Hey and welcome in this video. In today episode I’ll talk about five common
mistakes that photography beginners do and how to avoid them. My name is Benjamin Jaworskyj, adventure photographer
from Berlin Germany and I was a beginner as well. As you are now and I want you to avoid the
mistakes I did a few of them you will see in this video I did as well, not all of them
and I saw a lot of people visiting my workshops doing these mistakes so you can avoid them
in the future if you listen closely to the following tips. There is nothing about it to having great
gear and being a bit of a techie but in the beginning, too much gear will confuse you
and with that every lens and every peace of new equipment the things get more complicated. You should focus on the essentials like aperture,
ISO and shutter in manual mode. That’s enough to get confused by as a beginner. Understand natural light. Try to find things you are interested in photographing
and take photos, photos, photos. Practice, practice, practice. The less gear you have the more you think
about photography. All you need in the beginning is any camera,
one lens, a battery, card and maybe a tripod. Autofocus is a great thing but your camera
never knows what exactly is going on in your crazy brain. Do you want to focus in the front or in the
back? The camera does not know that you love the
bokeh and that you want to take photos of your hand in macro mode. It may think, wouh that is a nice background
or away with that ugly hand. So what you should do, is set you focus points
manually to the part of the image you want to focus. Help the camera and work together as a team. No more confusion and sharper images. You got your first camera and the first thing
you do is, you go in the menu and take a look around. Wow all those new words and all those nice
buttons let’s press them and turn them but never ever read the manual. Okay that’s fine if you have some experiences
but as a beginner, just don’t. I have seen a lot of people coming to my workshops
in the last years who asked me. Ben why are my pictures so blurry, why is
everything black and white, why does it only shoot JPG and the pictures are super small. Only change the settings if you know what
they mean. Reset your camera if you have done anything
bad. Usually the standard settings are working
pretty fine and if you want to do something with a new camera adjust the little wheel
on the viewfinder next to your eye. If the auto focus says it’s sharp but you
see blurry it may be that little nasty wheel next to the viewfinder. Most people shoot from the head perspective. They walk around take photos and there is
nothing bad to that, but if you want to be creative and get perspectives that look more
interesting go away from what everyone does. Lay on the ground in the dirt take things
in the foreground climb on trees do your thing and be creative. Do what you need to get the picture and don’t
be afraid of the dirt, don’t be afraid of your wife who shouts at you when come home
all dirty and wet and oh okay maybe better be afraid but do everything for a photo. The flash is a great invention and you can
do awesome stuff with the flash but in 99% of your photography life your internal camera
flash should stay inside. Do you know tourists who come to a landscape
spot in the middle of the day and flash edit or they are in a zoo flashing through the
glass or stand on a concert 200 meters away from the stage and flash at the artist. It makes no sense it is just annoying. In most of the situations the internal harsh
flash destroys the mood of a picture. Better keep the ISO up or use a tripod or
take an external flash. The internal flash of the camera only use
when I have no other choice or just want a quick snapshot of me and Leonardo DiCaprio
hanging out for my Instagram. Those where five common mistakes that photography
beginners do and how to avoid them. Now I’m interested in which mistakes you did
as well. Maybe some of the video you recognized yourself. Post them in the comments below maybe you
have other mistakes that you recognized on your self to help other people. Post them in the comments section as well
and if you want to see more videos, disciple the channel. Every Friday there is a new video about photography
coming out. So see you next time. Hit the thumbs up button share the video with
somebody you think about it might help them and never forget. Sag mal Einstellung Digga und haut rein!

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