7 HIGHLY Attractive Things Guys Do – THIS is What Attracts Women to Men (FAST)
7 HIGHLY Attractive Things Guys Do – THIS is What Attracts Women to Men (FAST)

Gentlemen, today we’re sharing with you
the 7 most attractive things guys do that women can’t ignore. There are a few habits out there, a few mannerisms
that women are no match for. Every woman’s got their thing that guys
do, that just does it for them. The problem is,
Some guys aren’t always in touch with the things they’ve got going, that women might
like. Well today,
We’re going to let you in on 7 male traits women find highly attractive,
So you can begin the process of uncovering what those irresistible qualities in yourself. Ready to roll? Let’s jump in. 7. Handle the Basics If one thing’s for sure, you gotta eat. We all gotta eat. But there are only so many hours in the day,
so what happens? Either you end up not eating enough or you
end up gorging on whatever’s convenient. No bueno. Meal prepping is one tactic that kills 2 birds
with 1 stone. First: Knowing your way around the kitchen
universally attracts women. And two,
Meal prep means you won’t starve so you can always be on your A-game. You see,
It’s easy to think about the big picture, visualize your goals, see yourself getting
the girl, But none of that’s happening without enough
food in your belly first. So the first level of attraction? Taking care of the bare necessities. It’s basic. It’s a no-brainer. But it’s also one of those things women
are highly attracted to. 6. Ignore Her Calm down. We don’t mean ignore her,
We’re just saying stop riding for a minute and know how to walk away. Tell me if this sounds familiar:
You’re having a great conversation with a girl, things are going good,
But at the end of the night, she leaves with another guy? What the hell right? It sucks, but it happens. And 9 times outta 10 it happens because you’re
too attentive. So here’s something you can take to the
bank: When a girl says she wants something, say,
attention, She never wants all you have to give. So instead of making the rookie move of oversharing,
Introduce yourself, and seem interested but not invested, then back off. This is one of those tricks to get girls to
chase you that every guy should do. It’ll help you maintain the right kind of
tension between you and her. 5. Attract-a-Hack Channeling our inner Captain Obvious here… Did you know that women are attracted to men
who are attractive? Okay no duh… But did you know that wearing certain clothing
items will subconsciously make you more attractive? We did a whole video on these, but here are
3 of the BIGGEST items to get you started: 1. A plain-white t. This creates the illusion of a V-shaped body
by making your shoulders look broader and your waist slimmer. Take this one to the next level by grabbing
a V-neck. 2. Something red. Studies show that simply wearing red can increase
your attractiveness to women. So how do you pair this with #1? Try a red hat or maroon chinos. 3. A wristwatch. Recommended by pretty much every style-YouTuber
out there, a watch will instantly make you look more attractive, more put together, and
more classy. And guys you already know which watch we,
AlphaM, Teaching Men’s Fashion, Based Zeus, Real Men Real Style, How to Beast, Brett Maverick,
Alex Costa, and 12k 5-star reviewers recommend… is today’s sponsor Vincero watches. Their watches are exactly what women love:
bold, yet classic… stylish, but not overdone. Plus since their bands are interchangeable…
one watch can=multiple styles. If you want to boost your attractiveness,
getting a Vincero watch is the easiest way to do it. Vincero even hooked you guys up with a HUGE
discount code in the description. 4. Peek Over The Fence A lot of guys ask us to teach how to get a girl to like you? Well gentlemen, being cultured is one of the
absolute best ways to do it. And even if you can’t afford to travel across
the ocean, You can still be a well-traveled guy without
even leaving your living room, Because that magical wonder-rectangle in your
hand can take you anywhere you want to go. So use it to learn about different cultures,
listen to some funky French music, or find a new favorite author from Germany… And share it all (especially your plans to
visit these places) with the women you meet. 3. Be The FOMO In wild animals, showing teeth is a sign of aggression. But luckily for us humans, we can laugh without
sending someone into a fit of blind rage (in most cases at least.) And even if you don’t realize it while it’s
happening, When you’re laughing, smiling, and generally
just having a good time… You’re doing what women really want in a
guy… You’re having fun. Think about it:
Have you ever looked at a group of people having a blast and wanted to join in? Sure you have! Everybody has a fear of missing out. So instead of missing out on the fun,
Bring it with you everywhere you go and never stop smiling. You look good when you smile 🙂
Speaking of looking good, here’s how to INSTANTLY have a more attractive face. 2. Check Up But Don’t Check In We’re back to talking about that magical wonder-rectangle again. That’s because using it… Gives you access to a treasure trove of helpful
information (just like this video.) Plus you can get in touch with anyone you
want with a few taps of the screen. So when you meet a girl you like, use your
phone to your advantage, And get those updates on how her day is going. A simple good morning text works, but an evening
phone call to say what’s up is more personal. The key is to do a lowkey check up, without
making it seem like you’re checking in. 1. The Follow Through Want to know how to make any girl fall in love with you? It’s the strangest thing, to us… Guys will put in a ton of work to get a girl
to like them, And won’t put any effort into keeping her
around. You’ll be tempted to take the easy route,
And quit just as you’re getting started. But if there’s one way to instantly show
a girl that you’re of a high standard, It’s to always follow through on your word. This simple act alone will place you in a
different category from 99% of guys. Some of you listening? You might be a part of that 99%.. But it’s not too late. Start small. Don’t be basic. If you say you’re gonna call, call. If you say you’re gonna be somewhere,
Be on time. Take yourself out of the patterns of everyone
else, And there’s no way that doesn’t scream
attraction to women. Those are the 7 attractive things guys do
that girls can’t ignore. And while you’re here, become a magnetic
man by checking out these other videos!

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    Take a course in “Image Consultation” in College. You will never regret it. It is in the Fashion Dept. You will learn color science. You will learn how patterns hide or accentuate her figure. A women who wears horizontal stripes must have a figure she is proud of! Understand why!

    Once completed, you will be able to compliment women based upon her color choices. This makes you a special friend. You can say, “I love your gold ear rings they pop against your tan dress and muted brown shoes.” The point is, she dresses using color wheel choices against her skin color. Do you know what the complementary color of peach is? When she finds out you know her “color code” she will give you the biggest smile you have ever seen. She will love you. She has an audience! And she is your model! And she will dress differently for you on each successive date. She wants your attention! She wants the right kind of attention!

    Warning: be accurate! Dont bullsheet her!

    I can go up to any stranger from 16-86 and give her an acceptable compliment. My quickie generic compliment to a subject is, “I love your colors”. Try it. But you have to know that she actually hit the right colors for her skin and hair color. If she did, then it is no accident, she’s versed! And if you see it, and compliment, she will go wild with happiness. You see, i am saying nothing about her body or mentioning her sexuality.

    Only about 1 in 7 women are practicing dressers. So dont give insincere compliments to everyone. They will look quizzical. They dont have their own color code yet. If you are experienced, you could even help her to find a set of colors.
    I think our college text was “Color me beautiful” by Diane Fuji. In a few minutes you will have a color code for her. She will instantly see you as a person “on her side”.

    This book helps men to choose ties and shirt and suit combinations. But you will need other sources to understand suits and mens clothes. This book is about colors. From what i have seen, only 1 in 200 men are “dressers”.

    I compliment everyone. Even a 400 lb woman can wear great earrings, hair color complementary to her dress color and so forth. You may notice that big women often times wear large cicular ring ear rings why is that? Find out. You can usually find one thing on a women to compliment her on. A dresser will have 5-7 things. So on a date you will have 1-2 things to compliment her on.

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    1. Handle the basics! (Cook, wash, do the dishes, etc… basic stuff basically!).
    2. Ignore her! (Ignore them at the middle of a great conversation for instance!).
    3. Attract-a-hack! (Try look as attractive as possible in your clothes! E.g: wear a white shirt as this visualizes a V-shaped body, something red (red visualizes heat/hot guys!), and a wrist watch!).
    4. Peak over the fence! (You dont need to travel, just be multi-cultured and learn about various cultures!).
    5. Be the FOMO! (Have some fun basically…).
    6. Check up, but dont check in! (Check up on her without checking in perhaps: in other words, call her in the evening/send her a good morning every morning…).
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