100 thoughts on “5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes You (Do Not Miss This)”

  1. pusheen 22 says:

    Me:Ian your hair is messy
    Him:agh! Dang it!
    2 minutes later..
    Me:Ian your hair is messy again
    Him:AGhh ARe U KidDing me!
    Sometimes kicks him *
    Chases him cause u mess with me bestie*
    Always letting him grab my arm and take me somewhere*

    Isn't it already obvious? 😂 >:3

  2. Natsuki says:

    Gentlemen? There are girls here that also like girls so you should say

    Lady’s and gentlemen

  3. Lachlan Payne says:

    What if my crush sits in my chair before school starts and when I ask her kindly to move and she says straight away, oh sorry, and moves away.

  4. V_ a e s t h e t i c says:

    I'm a girl watching this so I won't make it obvious

  5. Teaching Lessons VT says:

    to have a normal video

  6. Urakaka .-. says:

    Im lesbian :))

  7. EG TrevTheKing58 - Funny Gaming And More! says:

    Yea ummm

    A girl likes me

  8. Himaya Mowlana says:

    Loved it😍

  9. ECLIPHSE says:

    My crush told ne that his crush doesn't like her

  10. Avery Nielsen says:

    Honestly some of these are actually true. Not even kidding.

  11. PrazoaL EnapueN says:

    Ohhhhh flip someone has a crush on me 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  12. Mike Morbuk says:

    When a girl likes me, I normally end up running away.

  13. Shazam lighting says:

    I want to bang my sister in law and she flirts when we're alone but when somebody's around she doesn't flirt

  14. God says:

    Dont judge why i looked this up

  15. Johan Angkor says:

    Here is the thing:

    My crush keeps just being shyer and shyer and blushes and stares at me most of the f—ing time

  16. BRUH ITS BRUH says:

    I'm a girl and bisexual so ye

  17. JET says:

    Number 3 is the female brain at it's finest. I would rather a have a mentally strong women who isn't afraid to speak her mind. That shit however is a rare thing in today's fake society.

  18. Zyquan Daniels says:

    If I get 5 likes I'm asking my crush out tomorrow

  19. David Sambrano says:

    Ok this is what happend to day im in 6th grade the girl i like last year in 5th grade was talking to me when know one was around im get ing scared

  20. ShadowPlayz 217 says:


  21. bhumi anil says:

    aww man single ;( cmon single ladies where u at

  22. CooperflipVids says:

    50 likes and I’ll tell my crush I like her

  23. 赤編集Aka Edits says:

    Guys, it was patched. Doesn't work anymore.

  24. John carlo Nava says:

    Thanks, now i know. She doesn't like me. 😂

  25. Nigerian bruda Hunter says:

    Bro I hit a new low

  26. Tyrone Hooper says:

    Don't miss ur shot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 talking to her 🙂

  27. Tyrone Hooper says:

    If she likes u talk back to her 🙂

  28. Tyrone Hooper says:

    That's some awesome facts to watch

  29. Audi GachaMakers says:

    I watched this, and since I'm a girl, people thought I was watching it to see if I showed to much, but it's because I like a girl… How do I tell my parents?

  30. kylie kringle says:

    me: 👧🏻 what

  31. Speed_x14 says:

    Am I the only boy

  32. Robloxfan360 says:

    10 likes and ill get to know my crush then admit my feelings

  33. _ _mvgical says:

    lol i’m here to be better at hiding it

  34. Namjoon _Boo says:

    I'm a girl. Imma go get a nice female to spend the rest of my life with.


    I stare way to much at this boy, he rides my bus and I don’t even know him skjsaonwbw 🙁

  36. Ethan Jamieson says:

    A girl came up to me and she imediatly said she wanted to sit next to me at lunch I said ok and when we got there i surrounded by girls watching me. I knew I was fucked. I look at my freinds who were having fun talking to eachoher. Than one of the girls asked me who I liked. I didnt know what to say. They looked at me. But, they said they would keep it a secrete. So I told them. I really hope they didnt lie.

  37. chu xiong2 says:

    Wait so if she punches me and makes jokes with me and let me punch her back as a friendly way she might like me ok just let me know

    Edit: wait if she likes me i have to make the move nah nah i wait and let them come to me my friend is a person who talks to me when am around her and when shes not with her other friends so she might like me.

  38. Skully says:

    The if she’s ur sister part scared me

  39. ChronicTacoz05 says:

    I’m a guy. For some reason I can’t find a girl to mess with me. It’s weird. I’m 20 years old I’m not broke and my D works good I just have no game. It is sucks man. If you have game you can’t do shit with a female So how do get more game straight up

  40. Gian Marzo says:

    I see my crush at the corridor with my best friend they are so close to each other , when I walk pass by ,he sead wanna go out with us, I said no . Ouch , I'm just going to play jealous again

  41. Cashbilly 23 says:

    Am here because am looking for a white girlfriend 😫🇰🇪

  42. Gas0line.mp4 says:

    If this comment gets 20 likes today I will confess tomorrow

  43. Josh Kamei99 says:

    Girls never does that to me😂all the no.in video btw nice n awesome video keep uploading it is so interesting to know how girls likes boys in different ways😊

  44. Joseph Benjamin says:

    1000 likes and I'll kiss my crush

  45. Esau Lolis says:

    This video may land some of us in the "me too" movement. I'll stick with what I know.

  46. Nick Arcilla says:

    After this video, I'm telling my crush tomorrow wish me luck

  47. Brad Parreno says:

    Now I know but I’m far away 😭😂😂

  48. Infante says:

    a girl i used to have a crush on recently told me “ oh did u know u used to have a crush on u?” tough timed

  49. Alan Jinker says:

    3:00 before your first cigarette 3:10 after one tiny puff of a cigarette

  50. JTR 123 says:

    Alright guys I need help… so I like this girl and it’s been a while since I started liking her and I am not sure she like me so what should i do…

    Like-ask her If she likes me

    Comment-tell her I like her

  51. purpleguyxgaming x says:

    I feel like I am one of the few guys who can't get girlfriend because I'm not a buff athlete

  52. Vhertz says:

    and i oop-

  53. Josh Lewis says:

    Hm. I have a scenario for you.

    So i got a Snapchat from a girl that I used to mess around with sometimes out of the blue after like 5 months of nothing. She was filling up her small inflatable jacuzzi.

    I replied back and said "still warm enough to skinny dip".

    She sent back a nude that said "how did you know" and then didn't open my reply. I know she likes me, and the nude was nice. However her habit of never replying is killing it. I just think the scenario is funny

  54. I Hate Snakeu says:

    i watch these all the time. Turns out I make it hella obvious, Dont know if he gets it?

  55. App reviews says:

    For any girls GIVE US SIGNS so we can ask you out 😂

  56. FÅʑe Gaming says:

    Intensity break… for me shes always looking at me😍😍😍i cannot look at her cuz i got shy

  57. Yin Yang says:

    im only here because my best friend (boy) confessed to me and turns out i like him😳

  58. Muhudin Mahamud says:


  59. Simple Silly says:

    I tryed to ask her out but she ended up dating another one of my friends

  60. Jt Tauanuu says:

    How to tell if a girl likes you 1: they stare at you with a loving face

  61. Abaseen Khan says:

    If you smile at her and if she smiles back… she likes you

    ….I mean maybe

    Don't know.

  62. oof :D says:

    I’m watching this to see if I do this when I like a boy lmao

  63. GD Intel says:

    5 likes and I will ask my crush out.

    I nobody will like so that’s why

  64. Isabella Ferguson says:

    Do boys even watch these videos lmao

  65. Noob master69 says:

    Omg I’m so stupid the girl I like asked me out and I completely freaked out😔

  66. FuNk Toxicity says:

    So there is a girl and we were walking alone in the hallways at school and she asked me if I have anybody to go to homecoming with and I don’t and she doesn’t either and she said that she really wants to go but doesn’t have anybody to go with but then later that day she was talking about other boys she thinks are cute, what do I do?

  67. Gwen Towner says:

    10 likes and I'll say I'll confess to my crush but I actually won't and lie. <3

  68. The Last Gamer says:

    Get rekt, 500 likes and I’ll ask my crush out 🤪

  69. Captain ZeroF's says:

    So women hold all the cards, but I have to be Sigmund Fucking Freud to decipher if she's interested?
    Tip to women, just come up and ask.

  70. Live for Love says:

    I’m here to see if I’m being to obvious to my crush

  71. Daniel Lally says:

    im going to die alone no joke im a loser in school god have mercy on my soul

  72. Abigail Knodel says:


  73. Game Siren says:

    10 Likes and I ask my crush out

    Oh wait I already did 😎

  74. YourAsianMom says:

    I’m only watching this to figure out if my best friend likes my boyfriend 😭😭

  75. Justin Townsend says:

    Today a girl slapped on my arm at school she is beautiful and. I got shy I know she loves me . Because I heard a boy was telling her to tell me her feelings

  76. VotiveNutria says:

    Instructions wrong: broke my weewee

  77. Baba yaga says:


  78. Donald Dinegar says:

    this screwed with me

  79. Interesting Default says:

    If I get 500 subscribers I will ask my crush out

  80. Ace Cummings says:

    4.5 of these applied to my crush, does this mean she has a thing for me as well? Cause all the of the signs she gives me are unclear and feels like friendzone a tiny bit…

  81. のヴぁNova3000 says:

    Girls I need to know. Is this accurate?

  82. Galaxy Cat says:

    I'm a girl. I'm watching this cuz I want to know if I'm really obvious. I definitely am

  83. Chevy Silverado says:

    Cars are sexy

  84. Christian London says:

    Awesome. Now I know that every girl I know doesn’t like me

  85. Free delahoya says:

    Any tips I am scared asking my crush out

  86. Gemma says:

    So I'm no gentleman but I'm here because… well you know why 👀

  87. Zee._ says:

    Well my crush thinks im a player cuz of my looks 😭 Luckily my friend helped me and her impression of me somewhat changed. Hope I can win her heart

  88. BTS’s Weird fangirl says:

    Me trying not to do this

  89. MrJojo8675309 says:

    #6) R U N !!!

  90. negar thomson says:

    Now I'm scared after the last one because I'm 11 and that's happened to me many times with my crush

  91. JustLight says:

    I search on Google an it said if they give me eye contact smile and laugh alot. Most of the girls in my grade do that ALL THE TIME.

  92. SilentHotdog28 says:

    A girl invited me to her house……..we sat and watched movies and talked……..didn't do anything because I didn't realise until a few years later when it came up in conversation.

  93. senior barista 87 says:

    who wants to date with me im simple person

  94. Ghosty - says:

    Talk to them terrifying

  95. Youmadbruv X says:

    No stop, don’t give me hope.

  96. Pepsi Man says:

    It's either that I don't pay attention or nobody likes me

  97. Lil God Speed says:

    3 omg

  98. Apple Fan Channel Pro says:

    Why girls want man to be bold but they don’t want to be bold

  99. GhostBoo says:

    Alright quick question, this girl who I think likes me..

    1. Stares at me and looks away
    2. When she is with friends she’ll stay away from me.

    But, she claims she has a boyfriend… does she like me lmao.

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