7 Sexy Things Guys Wear That Girls Love (Subconsciously Attract 99.9% of Women)
7 Sexy Things Guys Wear That Girls Love (Subconsciously Attract 99.9% of Women)

Gentlemen, today we’re sharing with you
7 sexy things guys wear that girls love. Because we get it… It’s no fun frantically searching through
your closet for the right outfit An hour before you need to leave for a social
event, while wondering, “Does this match?” or “Does this smell okay?” So relax… We’re here to help you sort through the
madness and find what works for you and the ladies… With 7 sexy things guys wear. So let’s get to it. 7. You Like Fitness? Fitness outfit on your body. But seriously, rule #1 with any outfit (and
yes, you should be wearing outfits, fellas) Is that it needs to form to your body… No matter what your body type is. Because you look like a kite when you wear
loose-fitting clothes, and absolutely zero girls want their date to fly away on a windy day. So get some clothes that fit! It’s one of the most attractive things guys
wear to girls. Not only will they make you look more fit
yourself and attractive, form-fitting clothes is one of the first things
girls notice about guys. 6. Speaking of Outfits… Diversify One of the cornerstones of the perfect wardrobe is versatility. So when we say “wear outfits”, all we’re
saying is make sure your entire closet can be manipulated to work in any social situation. To do that, you’ll have to learn what colors,
styles, and patterns work well together, Because if your closet isn’t versatile enough,
a girl might see you wearing the same thing twice in a row… And one of the sexy things guys wear, is an
outfit that’s fresh and NOT the same as last time you hung out. 5. Time to Tell Hello! And welcome to BSN, the Beardy Shopping Network! And boy, do we have a very SPECIAL offer for
you today On an item that will instantly make you more
attractive… Even if you’re ugly. It’s the Vincero timepiece, one of the most
affordable, yet stylish brand of watches on the market today. And we wanted to take a moment to talk about
the finer aspects of a Vincero watch. Just take a look at the face. See how it instantly grabs your attention
and DEMANDS to be noticed? It’s one of the first things women will
notice about you if you’re wearing one. And how about that strap? It complements the other colors of the watch
perfectly and will look FANTASTIC with a belt of the same color. Vincero watches are made with high-quality,
straight from the source materials, so you know they’ll stand the test of time. And the best part? They’re affordable on even the smallest budget. So what are you waiting for? Act now and order your Vincero Watch before
this GREAT deal passes you by! 4. Seeing Red Have you ever seen a guy wearing a vibrant red suit? Or a girl wearing a tight, red dress? It’s hard to miss isn’t it? That’s because the color red naturally catches
your eye and it’s almost always worn to make a statement. So if you’re feeling ridiculously confident,
try it out sometime, but start small with something like a tie and handkerchief. Because the truth is: Red clothing items instantly
make you more attractive… You just have to have the bold personality
to match it. Like we said, wearing red takes confidence. And confidence takes practice. Watch this video to learn how to be more confident around women. Feeling like girls will fall head over heels
for you the moment you leave the house yet? Well don’t go anywhere, because we still
have 3 more sexy things guys wear that girls love that you NEED to know. So let’s get back to them, shall we? 3. Strut Your Stuff Full disclosure: This tip only works if you know some of our tricks to get girls to chase
you. That’s because one of those tricks is hitting
the gym on a regular basis. And if you’re not doing that, you won’t
have a nice butt to strut in your brand spankin’ new tailored pants. Because the truth is… Girls check out guys butts just as much as
guys check out girls butts, And a pair of tailored pants show off all
the right stuff in all the right places. But if you’re worried about the cost… Tailoring a pair of jeans will generally run
you between $10 and $20. And that’s a steal for all the heads your
butt will turn. 2. It Doesn’t Matter What if we told you it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you wear it with confidence? Well it doesn’t matter what you wear as
long as you wear it with confidence. Think about it… If you’re self-conscious about the clothes
you already wear every day, You’ll ALWAYS be too worried you don’t
look your best. So why put yourself through that any longer? If you want to feel good about how you look,
find clothes that make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. If you make the confident decision to find
a new look and make it apart of who you are, You’ll be doing one of the things women
find VERY attractive: Owning it. 1. Our Cheesy Item For this last item, we wanted to teach you how to make a girl fall in love with you,
And to do that, you don’t need to buy anything at all… You just have to wear the #1 thing guys wear
that girls love, which happens to be A nice, big smile. Because once a girl gets to know you, she
doesn’t care what you’re wearing, She just wants someone who makes her happy. And if a girl is going to feel comfortable
about your approach, You’ve gotta look like you’re the one
who can turn her night into something more exciting. And what’s the easiest way to do that? Wear a warm and inviting smile. (Do some test runs in the mirror first so
you don’t look creepy.) There you have it. 7 sexy things guys wear that women love. If you’re looking for more advice on how
to get the girl, check out some of these other videos. Thanks for watching!

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