5 Things Good Looking Guys NEVER Do – How to Be 1000x MORE Attractive to ANY Woman

Howdy, fellas. Welcome to Mantelligence. Kay here. Beardy’s with me too… [pause]
…Beardy, we’re on cam now, say hi! Oh! Hi guys! Today we’re gonna teach you how to be the
type of guy that most women would consider “good looking” by telling you exactly
what “good looking” guys never do. Oh, I know a thing or two about that! Okay fine, you’re good looking. Anyhow, you don’t have to be a solid 10
for women to consider you “good looking”, fellas. In fact, you could be a 5. That’s because it’s how you feel about
yourself that determines how other people see you. It may not make sense right now, but by the
end of this video, I promise you it will. That’s right. And since we’re telling you 5 of the things
you SHOULDN’T do if you want to be considered good looking,
We’ll also be sharing the #1 thing you SHOULD do to be more attractive to women. But that’s at the VERY end. For now, let’s dive in to the 5 things good
looking guys NEVER do. 5. Haggle The Hygiene Here’s a question for you: Have you ever had that “not-so-fresh feeling?” The one where you just feel… Gross? Well if you’ve NEVER experienced this feeling,
I have some bad news for you… Everyone feels that way about you. Don’t you ever wonder if your breath stinks? Or if that strange smell you can’t quite
place is coming from your ass? If you don’t think about these things, I’m
going to assume you don’t care about your hygiene. You see, good looking guys are TERRIFIED of
being any less good looking. So if their teeth feel fuzzy, or their beard
looks like a rat’s nest, they’re gonna do something about it. One of the things good looking guys NEVER
do is haggle on their hygiene. Every time these guys walk out the door, their
hair is kept, their beard is trimmed, and their body smells fantastic. They don’t skip showers, they don’t pretend
they’re vikings who’ve never seen a razor, and they CERTAINLY don’t avoid deodorant. If you know you’re clean and kept when you
walk out that door, you’re going to feel better about yourself than if you skipped
a shower that morning. Pure and simple. So for the sake of girls like Kay, PLEASE
don’t skip on a morning clean routine. 4. Forget the Get-Up Back in my college days, one of the big things I struggled with was organization. I learned how to be more organized as I got
older, but back then, I RARELY invited people into my room. That’s because my lack of organization had
a direct correlation to how many pieces of clothing were scattered about my floor at
any given time. As I got older, I realized that if I actually
hung my clothes up after they dried, they wouldn’t have wrinkles in them and I wouldn’t
be scrambling every morning before my 8am class trying to find something cute and clean
to wear. And just like I learned that I should NEVER
leave my outfits unplanned and unorganized, almost all good looking guys have learned
that on top of smelling nice and clean, Their outfits need to be nice and clean too. That means no wrinkles, no tears, and definitely
no scuffs on the footwear. Why the footwear? It can’t be that important, right? Well imagine this: You and a girl are locking
eyes from across the room. You find the courage to walk up to her. You’re on your approach and as she’s scoping
you from head to toe, her smile turns into a frown when your ratty sneakers come into view. If you were wearing some handcrafted Italian
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hurt your chances. 3. Skimp on Skincare You know, I was thinking up this item and I realized that even though we talk a lot
about skin care, we don’t talk about the little details nearly enough. Yes, we’ve told you a million times that
you should moisturize your face. But what if you meet a girl who wants to kiss
you? What if she wants to hold your hand? Okay now look at your hands… Purse your lips… You look silly. Stop that. Just kidding. But seriously, do you moisturize those parts
of your body as much as you moisturize your face? If your hands or lips are cracked and dry,
girls WILL notice. That’s why one of the things good looking
guys never do is leave the house without some lip balm and a tiny tube of lotion. Carrying lip balm is just common sense. It protects your lips from the sun and the
cold, and it moisturizes them so they look good for kissing. As for the pocket-size tube of lotion, I know
it’s a stretch, but hear me out. Do you wanna make a girl crazy for you? Then have what she needs when she needs it. And if a girl doesn’t have her own bottle
of lotion in her purse and mentions that her hands are dry, a tiny bottle of lotion in
your pocket could make you much more “good looking” to her. And since your hands and lips will be nice
and moisturized, she’ll want to find out for herself just how moisturized they are. A lot of these things we’re talking about
are basically unattractive things guys don’t know they do… And we happen to have a video with even more
of those! Check it out. Hey guys. We know you can’t wait to shop for new shoes,
but don’t leave just yet. Before you flick your shopping switch on,
let me remind you that we still have to share one super easy thing good looking guys do
that screams, “I AM GOOD LOOKING!” So stick around. For now, let’s get back to the last two
items on our list. 2. Silly Sitting Do you remember being a kid and sitting in front of your TV, watching your favorite cartoon
or playing your favorite video game? Those were the days, weren’t they? Not a care in the world… Especially girls. Thinking back on those times, do you remember
how you used to sit? I’m guessing cross-legged, leaning forward,
probably slouched. Sure, when you were young, sitting like that
was completely acceptable, especially on your living room floor. But now that you’re older and you actually
like girls, you should know that slouching is one of the things that makes you look immature
to women… You just sat up straight, didn’t you? Slouching makes you look smaller too, kind
of like a child.. So watch some YouTube videos on how to improve
your posture and maybe do some planks and squats to help out your core strength. After all, your abdominal muscles and your
butt muscles are what help with posture. That’s why you’ll never see good looking
guys skipping leg day. 1. Focus on the Flaws Hey, nobody’s perfect. But I’ll admit it… I’ve had my fair share of experiences where
I thought a girl was flawless. Turns out every single one of them had problems
and flaws just like me. That’s why good looking guys don’t focus
on the negatives. Especially other peoples’. They don’t bully or neg women to get them
to like them. That’s something nice guys do. So don’t be the nice guy. Because here’s the thing:
Positivity is a MUCH more effective tool to get girls to like you than negativity. Good looking guys are good looking to women
because they care. They try to inspire women, not change them. But before any good looking guy can make other
people feel good about themselves, he’s gotta feel good about himself first. And that’s what we’ve been trying to tell
you this whole time. Everything we’ve talked about in this video
will make you feel more like a “good looking” guy, but only if you make them a part of who
you are. So stop focusing on how much you don’t like
yourself. Make these minor changes and feel a little
bit better one day at a time. That’s how you become good looking. It’s all a mindset. So don’t focus on the negative stuff. Alright guys. Now that you know what NOT to do to make yourself
a little more good looking, It’s time for the easiest thing you can
start doing today that good looking guys ALWAYS do. You ready? Say cheese. Now smile. Because that’s all you need. That’s right, fellas. Good looking guys are ALWAYS smiling. Probably because they know they’re looking
good. They’re clean and kept, their clothes are
fresh, their lips are ready for some smoochin’, they’re standing up straight, and they’re
feeling juuuuust fiiiine. What’s there not to smile about? Do you know about other ideas on how to be
more attractive? How about more things that good looking guys
never do? Let us know in the comments below. There you have it, the 5 things good looking
guys NEVER do + the one thing they always do. Don’t forget to visit www.acemarks.com to
add the final touch to your look with their complete lineup of amazing dress shoes. And maybe check out some of our other videos
while you’re here. Like this one on tricks to get girls to chase
you. Thanks for watching!

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