#69 Acrylic pouring with fabric paint
#69 Acrylic pouring with fabric paint

Well, I broke my own promise to make sure that I use up my old paint first.
Because I just have to try another pour with the Arteza Fabric paint.
Because I really loved it. I just need to do a straight pour I have a
measure cup here. And I like to see if I can get the see through
layers in a circle. I really like to try that.
First I will show you the dried results from the previous pour,
this was the one without the silicone, it dried up really different a lot darker but
it still has see through layers so, I hope you can see
I still like it very much Actually, I love it.
But I like to see if I can get a little bit lighter result.
From the pour that I’m going to do today. I think the gold mixed with the minty green
that we had so the green well more became a grass green.
But I still really, really love this result. okay, don’t freak out, because
The one that had silicone/dimethicone oil in it:
one hour after the video I decided to tilt it again, so the cells not just disappeared
on it’s own, I did that. Because I wanted to see how long the working
time is and the drying time and even after 1 hour,
I could tilt it and stretch it and nothing happened, it didn’t crack or anything.
The colors are still beautiful but it dried a lot darker, as you see.
So I really need to cut back on that grey. I don’t know if it shows but the gold came
out really really great, it has nice edges around the cells.
And it still had that depth in the cells , so yes, I am very pleased with it but I wish
it was a little lighter. But I’m glad that uhhhh, ……. well, it
was just a test so, I really like to know what that paint can do.
and that’s what I did. I mixed a little bit more paint today,
because I want to make sure that I have enough paint to go over the edges and everything.
and I will show you what colors I mixed. The colors are:
Let me see….. Ultramarine blue, this is the metallic gold,
and this is the cerulean blue. I’m out now…
I’m sorry…. I have metallic wine red, sap green,
Magenta, the lamp black, The metallic white, the gold glitter white.
And the violet. And I’m going to do a straight pour with them
Okay…. Now, lets just fill up that cup.
I will get that here…. Check if the view is okay…..
yes I am starting with the green,
And a blue…. I’m just going to put in tiny layers….
Then a little bit of that gold… Don’t spill……
A little bit of that lamp black… Or the grey as I’m calling it…
Metallic white… Magenta…
I’m just going to make a lot tiny layers I will fast forward this from now on…
Okay, well my cup is filled enough now I need to wipe off some paint of my table..
Okay… I am just going to do a straight pour, straight
on the canvas. And I hope we can achieve the same layers
that I had last time. There are some air bubbles in it, I don’t
know if you can see it. I will just use my torch to get them out.
okay, well there we go! Wish me luck guys..
oops…. I really don’t have steady hands..
terrible.. I think I have more than enough paint now..
. The paints look really beautiful in the cup,
I’m not sure if you can see that. This looks really beautiful.
My canvas is not levelled. Maybe I should have used more white..
I cannot see it.. This is the longest pour I have done in my
life, like this, hahahaha Okay…
Now, let’s tilt, oh no, first I will torch it.
If there are air bubbles I can get them out now.
And I rather do that before I am going to tilt.
There are some tiny air bubbles. I pre-mixed the paint last night
and again I did about 3 to 4 parts pouring medium to 1 part paint.
I will turn the canvas around so you can see better.
Well, maybe this time I used to little black. Because the lines are not really obvious.
That colors are really pretty..I will just turn around for you..
Lets see if I can get that corners covered.. I think I should have used more of the black
this time… I am sorry if I’m out off the camera angle..
But I need to cover my corners. I need to see if its in focus, yes I am…
I’m making sure my sides are covered well.. I have not prepped my canvas, maybe I should
have.. I’m trying to get some better composition..
I should have used some brighter colors.. But it really is very pretty.
And I can not actually say if there are that same see through layers..
I think it is…. Yes..
It’s very pretty, it’s really looks very pearly And I’m going to make a dip in the paint that
I spilled.. Because I don’t want to waste it.
okay guys, I will go wash up and give you a close-up.
Okay, I put my tray near a window so we have more natural light.
And you can see, as you can see it’s really pearly light blue.
At least, I hope you can see…. And I will try to get a little bit closer…
As you can see it also went over the sides, looking very pretty.
And let’s see from up-close, Yes, it does have that see through layered
look… I will also give you hum…
I will let you see it when its dry in my next video.
or on facebook. So over all it does look pretty, but I wish
the colors would have been more bright. But I guess thats my fault for using a lot
of small layers, maybe my layers should have been more thick (bigger)
But over all it looks very pretty.. And I’m curious to see how it will dry up…
Okay, I hope you enjoyed my video, please subscribe if you haven’t all ready, give me
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that. Have a great weekend, see you next time, bye
bye XOXO

26 thoughts on “#69 Acrylic pouring with fabric paint”

  1. Sempre Aprendiz says:

    Primeiro a Elogiar Esta Linda Obra. πŸ‘Liki πŸ‘

  2. Petra Winnubst says:

    Hoi Saskia leuke video, ik vroeg me af of je al eens op een tshirt hebt gepourd. Ik zou dat zelf graag eens willen doen .

  3. Patty Newcomb says:

    The second painting looks like abalone!! Beautiful!! Love your videos hun!! Hugs

  4. TanyaAnn Mcclintock says:

    Very pretty

  5. Abeer Al Sayed says:


  6. leiderhausen says:

    Hi Saskia. I LOVE how the first two paintings dried, they are beautiful. It will be interesting to see how the new painting dries. I do think you would see the transparent layers better if you do less layers of paint in your cup. I hope you have enough paint for another test. If I could reproduce your first two paintings, I would buy the paint lol…love your videos πŸ˜€

  7. Carrie Easley says:

    I like the pink peeking through.

  8. Sarah says:

    It does look like the inside of an abalone shell, stunning Saskia, I love it!

  9. Jane Msxrayspecs says:

    Hi Saskia, I cannot make up my mind about this paint. It looks very thin on the edges of the painting. I am very interested to see how this pour dries, especially on the edges. I like your pour, just still undecided on the paint itself. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Have a good weekend x

  10. Cheryl Ross says:

    Hi Saskia, thank you for showing the dry results, beautiful. I agree the second one does look like abalone. The 1st one looks like deep space. Will you need to top coat these? Also, I'm not on facebook, hope you show today's painting on next video. Thank you again.

  11. lynda holloway says:

    It is nice, not enough contrast. Maybe the layers could have been larger.

  12. Kimberly Theodore says:

    The colors seemed to self blend in colors he cup on this one. Perhaps munch thicker layers would work better? 😊

  13. Kathy Eaton: Pour Painting sorted by technique says:

    They dried magnificently! I used your link and coupon and ordered a set. Thank you very much. Abalone!!!

  14. Kathy Eaton: Pour Painting sorted by technique says:

    Do you think the bottles are sturdy enough for reusing with other paints once they are empt?

  15. Evelyn Millican says:

    It's really pretty and delicate looking. I'm anxious to see how it dries.

  16. Sue Falls says:

    Very pretty colorsπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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    When u prep ur canvas how do u prep it

  18. Autumn Janzaruk says:

    I LOVE the colors! Very coastal! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  19. Acrylique Pur by Jacqueline Franco says:

    clean cool

  20. DeAnna Bates says:

    I love it. Looks like a agate slice.

  21. FearlessMetv JoPaddy Art & Entertainment says:

    Lol I still haven't gone thru all my old paints. Finding that many are think and goopy and not true to color. I may just throw out. I just got back from vacation so I got some catching up to do. It takes me 2 weeks to make my rounds! Ugh. But I really enjoy making the rounds and catching up ohb a few channels*

  22. FearlessMetv JoPaddy Art & Entertainment says:

    Wow wowzers! That dried piece is beautiful* looks like sea shell***

  23. FearlessMetv JoPaddy Art & Entertainment says:

    It turned out soooo nice. I'll don't think you need any brighter colors. It's perfecty subtle*

  24. Dolce Vita says:

    I was thinking about your fabric paint pour. I was wondering if you've tried layering acrylic paint, then fabric paint…back and forth to see what effect it would have?

  25. Jenna Rose Chloe says:

    Ok. I paused your beautiful video to go to the Arteza Link on your page.πŸ’œπŸ–€ I just now ordered the 60 bottle Acrylic Paint set, and the 30 bottle fabric paint set & paid extra for 'expedited' shipping as I can't wait to get my hands on these paints!! YAYYYYY:) I hope you get credit for us going to their site through your page. I love your videos! Your 1st 2 dried paintings, I am in Love with and this one as well. THANK YOU FOR SHARING ! You are amazing!!:)

  26. Gretchen L'Hommedieu says:

    I love your colors.

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