4 Stock Photos Worse Than Women Laughing with Salads
4 Stock Photos Worse Than Women Laughing with Salads

What would people use this for? I’ve never seen such a carefree pumpkin in my life. She’s just like, I guess I’m a pumpkin now. She’s kind of going like, werk, werk, werk. Maybe they’re trying to terrorize Ichabod Crane? If you’re ever that excited about a hamburger,
you need to reevaluate your life priorities. But apparently it’s also a holy hamburger. She looks like she is going to use
that burger for evil. When I first saw this, I was like,
oh that looks like a scene from Breaking Bad. He’s actually going into a studio,
he’s going to take off his shoes and socks and ask you to be his neighbor. I kind of want to hang out with him.
I’ll bet we could be bros. So this guy is the hero, and burger lady
is the villain for sure. He’s got the nervousness of a face of
someone who’s trying to catch a baby that they just tossed into the air. And he was like, yo bro, toss me that carrot. Also, he’s wearing a wedding ring,
and I don’t know how he is married.

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