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  5. Ella Havia says:

    I wrote all that he mentioned and a summary ^w^

    1. Shoot Raw (better quality). Try to get some fine exsposure, but if you can't at least go for under-exposed which easier to fix when editing.
    2. Rule of thirds (obviously)
    3. Charge all the batteries, better safe than sorry
    4. Change your perspective, don't be afraid to get dirty
    5. Bring the necessities, only
    6. Have insurance (accidents happen and thieves are out there)
    7. Connect w/others, eg the locals <3
    8. Ask to get the shot, cause privacy is a thing you know
    9. Bring your camera everywhere
    10. Shoot in the moment, get some action, don't make it look like a posed pic
    11. Get in your photos. You ain't a ghost, get some shots of yourself, have proof you went there
    12. Get locals in your photos
    13. Sunrises and sunsets are considered to have the best lighting for pictures. Be there early enough to set up your gear
    14. Shoot in 4×5 for IG, instagram
    15. Challenge your perspective, make things fresh and original
    16. Tell a story, shoot intentionally
    17. Learn color theory. Aesthetic is a thing you know.
    18. No need for expensive gear, but learn how to use your DSLR
    19. Have patience, don't worry, you'll get the shot, don't forget your settings, absorb what's around yo. Photography is meant to be fun. Slow down!
    20. ND filters for the win baby! They catch that extra light. He likes long exposures, he says uses a tripod (I am more of a monopod person, but eh)
    21. Use the stuff around you
    22. Wake up early and sleep late, less people
    23. If you don't know how to use manual (or if you are in a rush), shoot in AV (Aperture priority) mode. This way you ain't losing a photo due to exposure
    24. Think about scale
    25. Use prime lenses, they have wide apertures, you can get a very shallow depth of field
    26. Use burst mode
    27. Carry a small tripod
    28. Have patience in crowds. There will be people in your shot. Wait for the moment there won't be any.
    29. Try a polarizer, it makes de colors pop, btw it works better in sunny days
    30. Love the clouds, they give a different mood to your picture. It's better to shoot in the afternoon when it's cloudy.
    31. Clear your lenses you dirty slob
    32. Wear simple and complimenting outfits, your clothes are not the attraction when on a trip. At least that's what he said ^-^
    33. Change your focus point sometimes, expreriment
    34. Look at the world differently. Or in a less cheesy way, seek for textures. Find puddles, shadows, patterns in tiles, reflections. Look for graffity, things that can be used to frame a pic etc. Be inventive.
    35. Don't overthink it.
    36. Back up your photos, so you can avoid a future heart attack
    37. Use light and shadows
    38. Be organised you twat. Organise your footage by day/month/year, or as I sometimes do: organise them by the camera you were using the day you shot
    39. Edit your photos, but keep them looking real (if that's what you are going for)
    40. Share your photos, you'll get feedback or even launch your career
    41. Check your sensor
    42. Find the perfect travel bag
    43. You might get some gear destroyed
    44. Do research of that place before going there
    45. Night photography is a thing you know
    46. Clear your memory cards. Get your stuff on the hard drive, back them up and gain some storage
    47. Make sure you got storage space on your memory cards
    48. Less is more. Bring only the gear you need
    49. Learn your camera
    50. Don't be a fucking zombie, let your camera aside at times!

    Okay so this was a nice video, but the tips kinda got repetitive and all over the place, so I tried to sum up what he said…

    To sum up:
    1. Shoot in raw, with an AV mode (if you can't shoot in manual) and burst mode for fast actions
    2. Use ND filters, prime lenses, tripods (small and big) and try polarizers
    3. Always check your settings, check your sensor
    4. Clear your lenses
    5. Charge your batteries
    6. Put your footage on a hard drive and back it all up (asap!), free your memory cards' storage. Also, while you transfer the footage, organise it.
    7. Don't forget the rule of thirds, the scale and color theory. You must know these for aesthetic purposes.
    8. Learn how to use your gear and how to shoot in manual. Also, don't go crazy cause your DSLR is cheap, the truth is lenses>DSLR
    9. Find the best angle, make it fresh and original, shoot intentionally (have a sense of purpose)
    10. Be inventive: take advantage of all that is around you, get some texture, get some locals, play with light, shadows, reflections puddles, try night photography, try different focus points, if the weather is cloody shoot in the afternoon and appreciate the different mood it will give to your photos
    11. Plan ahead, find what your destination is famous for and plan, plan, plan! Meet some locals too, they can give you a tour
    12. Be patient and don't worry. People will get in your shot, things won't work out some times.
    13. Shoot when the natural lighting is awesome: Sunsets and sunrises (the golden hour), meaning: wake up early and sleep late
    14. Carry a comfortable travel bag, and insure your gear. Accidents happen, thieves exist. Which also means, only bring the essential stuff with you: easier to carry, less to destoy.
    15. Share your material and get some feedback
    16. Take pictures of yourself too (watch out for these sweat stains though), and don't forget to let aside your camera at moments and just enjoy yourself.


    If you shoot for Instagram, you should shoot in 4×5
    Go for underexposed picture if you can't get the right exposure

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    Hi, I'm Chris in Miami, FL. I wanted to reach out to you for some advice. I'm going to be shooting some portraits during the sunset out in Los Angeles next week and I'm curious to learn how low I should set the exposure compensation, while shooting in AV mode and strictly in RAW. Also, if I underexpose during the day time, how much is too much? What's a good overall rule of thumb when it comes to setting exposure compensation in shots? I'm new to DSLR's and Lightroom CC and I want to make the best of this portrait session with my friend in California as I can. Thank you for all the tips in your videos and I hope that you have a great day.

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    Don't bring DSLR, because it's heavy and bulky. Use a decent smartphone.

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