or my phone. I like the black and white wall idea.

  65. fbmooers says:

    Thank you, thank you.

  66. Dirty Water says:

    I always have a camera in my hand around my family. They think I'm crazy but no one takes photos anymore and in 20, 30, 40 years from now, no one will have memories to reflect upon. Our kids won't have any photos of them, of us, of their friends. I think that's sad. Our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all took photos of each other. How many photo books did our grandparents have? shelves of them, and boxes of photos that never made it into a book. This generation has cell phone pictures that will most likely be lost when the camera breaks because no one backed up their photos

    Really like tip #5. when I'm chasing my toddler around, I throw it into aperture mode to control my DOF, set AF to eye and face detect, and let the camera figure out SS. Toddler moments are just too fleeting to worry about all your settings

  67. Cory Brown says:

    this right here is actual Pro advice. I'm saying this as a studio photographer turned Art Director– what this guy is saying is soo much more important than than your gear, the technical side of things, the "how to make your footage look cinematic" videos and everything else out there.

    Take note of his advice

  68. pedrination says:

    You are an inspiration! I've already watched almost all your videos, and I've discovered you 2 days ago! Keep going this way!!!
    An Italian fan

  69. Olga Staňková says:

    This is probably THE best video on photography that I´ve seen! Thank you for your thoughtful advice, honesty and practical tips.

  70. Joseph A says:

    Very well said

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