5 Best Free Stock Footage Websites For YouTube Commercial

Hey buddy, In this video, I will tell you
my 5 best free websites to download stock footage. These websites are in no order and it is you
who what to choose the website you are comfortable with. First we have the Videvo. This website has two major licenses, and they
are Stranded Videvo License and CC 3. If the stock media is licensed under Stranded
Videvo License then, you can use it in your project and no need to credit the author,
but you cannot redistribute or sell it. Where as in CC 3, which is Creative Commons
3, you have to credit the author where ever you use it but here you can sell or redistribute
the product. As of me, most of the stock footage in Videvo
is Licensed under Videvo Stranded License, so you don’t need to credit the author. In this website you can download till 1080p. As of the website, new videos will be updated
on weekly basis. Other than stock video footage, you also can
download motion graphics. As of me, I have read that for some of the
video clips downloaded from Videvo, you get a copyright strike on YouTube, they say it
is automatic. My opinion is if you cannot find a stock footage
on any other websites then go for Videvo, otherwise don’t take a risk. Pexels is another stock footage website, unlike
Videvo, Pexels is a website where you get stock videos but also stock photos. Also at Pexels there is only one license,
which is CC 0. With Creative Commons 0, you don’t need to
credit the author, its free to use anywhere, you can also redistribute them or sell them. There are no limits on the media you get from
Pexels. This website only gives you content which
is at least HD and a maximum up to 1080p HD. Also at Pexels you can download the image
with a custom size, which means you don’t need to edit them again. New medias will be updated every week. As of me, Pexels has the second largest stock
media with best license possible. So, if you are searching for real free stuff,
which you can use anywhere then Pexels is a perfect place for you. Videezy is a website where you can download
4K videos for free, at this website if you download anything you have to give credit
to the Videezy website. Also Videezy only gives you stock video but
not photos. The company Eezy has some other websites like,
Brusheezy, which gives you free Photoshop Brushes. Vecteezy on which you can get Vector Graphics
for free, and Themeezy where you can download website themes for free. If you are searching for some specific stock
video, then Videezy should be the place, because it has tons of video footage. At Videezy you can also download motion graphics. Unsplash is such an awesome website that I
cannot stop showing you, Unsplash gives you free do whatever you want stock photos. All the images available at Unsplash are licensed
under CC 0. There are a million stock images or even more,
the only point is, you need to have the right keyword to get the images you want. Otherwise it takes a little bit of time. Unlike other websites, images from Unsplash
are uploaded by users of Unsplash, as a result you get images of quality till 4K. Unsplash is the only website which is largest
amongs all, there is also an API for developers to use Unsplash’s stock images. Unsplash also has a google chrome extension
which loads awesome high quality images each time you open a new tab. I would say Unsplash is a social media platform
for images. StockSnap is a web application in which you
get great stock photos, with super search functionality. Unlike Unsplash and other stock photos websites,
StockSnap has a powerful search filter by which you will find the image you want quickly. There is nothing special with StockSnap because
it provides everything you expect. The license is CC 0. One thing I would like to tell you is, with
StockSnap you even have a option of newsletter, If you are a content creator like me, then
you need stock photos for everything. In that case the newsletter feature by StockSnap
will help us, get awesome high quality images in your inbox. So let’s head over to the bonus website which
is : Pixabay Pixabay provides you great images as well as videos, for free. All the content in Pixabay is licensed under
CC 0. I have read the license terms and could not
feel guaranteed, because they say that they are not responsible for any content hosted
on their website. So, if you don’t find the stuff you want on
any of the websites I told you in this video, check this website out, because it has a huge
amount of media. This video is not sponsored by anybody. It is on my interest I am making these videos. Please support me on Patreon, if you like
my videos. Subscribe to my channel for more videos like
this. This is Vasanth Developer singing off.

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