5 Flash Photography Techniques | Digital Cameras
5 Flash Photography Techniques | Digital Cameras

14 thoughts on “5 Flash Photography Techniques | Digital Cameras”

  1. Scrubzilla says:

    Fuck Howcast

  2. max f says:

    Howcast· , wtf is wrong with u

  3. Clyde Cash says:

    i want to punch the kid in the thumbnail.

  4. Marcus Graham says:

    @marcus_graham99, follow me and if you have good quality photos I'll follow you back?

  5. OnlinePhotographyCourses says:

    experimenting with flash photography has taught me so much… just trying it in different situations, the angle/bouncing technique works well and I didn't realize I needed to give it more juice since it travels further. thanks!

  6. peter hamlin says:

    Fantastic video!! 

  7. Kevin Pratama Holmes says:


  8. Cristian Rivera says:

    very helpful!

  9. joost schaap says:

    can someone please tell me what flash he is using for his Nikon. don't know if anyone reads this but would be great!

  10. Siam Simte says:

    radio signer. got it

  11. ahmed Badran says:

    Is there any flashes having the TTL-BL MODE other than nikon ??

  12. Mel G says:

    I'd like to see more of his work to see if i truly should take this advice …

  13. Shubho Salateen says:


  14. Failure Rises Films says:


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