96 thoughts on “5 Signs She Wants YOU to Talk to HER (Do NOT MISS This!) – THIS is EXACTLY When to Approach Girls”

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  3. Manan Yadav says:

    First 🔥

  4. divyang shah says:

    Second ! 😂

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  6. Drummer Gaines says:

    This is lagitamently a great video.

  7. adolph allen says:

    These are all really true things that actually happened in real life everyday all these examples really don't work I can attest to that great tip guys keep it up on girls twerk team good-looking helping out the guys that can't really approach a girl👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Nandita Jamatia says:

    Why the heck did another video start from 7:13🤨🤨

  9. James Mbinda says:

    "Just be yourself"
    But i am a nice guy!!

  10. Bryan Ben says:

    Im an alpha 😭

  11. Noel Abapo says:

    I'm already in my early 20s and still never had a girlfriend. Who else?

  12. Geoff Lb10 says:

    Grass is greener is called Hypergamy shes not yours its just your turn.

  13. Jtown Mass says:

    At night in a bar or club just be yourself relax keep off your phone hands out of your pockets…glance don’t stare crack a smile have fun and girls will come. Say hi ask a simple question be a little flirty not needy and magic will happen x


    You can't only approach women who only give you signs . I have approached women who hadn't given me any signs and still the conversation went well . Sometimes women don't make eye contact , because they have many things on their mind .


    You can't only approach women who only give you signs . I have approached women who hadn't given me any signs and still the conversation went well . Sometimes women don't make eye contact , because they have many things on their mind .

  16. Pieces2thePuzzle says:

    This is a great video overall.

  17. doctor kwak kwak says:

    Dear fellow virgin
    Dont give up, someday we will see in person the vagina and boobs 😁

  18. Life Progress - a channel for introverts says:

    Walk the walk and talk the talk

  19. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me says:

    Men are pursuers so we have to make the first move.
    Just because she gives signals, doesn't mean she will approach.

  20. Ta Hu says:

    The issue isn't whether a girl is interested or not. That's easy. The challenge for guys is trying to navigate the issue of virtuous women , family law, and divorce (if you are stupid enough to marry in the West). That is not covered by the video. Picking up girls is easy once you are successful.

  21. Leroy Torres says:

    Been at the gym and 3 and 4 have been done. 2 also but if I go to her and say hi I'm beardy wouldn't that be weird? Lol

  22. ERNESERNES says:

    1 – Opener: Say what you want to do by approaching her (getting to know her) and why you want to do it (list the things that make you want to approach her like her style, her positive vive,…)

    2 – Accidental touch to break the touch barrier (high five, handshake, a quick touch to emphasise your points…)

    3 – Make her invest in the conversation by asking open-ended questions, (instead of close-ended questions) making statements, telling stories and being descriptive with how you feel about the experiences you live. Tell her that u hate something superficial about her, but that it’s ok because u like some other more important thing about her. Act like she is the one hitting on u and like u have her gender role during courtship for example: Are u hitting on me? Did u put something on my drink? Why do y look so suspicious? I bet u say that to every guy, don’t lie. You could be crazy. U just wanna take advantage of me and break my heart.

    4 – Qualify her with the things that u noticed about her that make her cooler than the girls in ur opinion. Set the standards that u look for in a woman and reward her when she reaches them. Eg: I like ur (part of her physique smile, gaze, makeup) because it transmits u r (emotions: confident, positive, calmness, joy) and I like your (part of her behavior, personality or values such us: empathy, extroversion, honesty, ambition, courage, compassion, sense of humor, ability to listen) and that makes me feel very comfortable with you.

    5 – Sexualise (show sexual intent after qualifying her, something like: “can u repeat that again, was too busy staring at ur lips”) Don’t sexualise if she has not qualified herself because them u’d be validating her without her earning it. U don’t want that. She has to earn ur sexual intent. Don’t say she is ur type or that you find her sexy if she does not prove to u that she is good enough for your standards. Sexualizing is essential to keep a man-to-woman premise, but she has to earned it (Step 4) or you’d give your power away.

    6 – If she stays there after sexualising and giggles or gets red or nervous in a good way, narrate how she is reacting and accuse her playfully of trying to seduce u to keep the frame of being the prize: “I love how u are getting red after I told you that. It’s making me feel really masculine, You must be doing this on purpose so that I like you more. Don’t lie!”

    7 – Change topics after you sexualise to avoid raising too much sexual tension too soon, and keep talking about something else for a while before you sexualise again. Meanwhile, do intentional touch like playing with her fingers, while you and the girl are talking.

    8 – Qualify her again before you sexualise again, and go for the number or the kiss. The kiss should not be sexual, instead it should be used as a way to build more comfort and romance.

    9 – To get her number, propose an specific plan you would want to do with her and tell her why you would want to do it with her specifically, instead of another girl. Don’t ask for the number directly. Tell her what you want to do, and be indirect about the asking her number, ask her for example: “How are we gonna keep in touch to make this plan a reality” She will say “u could take my number” which means she is taking the initiative. So u can say “all right, all right, if u insist” keeping the frame of being the prize.

    10 – If she gives u her number, don’t just run away with it. Stay a couple of minutes more to consolidate the number, so it does not look like you just wanted her number. Also make sure to give her a silly nick name that is suitable for her personality. If she is very talkative call her a parrot, if she was giving you a lot of shit tests, call her a little tiger, if she is very friendly call her a rabbit… This can be an inside joke which helps her remind her how she felt when she met you.

    11 – End the conversation and use the phone only to set up a date with her. The date has to be something light and non-threatening and preferably something you are gonna do anyways even if she does not join. eg: “I’m going to Ikea because i need some new awesome furniture, would love your opinion, join me and help me to figure it out” Don’t use the phone to game her behind a screen or to argue or to get angry if she does not reply. The phone is only for setting up dates. Don’t double text.

    12 – Test the beds from Ikea, then go to some other place for some drinks, visit different places to make her feel like she has lived more experiences with you. Assume you are lovers, assume she wants to be kissed if you sexualised in the first interaction you had before the date and do it.

    13 – Take her home, don’t make it sound threatening, say an excuse like “U can go up for a quick coffee” This prevents her from feeling like a slut for going to your place. Let her help u light up the candles and the music.

    14 – If u are kissing but doesn’t let you go forward to sex (don’t be reactive <<aka mad, begging…>> because that’s repulsive) Just agree with her and say that u feel like this is going so fast, that u may be into her a bit too much and are scared of being used only for sex (this removes her objection)
    Done. If you got any questions/specific situation, let me know in my Instagram DMs -> ernes_sierra

    Tip: If she says I have a boyfriend. You say: I get that you tell me u have a boyfriend because you’ve seen how attractive I am, & think I could be a threat to your relationship. But I'm not interested in being your boyfriend because i don’t like rushing things so much, so anyways u seem like you are doing x…”

  23. Shawn Williams says:

    A women can give me choosing signals and i will ignore it f i don't find her attractive.

  24. Paul Harris says:

    Ahh the Mona Lisa gaze… head slightly turned, straight face. I had this off a really hot girl. She did this to me probably about 5 times, I was with a group of about 8 girls at the time, only man with them. Damn I still picture that girl in my head now from time to time, she was gorgeous. I wouldn't make that mistake again of not approaching. Don't be that…would of, should of, could of guy

  25. supratrd900 says:

    Only way for me to know if a women is interested in me is if she's sucking my CoC. Sorry not sorry, in the end we get women for sex.

  26. Alexander Hanooman says:

    Recently experienced. But I am on the move…. Some things you guys say I dig.

  27. Smile without a hobby says:

    Powerwoman, super feminists, independent woman yet they are scared to approach a guy if they like him.

  28. Kelcey Clark says:

    (Yes, I'm a Male. Don't ask about the username.) I'm honestly done watching your newest content because it's just to annoying now. You honestly should just go back to, whats her name again, just having the voice and no animated character, and the male guy should go back to not knowing how to talk. It just doesn't feel, right for this content.

    Addon: Please repeat this comment if you agree with me on this.

  29. Ten náš Vídr says:

    So i just found out your channel and think that 1 girl is into me thx <3

  30. Mntonintshi Mntonintshi says:

    You see now comrade you are loosing the plot now..

  31. ECO473 says:

    She's more likely to give off a sign that says "I'll talk to anybody who's NOT YOU!!" Then what???

  32. Joseph Izzo says:

    Good vid but what the fuck is up with the cartoon’s left hand.
    It looks like I got it in an arm bar and twisted it around!

  33. jayavinayak jayakumar says:

    For christ sake make a shorter video or give timestamps..

  34. Launch Octopus says:

    90% of the time they do these to me they just want a damn cigarette but don’t wanna ask for one

  35. Magic Merlin says:

    Just be born with a strong JAWLINE and a symmetrical face/wide cheekbones and be tall. Then all women will want to talk to you

  36. ziobleed says:

    I followed your advices, now i have a restraining order

  37. SKL MASK TM says:

    Life hack:
    Don't look at girls, so they will try to make you look

  38. jag off says:

    In these times, I dont approach women. Dont need any false accusations of anything. And also dont need to lose everything I worked for my whole life including my job. Let them fend for themselves. Women over played their hand. And I called their bluff. I learn how to fish from a fisherman, not a fish.

  39. soulwing 1 says:

    Hi I'm new

  40. ben mansel says:

    Just use ZA Wardo to stop time and look at her

  41. defpixel says:

    Getting the look and the hair toss but it’s a supervisor at my work. Even before that I already introduced myself and we had a short convo but since then she just stares at me when people are around her. If I get close to her she just turns her back to me and won’t say anything, even she’s talking to someone else she’ll stop talking when I’m around. It’s obvious she wants to be more than friends. I feel like she just a tease and it drives me crazy.

  42. Joseph Swan says:

    G thanks guys I got a girlfriend now

  43. Shafip Please says:

    Thanks guys for helping me out. I had some trouble with talking to girls but now (because i was playing game te whole time) i can talk freely and know which girl is actually interrested and which one is not.

  44. sunil j says:

    I never knew I was an alpha… Now I started to care about though… Hh

  45. Lov Season says:

    At least 3 times a day women look at me dead in the eyes , ….with their arms crossed lol !!!Today a girl look at me , bites her lips and then she look at her boyfriend and said something to cut away from our eyes contact !!! It depends on each persons and how they feels at the moment .Me , i don't bother waiting for signs because every girls are differents . If she's my type and she's seems available ( not crowded ) i just go and chat .If we are attracted to each other then we do what grown ups do .At the end of the day its a one and one trip not just the man that has to do it all .

  46. Kaushik Bala says:

    What kind of dweeb advices….. Be strong and watch your back….. It will take you a long way

  47. J24777 says:

    I never get a Woman to Look at me! I am not Ugly either!

  48. Bijak Ig says:

    nice guy are always underrated. can feel your pain guys😂😂😂

  49. Glenn Elliott says:

    If she says i like you then its ok to say hello

  50. Glenn Elliott says:

    Imm comfused

  51. Mgtow says:

    Stay away from these thots..

  52. Bone Crusher says:

    Okay so listen. I like this girl (were each in highschool) and I’ve liked her for a year. She knows that I like her and I’ve gotten pretty close to her friends. They continuesly badger me into saying “are you gonna talk to her” or “you need to talk to her.” I’ve seen her stand near my group of friends with her sister, and she’s always facing me. And I catch her looking my way and we’ve made eye contact multiple times. So last Friday her best friend comes up to me and says “hey are you gonna talk to her!” And I said that I’ll make an attempt. When I walk up and start talking to her my friend walks up and starts talking to me. She tried walking away but her best friend was holding her back. And she was trying to run. Not sure whether she likes me for sure or maybe not. She’s very much a extrovert, but when I try talking to her she stutters. Does she like me or maybe not?

  53. Ahmed amin Sahraoui says:

    you said Epicly fail. you should've said FAIL EPICLLY. you obviously aren't a gamer
    Its Time to chjip chjop your head off

  54. lylez00 says:

    How can she "expose her neck"? The only way I can think of is if she takes off a scarf, which would mean she'd have to be wearing one in the first place. That one doesn't make sense. Neither does the wrist thing.

  55. Atomic Punch says:

    Idk why but I find all of the flirting stuff very cringy

  56. Todd Morcom says:

    I’m gunna die alone

  57. Nime Ano says:

    Bs video smh

  58. Horace Vu says:

    NEVER "introduce" yourself. Say hi and ask for her name, but don't give her your name. A good way to see if she's interested, is to see if she asked for your name. A girl who isn't interested could care less what your name is, you're just another orbiter or creep to her, but if she likes you she wants to at least know your name. Video is confusing and somewhat inaccurate.

  59. Jason says:

    Ask for her name first. If she doesn't ask for yours than move on

  60. Maurice-Michael Phoenix says:

    You say I should be myself and be genuine? What if my inborn character is "nice guy"???

  61. Mr Game Boy says:

    It's like a 10.000 pieces jigsaw puzzle.

  62. Henzrett Dsouza says:

    What do girls without hair do in case 3? 🤔

  63. anup nishanrao says:

    Great now I'm confirmed that no girl wants to talk to me

  64. The Scarlet Pillsbury Project says:

    8:48 * preens aggressively *

    Also, you know you're 'alpha' when you're catching all these signs from blind girls.

  65. JayDaYoungan23x says:

    What if she has a husband n kids. I want her bad. I get nervous when around her. But we work together and I dont want things to be wierd if she doesnt feel the same way.

  66. oxxOBSOLETExxo says:

    Tried it got ….. me too’d

  67. Ciapha Gray says:

    What about her saying you smell real good? Lol

  68. Norbero Fontanez says:

    Poor Bill Cosby…he went about it the WRONG…I taking a LEAVE of absence from EVERYTHING.. ESPECIALLY ROMANCE.

  69. Fahimus Alimus says:

    A girl literally showed all of these at a house party and approached me and started conversing and also checked that she had my number. We were talking back and forth over the next few days until I asked her out and she said she it would be awkward for her since she’s dating another guy but wouldn’t mind hanging out as friends another time. Why tf did she approach me in the first fucking place then?

  70. darksidessj25 says:

    This is all great advice. I have had tons of girls give me those signs and you have to act fast or they will move on. Learn charisma cause it will save your life in dating. It's actually a skill anyone can learn.

  71. Theodore Sweger says:

    How about she approaches you, it can happen, hard to miss that.

  72. Irfan Hossain says:

    These only work if you’re actually handsome or if the chick knows you got money. Not buying it.

  73. Ben borocool says:

    Don't even bother looking for "signs" she wants u to talk to her. Just man up and do it.
    Look up a program called Unbreakable Confidence (the one that has the big video on the homepage)..
    Read those and reprogram your mindset so you're not longer intimidated to approach random girls.
    Once you do.. she'll sense your confidence and, in many cases, she'll find it super attractive.
    You'll end up getting the number of girls who didn't even notice you before you went up to her.

  74. Ravel Yetman says:

    Cool video I mostly go by the eye contact or the hair flip and sometimes the proximity..but the neck signs and the risk signs it's just creepy and new to me I guess it's because they're ambiguous.

  75. Justin Laux says:

    In what public settings does this happen? I've never noticed any girls giving me a glance in my 33 years of life.

  76. Jacob Lawson says:

    I hate how it’s like you have to play a game just to have a good time with a girl

  77. DEEZ NUTS says:

    I know everything there is to know about this. However I am not going to worry about it. Because honestly I believe everything happens in the perfect and right time. It doesn't matter this type of shit. It's obvious she wants you but I just don't worry about it. Because when the time is right it will happen until that time you can't do dick about it. I already know exactly that she is so in love with me. So honestly this shit just doesn't matter at all. The only way to get this done is keep ignoring her and at times say somethings. Don't work to hard on trying to get her. The more you ignore her the more she wants you and thinks about you. That is the absolute truth about a woman you love. Never act to forward she will see you as desperate. Just once in a while talk to her. If she is used to attention when she sees you ignore her it will mess with her head. She will say wtf I like this guy so much and he is barely noticing me. She will start questioning her self and so much other things. She will think more and more about you. If you think I'm wrong try it yourself tell me if my advice works or doesn't work. Never worry to much about her you will set yourself up for failure. Just have confidence and don't really care or think way too much about it. Women want a man that barely show her attention because if they are gorgeous they get so many people showing them attention. So that is why she will like you more when you barely pay attention to her. It's the truth all you women out there know that is a fact.

  78. Un Dead says:

    What if girl dont have hair ?

  79. TriL TV says:

    So basically…. women are fucking insane, no man will remember any of this LOL. If I say whats up & I get curved, I'll talk to her friend, then she will want you. I don't have time for all of this. Open up ladies & stop playing all these shitty games.

  80. Himalayan says:

    Ignore her,be mean keeps her keen😎

  81. Shafip Please says:

    Thank you guys for your help, i wish for you guys the best 👍.

  82. David Hanna says:

    I gave up a long time ago. Lots of men did. Then these women want us to make the 1st move? Sorry ladies giving those kind of mixed signals makes a man give up. Why should I bother?

  83. Its ASetUp says:

    Please women no more “signs” or “hints”. We dont want to get metoo’d for reading it wrong.

  84. ACTIONSALAD says:

    Maybe a video about where to find a girl in the world these days. Everyone works crazy hours and then goes home to sleep and repeat. Seeing a girl in a store (shes working obviously) is the only place to ever even see a female.

  85. MrChrisgabber says:

    It's easy, I ask "you wanna fuck"? She says no, game done. She says yes, game done. I don't give a shit about women's behavior or thinking, they are dumb creators.

  86. Jeremiah Daniel says:

    I don’t come to the girls I let the girls come to me I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ I am perfectly content being to myself I have been there done that with too many females I have lost count 😂

  87. Feppa Gaming says:


  88. Za Warudo says:

    The girl will talk to you if you're a good looking guy

  89. Reicher Reinhardt Von kesselring says:

    The easiest way to pick up a woman…….

    ether on a rag.

  90. dinosaur rex says:

    no she doesnt, 90 percent of communication isnt verbal so chill the fuck out, zip it

  91. sam lebon says:

    So, Mona Lisa was flirting with Leonardo Da Vinci. I didn't know that.

  92. Gold301 says:

    Summary: If she's facing your erection she likes you.

  93. Ninjutsu Akademie Heilbronn says:

    Who cares, what she wants?

  94. David Smith says:

    A woman biting her lip when she sees you is a massive tell tale sign she fancies you.

  95. AERO Clan Gaming says:

    What if she laughs at everything you say even if it isn’t meant to be funny

  96. Çôčø says:

    Alright everybody I need help.I find this stupid saying this in the comment section, but it’s whatever.Shes hugged me, layed on my lap, held onto my arm, texted me first most days and for like 4-5 hours stayed texting and she said what’s my Instagram because she wants to talk to me.I know this probably seems like a obvious answer, but I just don’t want to get it confused with like her just being this sort of girl.Any advice appreciated

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