5 Things HIGH VALUE Men NEVER Do (Don’t Turn HER OFF)
5 Things HIGH VALUE Men NEVER Do (Don’t Turn HER OFF)

Gentlemen, welcome to Mantelligence. Today we’re going to be looking at 5 things
High Value men never do that are a major turn off to women. What is a high value man, you ask? Well he’s a rare breed… someone with character,
charm, and that special quality that makes you want them want nearby no matter the circumstances. So if you want to be the type of guy that
your lady can’t get enough of Ditch these bad habits like a friday class
during senior year and start maximizing your value and attractiveness. Figuring out how to be more attractive is
as much about knowing what to never do as it is what to do… So Without further ado, let’s jump right in. 5. Bummin’ Alright guys, I know it’s easy when football season rolls around to live in that jersey
24/7, let your beard get to playoff length in October and, and craft a physique with
nothing but light beer and nachos but… DON’T.
There’s nothing wrong with loving your team, or with enjoying an oat soda here and there,
but a few months of bummin’ it can be disastrous for your health and your attractiveness. Turns out science has our back here. Guess what facial expression was found to
be most attractive? Did you guess “proud?” If so, you win the grand prize. A study from the University of British Columbia
found that men who express pride were rated the most attractive. And… Another study found men who look important
are like universal remotes: they turn everything on. So ditch the team apparel and find something
a little more personal to be proud of. The only guy who looks important in a Drew
Brees jersey is Drew Brees, for Breesus sake. Yeah, I can vouch for that. The little things like posture, a regular
haircut, getting rid of the neck beard, and taking care of your teeth all project attractiveness
without a single utterance. You don’t have to look like royalty to be
high value, but you should carry yourself in public like a grown man with something
to be proud of. Knowing when to be a bum and when to showcase
your value is one of the best tricks to get girls to chase you. 4. Painful Pick Up Lines Remember a while back when shows like the pick up artist were all the rage? Flirting was all about being a douche and
hoping girls found it charming. Trust me, it was not a fun time for girls. High value men know that pickup lines are
best used as jokes, not as serious attempts to meet women,
And they know that cringe-worthy pickup lines make you look more desperate than confident
to the person that you’re flirting with. Again, remember importance and pride. Women are much more likely to be turned on
if you approach them like a well adjusted adult they can imagine spending time with. Not to say that lines never work, but here
at Mantelligence, we’re about increasing the odds that you make a girl crazy for you,
and a pickup line is much too hit or miss. So if you want to move beyond the initial
conversation to a date or two, ditch the cheeseball lines and go with a direct, personal approach. 3. Nice Guy Neurosis Nice Guys, Alpha Males, High Value Men… what does it all mean? Well, no man falls neatly into one category
– partly because these categories mean something different to everyone,
But suffice it to say, if you’re playing the role of the nice guy, you’re going to
find yourself setting up permanent residence in the friend zone. Now,
that doesn’t mean that you can’t legitimately be a nice person. We’re not recommending you act like an ass…
just be strong, confident, and assertive. You know, as opposed to… A passive people pleasing pushover. There’s a huge difference between being
a genuinely nice guy who offers to help a friend move and Mr. Nice Guy who will say
yes to anything – a difference that’s definitely worth understanding. Studies have shown that guys who are altruistic,
you know, that throw down the occassional selfless act are having more, not less, sex. So if all the talk of “don’t be the nice
guy” and “unleash your alpha” is too overwhelming, just remember: high value men
value themselves, their time, and those they care about. Be that guy. So guys, I know we’re smack dab in the middle
of crossing negative behaviors off your list, But before we go full saintly, there’s one
thing High Value guys do that actually runs the risk of turning women off,
But that is so important you should still keep it in your back pocket. Now, I know it sounds counterintuitive, but… I’ll explain everything at the end of this
video, so stay tuned. Now on to number 2 on our list… 2. Me Monster There’s nothing more boorish than someone who will not shut up about themselves. You know who wouldn’t shut up about how
great he was? Voldemort. And that guy sucked. Not a high value guy at all. I mean, he got Bellatrix, but she sucked too. Plus he didn’t even have a nose. High value guys know the value of silence. They know when to shut up and listen and when
to jump in with a RELEVANT anecdote, as opposed to some flimsy excuse to draw attention to
yourself. There are a lot of reasons people talk endlessly
about themselves, but a lot of those reasons boil down to anxiety or lack of confidence. It’s like when you go to a website and 3
banners, 2 pop ups, and an auto-play video all ask you to join their mailing list. That need for attention is a huge turn off,
both online and in real life. So if you’re hanging out with your crush
and realize the word “I” keeps bursting out of your mouth, you caught yourself doing
one of the biggest unattractive things guys don’t know they do. Take a step back and focus your words on other
people. Ask them questions to get them talking or
talk about something other than yourself that they’ll be interested in. High value men are confident in their skin,
know their self worth, and appreciate the value in making sure the other person in the
conversation is enjoying themselves. Afterall,
If you can listen and then make a woman laugh, you’re golden. 1. Throw Shade High Value Men don’t gossip. They don’t. They don’t have a reason to. There’s no value in it and they know it’s
unattractive. I mean, think about it guys,
Your mother told you this one when you were a kid. If you can’t say something nice, then what… All together: Don’t say anything at all. That’s right. Now,
Couple this with the fact that if you’re talking smack about someone behind their back
to your crush, then, in addition to being turned off,
She’ll immediately start wondering what kinds of things you say about her behind her
back. So,
You’re really shooting yourself in both feet by talking crap about people. Instead,
High value men take their issues directly to the people they concern, and if they do
have to get something off their chest it’s not for the purpose of tearing someone down,
It’s for solving problems and getting to the root of an issue. Directness and honesty are not only attractive
qualities, they’re also virtuous. The Number 1 Thing High Value Men Do that
Might Turn Women Off. Guys, we’ve spent a lot of time covering
the behaviors that high value guys don’t do, but this one is just the opposite. Full disclosure, it may be one of the reasons
girls think you’re unattractive, but hear me out… High Value Men need to keep hanging out with
the guys. Period. And yeah,
There’s a good chance that a high value man may not have exclusively high value friends. Look at any group of friends and there’s
at least a few that are a problematic… But that doesn’t mean a high value guy should
ditch his crew just because it may be turning off the woman he’s seeing. Why? Because independence and comradery are traits
a high value man takes seriously. See, it happens all too often that a relationship
takes off and a guy’s friends go by the wayside… But this ends up breeding resentment, and
jealousy, two emotions that are poisonous to any healthy relationship. SO
As you become a high value man, remember the guys that came along for the ride… Even if it means risking a turn off. So there you have it. 5 things High Value Men never do to turn off
women and the one time you should definitely gamble on turning a woman off. Remember, it’s a test… Thanks for watching!

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    5 Things High Value Men Do:
    1- Take Proper Care Of Yourself (Posture, Grooming, Hairstyle, White Teeth,Etc.)
    2- Approach Women With A Direct Personal Approach.
    3- Being Strong, Confident,Assertive.
    4- Know when to stop talking and when to listen. Don't always talk about yourself.
    5- Don't Gossip.

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