5 Facts Every Fan of The Princess and the Frog Should Know
5 Facts Every Fan of The Princess and the Frog Should Know

Can you believe Disney’s The Princess and the Frog came out over a decade ago? Let’s dig a little deeper with five facts about The Princess and the Frog. Fact 1 The filmmakers behind The Princess and the Frog took inspiration from previous Disney films to make their New Orleans feel as real and lived-in as possible. Production Designer James Aaron Finch and his team looked to Lady in the Tramp for the shapes of its buildings, and Art Director Ian Gooding studied the forest scenes in Bambi, using their rhythms to create what feels like a live bayou. Now, let’s hop from the world of Tiana to Tiana’s character. Fact 2 Disney Legend Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Princess Tiana, requested that her character be left-handed just like her. Not only did they share the same handedness, a word I learned just now, but Tiana’s dimples are also inspired by Anika. Animator Mark Henn noticed the expressiveness Anika’s dimples added to her performance while recording dialogue. It was truly that dimple..simple. Fact 3 Quick question: What do Mama Odie, Professor Granville from Big Hero 6 The Series, and Flow from Cars all have in common? Yep, they’re all voiced by Blackish co-star, Jenifer Lewis, making her one of few people to voice more than one Disney character. And speaking of voice actors…Fact 4 Disney legend Oprah Winfrey consulted with Directors Ron Clements and John Musker during the making of the film, initially meeting in Disneyland. When they eventually pitched her on playing Tiana’s mother, Eudora, she was in. She replied, “Now, find me a good husband.” And they certainly did with the incomparable Terrence Howard. Fact 5 The Princess and the Frog is certainly not the first Disney film Ron and John have directed together. They also directed Disney classics like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin which are actually referenced throughout the film. There’s the Magic Carpet, there’s Genie’s lamp, and yeah, the ruler of Atlantica, King Triton! But my personal favorite cameo is Ron and John dressed as giant bead-tossing fish. On a research trip to New Orleans Ron and John were actually invited to ride a float during Mardi Gras, and if you ask me, their cameo is pretty…animated. Heyo! Thanks for watching. Let us know what Disney films you would like to know more about, and I’ll catch you down in New Orleans.

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    Lovely video. don't stop. let's be youtube friends? :O

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    "I'm almost there" believing that The Princess and the Frog is over 10 years old with its fun and message of hard work!

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    Yeah, I love it when Clements and Musker put a little of themselves in their films. I mean, really.

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    I'd love to know all about the nightmare before Christmas one of my favorites

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    So it's been almost 10 years since the last hand drawn animated film from this company. That's sad.

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    Ron and John really are experts in problematic animation storylines. Maybe it’s time they retire.

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