46 thoughts on “5 Weird Tricks To Get Girls to Chase You – How to PSYCHOLOGICALLY Make a Girl Chase YOU”

  1. WeNeed MooreVLOGS says:

    Let’s see if this work lmao

  2. Mukhtar Suraj says:

    Second to watch

  3. TNapster says:


  4. I don't care about nothing anymore says:

    What's up with that nose 1:54

  5. Tem says:

    great video bro

  6. Tem says:

    nice video

  7. 720p Goat Soup says:

    Steal her bag and run away. She and others (including female cops) will chase you for sure 😂

  8. fuze gaming studios says:

    U guys give such a long intro.. Cut the chase and get to the point please

  9. Alpha Male Relationship and Business Coaching says:

    Commit a crime in front of a female cop, she’ll def chase you

  10. Char Char Binks says:

    Now do one for “How to get women to chase you during quarantine.”

  11. delon t says:

    Your Purpose is your #1 Focus fellas, not WOMEN. Let them chase your time and VALIDATION 🙂

  12. AyyLmao says:

    Stupid monkey😰😩😭

  13. John Lucci says:

    The big head looks like a testicle

  14. Funny Flirter says:

    Add only feamle voice …..my team is observing yr channel views…ur vdos got more views…n liked by more people…at ur past vdos…when u used…only a female voice

  15. simeon dotcom says:


  16. The Perfumer says:

    Did you know who is Russell Designer? His videos are insane.

  17. Kawaki Nyantakyi says:

    You guy's take way to long to get to the point

  18. Jason Teichner says:

    These are good videos, including this one, EXCEPT, you NEVER ask a girl for a favor. This makes you seem weak and less than a man, and women will no longer be interested in you. Men become more attracted to women they do favors for, but this does NOT work the other way around!

  19. Mustafa Durgut says:

    Hayrına biri şuna çeviri koysun

  20. Ponyboy Curtis says:

    be a positive thinker also helps most people don't cherish being around negative minded people. ]:P

  21. Jaron's Halal products LLC says:

    Ignore her

  22. Earl John fabul says:

    Summary guy where are you??

  23. ach lak says:

    hey K,let me tell you something.You are using so many difficult words in your videos.It is so hard to understand.But these videos are essential for my life.Therefore I can't miss these.could you simply explain these things.I'm not telling you to speak slowly but…..I can understand you but not hundred persent.so yes this is my suggestion.

  24. Prabij Shrestha says:

    Go to girls toilet and see every girls there will chase you definitely..its proven scientific theory .

  25. Manish Patle says:

    Hey, guys i love your vedios & it's very helpful to me & it's really work😍, but can u guys make a vedio on how to make your girl bestfriend be your girlfriend or into me , means i fell in love with her😅 & i wanted to make my gf

  26. R Cruz says:

    Snatch her purse shell chase you

  27. nasansn Mw says:

    His brain looks like a testicle

  28. Joseph Biri says:

    5- all about standing out: the one that differs the most is more likely to be remembered, make a joke, be funny, crack a joke, smell nice and be well dressed

    4- familiar flair: people prefer others that are familiar for them, being with her all the time will make her like you more

    3-bejamin effect: make a person do favors for you which will make the person closer to you and chase you, which makes it flattering for the person doing the favor

    2- steller similars: opposites dont attract, you may have a chance but its low, its better to be similiar, but you should at least share something in common

    1- aboundance mindset: you dont have to compete with anyone but yourself. Dont rush

    Bonus: dont do:
    Dont try too hard, because trying too hard, it will cause the opposite and will make her avoid you

  29. Poof Snoop says:

    1:30 if thou can make her giggle, thou shall be able to make her cheeks clap and jiggle 𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖌𝖆 verbs : 07

  30. Kvng Kia says:

    I’ve been subconsciously doing number 3 😂

  31. CRYPTO DUNIA says:

    When we're on vacation we stay in the same room and she always forgets to carry her towel into bathroom and after taking shower calls me for the towel and put her hand out and take it. She is a muslim hijab girl and don't allows me to kiss or hug her but she does like this more often. Asks me to close my eyes and changes the dress in front of me. Shall I consider these kind of acts as invitation and go inside the bathroom or just act as a nice guy like what I'm doing now??!! Can any expert advice me please??

  32. edi says:

    There´s one big one you missed: Status.
    I know it sounds like an overused cliche, but it´s a sad fact that women go for status and men for looks.
    Status isn´t necessarily income, but also holding a position of power and having a lot of interesting friends (which you can use for favors).
    The latter part is probably the easiest to achieve…

  33. edi says:

    Speaking about differences: I hardly ever see two dominant people forming a good relationship. Some things are like Ying and Yang. Moreover, there are plenty of traits someone might have that he/she doesn´t like about him/her-self or traits that (s)he seeks in others…

  34. halburd1 says:

    lets be honest you only need 1. and its a fat wallet but do go on should be good for some entertainment

  35. Cush Jones says:

    My mouth full of gold teeth explains it all at work 😁💪🏿

  36. DEMETRIUS Avenger Ironman says:

    Talk to her but be like okay and yeah short answers get her to step up

  37. Stephen01 says:

    No: 6 – tie some string around some money and run down the street..it pays to be attractive as well

  38. Jakub Morawski says:

    Robert Zajonc is of polish descent – pronounced Zay-ons not Za-jong.

  39. S L says:

    What i learned was. When I'm trying to be funny, I'm not.
    When I'm being my dry ass self, I'm hilarious.

  40. Bryan McCallum says:

    Does it work?

  41. Spic Democrat says:

    The one trick that always gets girls to chase you is to offer them a wad of cash. It works every time !!!!!

  42. Peter Paul says:

    Morgan Freeman said: don't chase, they will chase you.

  43. Cuddly Cooper says:

    whats with that dude's nose at 1:55 , looks like he's morphing into a bird

  44. Nancy Smith says:

    Thank yous for sharing

  45. God Almighty says:

    1:52, look at the pecker on that guy.

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