5 Reasons WHY you wont make it as a Photographer
5 Reasons WHY you wont make it as a Photographer

Jared Polin, froknowsphoto.com and this video
is probably going to ruffle a couple of feathers, but so what? It’s stuff that has to be said and that’s
why I’m saying it right now. This video was called “5 Reasons WHY you
won’t make it as a Photographer”. Number one, you’re lazy and you make too many
excuses why you aren’t getting enough jobs. I’m tired of hearing the excuses like, I live
in a small town, and there’s not a lot of people around, people aren’t coming to my
website. Well stop being lazy, get out there and do
something to bring people to you, to bring the jobs to you. The number one thing that’s bad is being lazy. You can’t be lazy; you have to keep doing
stuff. Number two, you don’t evolve with the times. How many times have you heard a photographer
say; well, I don’t shoot video, I don’t do this, I don’t do that. Well, you know what? If you’re not evolving with the times you’re
going to be left behind and you’re not getting jobs. Do you think the original digital photographers,
you know the old-school guys that were all filmed and didn’t make the jump to digital
in a timely fashion, do you think they’re still around waiting now that film has come
back? No, they had to go away and the ones that
succeeded are the ones that went from the film days and evolved into shooting digital
and now you evolve from shooting digital into shooting video and having all these different
options, which goes back to not being lazy, because you’re starting to learn how to do
other things in the photo world. You say there’s too much competition. Now number three, too much competition. Yeah, there’s a lot of competition. There’s always been competition and especially
now with digital cameras yeah, there’s a lot more; but remember when the Brownie Kodak
camera came out back in the day, before it was made easy by Eastman Kodak to go ahead
and shoot photos easily there were a lot less photographers and then there were a lot more
photographers; but you know, what? There was a lot of competition, but the cream
rises to the top, keep working hard, stop being lazy, evolve with the times and start
making terrible excuses. Number four, you are using social media in
all of the wrong ways. Stop trying to sell and push and start trying
to – and start telling; yes, I wrote that down. Stop trying to sell and start telling more
stories. That’s the key to social media, is you want
to tell stories, you want to engage, it’s not always there is a discount if you sign
up with me now. Sign up to get your photos taken. Stop pushing and start getting people to interact
with you and that’s how you’re going to get more jobs. Create videos, create blogs, create to tell
your stories that’s what it’s about and what do I mean by create a blog. Here is an example that you could take to
the bank. If you’re a wedding photographer and you would
say you’re in Philadelphia. On your website if you want to get more traffic
then start writing articles that have things to do with weddings and photography; sorry,
weddings in Philadelphia. So, top five tips for people getting married
in Philadelphia. Hmm, do you think that’s going to get ranked
and come up in search results or if you put that on your Facebook page, that somebody
is going to share that who is getting married in Philadelphia. Same thing put a video on YouTube. I probably shouldn’t tell you to do the stuff
because it’s competing with myself, but I want to see you guys succeed and not be the
photographers who don’t make it. That’s why I’m sitting here adamant about
this. Number five, your photos simply aren’t good
enough. Sometimes you won’t make it just because your
photos aren’t good enough. It really – you can’t beat around the bush
and say that bad photos and you’re going to get jobs with bad photos; but I will tell
you this. I know a photographer, a personal friend of
mine who says that he is more of a businessman or he is a button pusher that is a business
person. So, he is a photographer sort of, but he is
more of a business person first and it shows in his work, but he keeps getting jobs because
he’s not lazy. He puts himself out there and he gets jobs. Even if they’re not the greatest photos in
the world, so even if your photos aren’t great, well guess what happens? If you evolve with the times your photos are
going to keep getting better. The more you shoot, the better you’re going
to get. So those are “5 Reasons WHY you won’t make
it as a Photographer”. Take some of those reasons and prove me wrong
and make it as a freaking photographer. Oh, yeah and if you think that photography
is simply going and taking photos, it’s not. You need to know business, marketing, advertising;
you need to know how to schmooze and work with people, you need to have communication
skills. So, photography is mostly 5% of the time shooting
and the rest of the time is doing business to get more jobs. So, right there if you’re too lazy to get
all of that stuff down, then you may not make it as a photographer and that’s it. Jared Polin, froknowsphoto.com. See you.

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    Thanks for the advice in 13 and really want to be a photographer and I want to know where to start

  2. Michael Ingram says:

    keep on pushing brother… all the best

  3. No Nickname The Third says:

    Thank you

  4. image point says:

    U don't have to say it yo u just being a mean like u always do.you don't have to say they won't make money. U could of said. 5 ways u will not succed or something

  5. Watching Listening says:

    Okay I am studying PR right now I'm wondering if I need a backup career any advice.

  6. SomeRandom Guy says:

    I'm not professional and don't plan to. But this was more motivational than Shia Laboeuf. I like how honest you are with it.

  7. the real leafy says:

    he's like the Bob Ross of pictures

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    Very well said!!!!

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    This will help you to get online photography job

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    thankyou for motivating me!

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    good job man. it hits me right in the lens!

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    Number 1, yea thats me.

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    this is great, actually inspiring thanks J

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    I total agre with this video, Jared Polin have great studio 2018 perfect crews team and perfect studio. yes thank you

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    That’s an awesome list .. brutally honest. Sooo true

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    Thank you! You’re the realest for this!

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    Thank You. I needed to hear that. No more, this year will be different.

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    What an abrasive man

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    #1 reason why you won't make it as a photographer … jewfros

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    I love how blunt you are.

  21. Gerard Ferry says:

    I am very lazy and old fashioned, there are too many photographers, computers are for geeks that do not get girls, my photos suck and i own a duck. I sell pictures of my Duck.

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    Head shot.

    Shots fired

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    Do you have a video on what jobs to find on photography?

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    You don't need to be a good photographer to make a living at photography you need to be a good business minded person hard truth.

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    Thanks Jared keep it up!

  26. Jer Lewis says:

    Composition is number 1. Very true, my dad owned a commercial studio in Virginia in the 1950’s. He was a combat photographer, and cinematographer? He offered photography and 16/35mm. He used to say work won’t look for you, so get out and look for it.

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    Awesome video Jared, Always like someone who tells it how it is.

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    The best advice so far

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    Harsh words but the truth needs to be heard

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    I hate u your an idiot

  33. Colin Kirk says:

    Look in a mirror and change your face

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    giving gear reviews and shooting random people for YouTube videos is not photography

    photography means you have top high end clients who come to you for photography and not to hear your rants on YouTube

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    I am not a photographer. I am a creative person with a camera. Everyday I challenege myself and push myself to do somethng creative and I am very successful.

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    Yep that’s me to a tee. Well four out of five anyway. I guess I really don’t and didn’t want to be a professional photographer.

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    Anyone can do it your just a person who hates people

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    I just want to point out that many famous youtube photographers are far more successful with their channel than their photo business.

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    one way to crush the little bit of faith someone has in their dreams

  49. Patrick Merritt says:

    I've been afraid of shooting bands. I live in a music capitol so I'm going to start going to several shows per week, five dollars a shot most of the time and shoot as much as I can. Maybe the venue needs photos because they have recently renovated. Opportunity is everywhere and like he said, "Don't be lazy!"

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    The real problem is: expanding competition with lower barriers to entry and shrinking market with respect to increased demand in video. Rising generations like mine are more stingy, and there are more people who are willing to do it for free or next to nothing. Granted, if you're serious you probably don't want those kinds of clients anyway all they see is the dollar sign with a blind eye to quality. It seems since everyone and Aunt Sally owns a "fancy" camera, and every sob-story "broke young couple" expects a nearly free wedding, with $10,000 results like she saw on Pinterest. Key is getting your clients to understand your value before they cheap out. Why? Because Aunt Sally is shooting JPEG on Intelligent Auto everybody. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not what tends to float to the top of Pinterest.

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    That was freaking fast! Never seen such a full-of-info video within such a short timeframe. Great videos, man! Thanks for an ass kick. Going to grab my gears and go working right now!

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    Excellent video Jared! Totally agree, it’s fecking tough! And you have to keep pushing and learning! Thanks dude

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    Dude! I've been learning quite a bit from you. I actually have steady jobs. I'm always working. I will start doing video's. I kinda hated being in the national news with my face all over the place(Americas Most Wanted ) 15 police guns pointed at my head several times a day for months. Two weeks ago while at the FBI I found they had recent pictures of me from private messaging in my cell phone. These crooked ass police have promised to kill me twice(they are serious). So I guess fear has prevented me from wanting to have my face all out there. I'm having so much phone with Photography I'm just out in the city every morning around 03330-0430ish. That's really good advice on video"s and Vlogs you just gave. I'm taking it. I'm trying to get a web site up, I'm not so good at computer stuff(I suck at that Holmes ) Perhaps that's a lazy check. After all the lies about me in the media and cruelties therefrom I can certainly laugh and learn from photo/editing critiques. Hey, Thanks Jared, Peace.

  71. SevenSlotSociety says:

    I love ALLL of this!

  72. Chrystal Stewart says:


  73. Andrew Milton-Cross says:

    great tips, and reason why ive progressed so far is because i want it so bad. to quit my job to have all the time i need yeah no problem. put myself out there and ask people questions. hand my business cards out like no tomorrow. And enjoying what i do happiness is the key to success.

  74. BamaBoynCali says:

    I love this video!!!!!!  In December I did my biggest push to get my friends on  FB to subscribe to my youtube channel. I even showed ppl that I can see when and who subbed. I deleted a bunch of ppl who wasted space and never commeneted or liked anything I posted. but in Jan I just posted #newvideoalerts and let them come if they wanted too. I felt I shouldn't have to ask ppl who claim to be friends OVER AN OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to subscribe to me. Now im channel is slowly gaining followers every day.  I just have to keep putting the same effort and continue to grow and learn and ppl will come. I act like I have 100,00 subs already. I post 2-3 times a week now and I get better with each video. I will begin client based work next month and my photography, videography and my website will take off #eccentricdigitalmedia

  75. Arcsecant says:

    Strong medicine, good medicine.

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    Thanks for the tips man. I always hated the marketing side of professional photography or every other artistic medium for that matter tho. I feel like art schools don’t teach this very well, at least here where I live.

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    Best video ever Jared ! You rock 🎸 keep it up

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  79. Ivan ferro says:

    You all killing me. If you buy a camera thinking to make money out of photography you setting your self for a failure. Cameras and lens are tools yes and so its a piano but Mozart never bought a violin to make money. Got it ? You want to take photos bc the hell of it , bc is fun bc it helps you tell stories bc you want to create a beautiful image and and the end share all your experience. If you do it for money then you are a business man.

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    Why do some picture look good in the camera, but when I get home look at it on the computer, I find they are not good at all?

  81. Daniel Barnatt says:

    This just all seems pretty obvious, and the same underlying arguments could be applied to any field not just photography. Yes you have to be good at business to make money, no revelation there. Don't underestimate / dilute the power of the artform though. Both aspects are needed to be truely great.

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    Bet I'll prove you wrong & actually make it! beat the odds

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    Wait… you had to tell ppl this shit? Wtf is common sense… google fu, buzzword search, reverse engineering… smdh

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    95% is business and 5% is photography….
    What about passion??? Doesn't that really matter in photography??? If you love it what you and your best at it….. Money will come for you…. There will be always differences between business and following your passion…..

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    joke's on all of you: I plan on keeping photography as a hobby forever, software development pays better too 😀

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    5 reasons why I don’t care

    1.I like photography

    Edit: I didn’t watch the video but now that I did it makes a lot of sense. Excuse me.

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    Loved the video it was totally honest you should have also added if youre doing this just to make money you probably should be doing it. Also wild agressive lol

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    True. You can’t just open a website or fb page and assume that customers are going to flock to you. You have to work to get yourself out there, network, try to have your reputation spread through word of mouth etc. Even shadowing an established photographer and using them as a mentor is a good idea if they will agree to do that for you. And you are right about posting interesting, original content that people want so you can “hook” them into being interested in you and your work.

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    Thank you, i need to hear that!

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    Not everybody wants to make it as a photographer. For some it is just a hobby or pass time. Thus, I cannot give advice on HOW to make it as a photographer so I will shut my mouth…

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    these are not photography reasons these are business reasons only! this is a problem within the professional photography community, mixing what is professional(competant to earn money from) compared with who is a photographer or even a good photo/photographer, definitely not the same thing!

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    5 mins before I go to bed
    2am in the uk

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