hi welcome in this video my name is
Benjamin Jaworskyj and today I have five landscape photography
secrets for you. when you see those great landscape photos of water they look smooth and
silky in most of the times a long exposure is the reason. to take a long exposure during day you need an ND filter they work like sunglasses and
darken the image so you can take
a longer shutter speed. when you now photograph water or clouds
you get great smooth effects. maybe you heard of the polarizing
effect from your fishing trips already. fishermen use it to see
fishes swim under the water surface. a polarizing filter does the same when you
put it on and turn it you can get rid of reflections and get a more painterly
contrasting look. works perfectly in forest or on waterfalls. is the sky too bright in your landscape photos what you need is a graduated filter just screw
the holder in front of your lens and then slide the filter from top to bottom inside. as you can see the top is like an ND filter so darkens the image where the
sky is without affecting the bottom part of the image they are not cheap to buy
but worth the money when you look at amazing landscape
photos and see all those great colors you might think whoa a lot of image
editing will be needed to achieve that but the truth is that it’s all about the right light. landscape photographers get
up early and go to bed late because around sunrise and sunset you
get the best light. so when you want to take
great landscape photos chase the light and not Lightroom presets. when I take
landscape photos I not only wait for great light but I also look for
foregrounds you can transform your image and change the mood or message by just
changing the foreground walk around and look on the ground what you find
interesting or catchy there can be flowers, rocks, sticks or
anything else by moving close they appear bigger and will pimp up your
landscape photography game. which of the five landscape photography secrets did
you like the most? write in the comments below and amongst all people that write
a comment like the video and subscribe to the channel I will give away five
landscape photography courses of learnfromben.com there’s a whole landscape
photography course we filmed at the Lofoten Islands in Norway there will be
plenty of more landscape photography secrets in that course so good luck with
that just write a comment like the video subscribe to the channel see you next
time and never forget Sag mal Einstellung Digga!
Und haut rein.


  1. Vijay Choudhary says:

    Really awesome tricks to click more clear and awesome pics thanks bro

  2. léopoldd says:

    Great tips ! For the graduated filter, I prefer bracketing instead : way cheaper and same result ! 😉 I think the best tip is about the polarizing filter, it really can transform an image in a way that you couldn't achieve otherwise !

  3. FXArts says:

    Warum nicht mehr in deutsch :/ ?

  4. Samuel Andersen says:

    the best secret was, that there where 5 secrets 😀

  5. Joe Cerda says:

    the polarizer…I can use them all but I'd like to use the polarizer on my wedding shots…you rock man

  6. Obi Wan says:


  7. alvian Sorong says:


  8. André Tams says:

    Great tips! Thank you 😊👍

  9. David Manilla says:

    Thanks for the tips and for all the videos

  10. Riz Ahmed says:

    TBH, I have liked all 5 secrets /tips 👌🏻🔝👍🏻😍.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Martin Orság says:

    awesome tips! I like the "secret" to get up early / go sleep late, to capture the best light, rly important one 🙂

  12. Joempt says:

    Wasn´t lucky in your Instagram giveaway but maybe here.

  13. Jesus Garcia says:

    WOuld love to win the course!

  14. Daniel Catalina says:

    Hi Ben, 'chase the light' is the one that I like the most. The filters can be bought or simulated in software, even the light can be painted in post processing, but actually being there when the light is at its greatest gives you some great feelings (and good photos, of course).

  15. Alexander Mayer says:

    I have liked all 5 secrets

  16. Yannick says:

    Chase the light 😍

  17. Adam says:

    My favourite secret was to use polarisers to catch fish

  18. Neil Nino Navarra says:

    Great tips. Thanks! Need to learn more about using filters..

  19. Melt_ham says:

    it will pimp up your photography game .. 2:18

  20. Kevin Salas says:

    Awesome tips !

  21. Julius Govers says:

    This dude is a genius

  22. Sandeep Deswal says:

    i like all the five. Thanks

  23. Simon Blaser says:

    I like the "chase the light" trick the most.
    Great video, keep it up:D

  24. Livingmylife says:

    I want that hat😂

  25. MJ Play says:

    Ich mag den letzten mit dem Vordergrund am besten

  26. Tim says:

    Chase the light is the most useful and important I think.

  27. Merteus says:

    Great video

  28. rm101 says:

    Sounds like I could use a graduated filter. Also chase the light, greats tips !

  29. Benjamin Jaworskyj says:

    Check out my best Course about Landscape Photography. Epic Scenery, Tons of Tips and Tricks on how to get great Landscape Photos! http://learnfromben.com/product/landscape-photography-video-course/

  30. Leo Sánchez says:

    Awesome Bro!
    great video!!!

  31. Gordon Young says:

    secrets really ? since when ?

  32. Pack & Click says:

    I really enjoyed the video. I haven't used graduated filters as of yet, so that was my favorite. Nothing to do with photography, but what do you always say in German at the end of your videos?

  33. QZ AU says:

    i like the polarizing filter tip! it really helped me a lot when i learned about using this thing few months ago

  34. Piotrek Deska says:

    For those who shoot for some time, any of those aren't secrets 😉 But it's always worth to remind some tips. Personally I think foreground is one of most important things. If you don't have the right frame, even with great light and nice exposure balanse something is missing on the picture 🙂

  35. Peter Jensen says:

    These are grea reminders for things to try. cheers peter

  36. Mark Taylor says:

    Interesting foreground is the best tip for me – I keep forgetting it and wasting the good light I've waited for!

  37. Pedro Cunha says:

    what is your opinion of blend multiple exposure vs GND ?

  38. Tobis Foto says:

    Sach mal Einstellung Digga. Zwar ungewohnt in Englisch aber wie immer gut.

  39. Dein neues Leben says:

    ND Filter is great and my fav. The best results.

  40. Nicole Royce says:

    Great video!! Now I know how to fix some of the things I have been struggling with.

  41. IM Films says:

    Liked the reminder of catching the sunrise & sunset. Thank you!

  42. Nick Cagol says:

    Great tutorial! Which grade of ND filter would you suggest to start with? The one that can be used in most situation… Thanks!

  43. Sue Welshans says:

    Like the graduated lens

  44. Jerry Ferluga says:

    Good job.

  45. Ruslana Ness says:

    thank you for sharing, i learned new information about the filters

  46. Aaliyah Sarauer says:

    Sehr hilfreiche Tipps, Danke! 🙂

  47. RickytheRobot says:

    I think I saw Bigfoot run behind you near the end. 😳

  48. Melika says:

    I liked the graduate filter most

  49. Vincent Goymann says:

    Servus Ben
    Ich bin ein 16 jähriger Hobbyfotograf aus Bayern und würd mich echt meega freuen über den workshop! Und klasse Video natürlich!

  50. Extreme Exploring by SHINIGAMI says:


  51. Robert Shainline says:

    Great tips, my favorite is to chase the light.

  52. Andreas Brett says:

    I definitely liked the first 3 secrets the most since they're about spending money on things you actually sell surprise aaaaaaand they're actually not secrets as every beginner in landscape photography already knows to get ND, GND and polarizing filters. Great work, this video was almost as helpful to me as to you.

  53. Stephanie Saxemard says:

    cool content and well explained!

  54. Jon Oh says:

    I really like the foreground tip! It is very overlooked!

  55. Aditya Singh says:

    Thank You. I was thinking about buying an ND filter. Really the best video for increasing your landscapes. I was the 15 subscriber of your channel. Keep uploading awesome stuff. Good Luck.

  56. appleonmondays says:

    Simply the best

  57. Ashwin Desai says:


  58. Layth 786 says:

    "Chase the light and not Lightroom presets"…real talk right there 🔑

  59. mark newman says:

    Great video, I liked the "great light" and "foreground interest" the best. I need to get out of bed early and find great locations too.

  60. ratandeep saha says:

    Awesome videos

  61. Sabin Subedi says:

    pls make a vedio just for filters a detail tutorial pls just filters

  62. 29 Kristóf says:

    Awesome content Benjamin! 🙂

  63. Mike Nuijs says:

    The best tip was the one to put an object in the front of the landscape photo! Thanks Ben!

  64. abdullah alqarni says:


  65. Suwaji WN says:

    Bagus….! Salam dari Indonesia

  66. Cordell Rankin says:

    I needed to know about the different filters. This was so helpful thank you.

  67. DERPuty Dog says:

    ND filters from camray suck.

  68. Enea Notaro says:

    What's the best objective for landscape photography?

  69. Bastian Eff says:

    Sag ma Einstellung Digga! An das Englisch muss ich mich erst noch gewöhnen 🙂

  70. KAWIN THONGLIM says:

    I like it

  71. Jack Dwiggins says:

    Foreground is the best tip, along with the light tip.

  72. Alex aroundtheworld says:

    Nicht "fishes" – just to let you know 🙂 Fish is fish 🙂

  73. Al Steiner says:

    Ben Sony Digital filter app says it can do the graduated ND thing. Have you tried it, and is it effective?

    I assume at the price it is worth a shot

  74. MidnigthWalker says:

    wished I had seen this video earlier lol just started on photography

  75. kevin kamau says:

    i like the topic

  76. Chairman Meow says:

    with the polarizing filter you can see where to throw the grenades in the water

  77. Olya Coco Clonts says:

    Love love love your videos! Good job! What lenses are used for landscape? Is there a video on lenses? Which are the best for weddings, newborns, and portraits?

  78. Ahmed Cruz Juarez says:

    I liked the Neutral density tip, only ;problem is it'll be hard to get with my 11-24 F4 L by cannon lol

  79. Kazi Ridoy says:

    love it 😍😍
    thank u so much

  80. Lộc Đinh says:

    there is no secret but money :)))

  81. Matias Bax says:

    2:19 This photo is beautiful!

  82. Mayank Patley says:

    I am 2000th person to like this video

  83. Matt L says:

    Can you spot the difference in photos @ 0:55 folks?

  84. scottP says:

    Great job!

  85. Dan Smit says:

    Chase the light and foreground makes a lot of sense. Thank you

  86. Board with Life says:

    New sub! Great tips dude

  87. Go Wild Geese says:

    What the hell is the point of graduated filters when you can achieve the look with one click in the post and you can change and adapt it however you like….

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