3 True Scary Stories To Help You Sleep | Vol 2
3 True Scary Stories To Help You Sleep | Vol 2

tonight we have a collection of three
true scary stories from the darkest pets of the Internet
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begin. Number one.. here’s my story sixteen black and have a family down in
Alabama they farm and own a huge amount of land down in Huntsville my uncle owns a
big house and a bunch of trailers they put out in the woods for hunting or
camping then South cousin suggested who at their camp
they know im just a city kid from Chicago so they tease the fuck out of me collect food
Kil a pig and some chickens and bring necessities to camp out for a few days
we get to the camp and it’s obvious something is weird here has the beard
electric smell like right before the storm like goes on we think nothing of
it and unpacking were down to a little creek to swim for a few hours all of a
sudden some older white guy and a white teenager come out of the bushes here’s a
shotgun and the crook of his arm and sees Hollow and asked us what we are
doing this far back in the woods tell him about my uncle who he knows and sees
we’re camping out he tells us we need to be real careful out here stick together
there was a big animal in the woods the Sun is my age asks if he can stay and
hang out with us he says okay I’m going to stop being texting because
the story is fairly long and formats is harder to write on so we end up playing
football taking around with me there’s this white cat Tanner five of my cousins
and then four of their friends in toto there were five girls and six boys we
all went around 15 to 17 we ended up just taking the day away so we head back
to the camp and pilling up some stuff for a campfire even though the trailers
both had catch nets Tanner sees that his farmers property sets up against my
uncles he wants to run home and ask is that if you can combat camping with us
my cousin rooster says he’s called to go with him since it’s going to get dark
soon one of the girls also wanted to tag
along it’s about seven o’clock and it’s starting to get pretty dark
they take flashlights and take the trail towards tans property the rest of us
Chelle we make s’mores drank can kiss on Malachor roads about 30 or 40 minutes
later there’s a smell of ozone again you could smell it so for the smell of the
fire get started that’s really nasty property smell like right after you’ve
had a nosebleed and it stopped it wasn’t exactly like dried blood what was the
nasty metallic back of your throat smell we immediately think that it’s some kind
of electrical malfunction or someone left a hot plate on or some shit we
searched your trailers and nothing is on and we can smell it all of a sudden we
can hear people booking down the path towards us and risk their tan and the
ghetto all come running into the clearing and took bread and they don’t
even break strength they all run into the trailer right by where the fire does
we all get the fuck out of there and then to the trailers the ends of
comander even roosters crying his fucking eyes at at this point all the
whale the fire does guttering lore and lore so my other cousins say fuck it and
the boats would say to get the generators of the shared between the
trailers Tanner goes fuck no lock the front door
it nobody else going outside he’s been crying too and his eyes are bloodshot
and puffy and his pants are dirty as shit he goes on to tell us that they
went up to the house his father said sure he could go camping but to make
sure they were careful on the way back and maybe the issue TKE one of the
hunting rifles just in case evidently Tanner had seen something in their yard
a few days before one of their pegs had come up wrapped in half-eaten the
assumed that was just some big cat or coyote even though they didn’t usually
fuck with live animals he had gone upstairs and packed his stuff and told
his dad to be ok without the rifle because we wanted to avoid people so
they started walking back towards me they were camping so risked their family
stops crying and shaking the cattle already had but she was just eating out
of the window with the dumb look on her face he sees they had gotten halfway
into the woods towards the camp when he started to hear shit in forest
it was almost pitch black by this time so the vent shoot at farce what the fuck
it was the girl who sees that she heard something in the bushes right off the
trail and they all beamed their flashlights
over there there was someone standing back in the woods and I let so hollow
rooster said they shouted at him and told him they were scaring the fuck out
of them what duck he was he says that when he realized that the guy was facing
away from them he sees that when he realized that the guy was facing away
from them so they keep walking and he starts smelling the nasty company ozone
smell they say that they look off into the forest on the opposite side and I
said dude standing there backwards slightly closer to the path
so now they start para walking and time keeps going I should have taken a
fucking rifle as they’re telling the story the smell is still super strong
even a Sadie cabin they say that after they started walking faster a can of law
jabbering had started coming from both sides of the woods and as they started
picking it back to the trailer they could have said she had flashed her
flashlight out into the woods to the side of them had seen something jerking
itself through the woods they gibbering just got louder and louder and when they
could see the light from their campfire something had come back to the woods
about 40 yards behind them onto the track and they’re just flat it ran as
hard as they could to the trailer so we’re notes in the fucking woods and
we’re assuming at this point if some rednecks or some shit trying to fuck
with us all of a sudden my other cousin junior start swimmin about her he went
to school with a native kid who was talented my bed the goatman
or some shit we promptly tell him to shut the fuck up because we don’t need
any spooky talk right now but he just kept going on and on about habits this
fucking goat man and Toby Ren has woods and yada yada yada now at the time I had
never had at the goat man or anything like that but then a couple years ago
the year before I graduated from college I had a minim fart of Emmett and I ended
up asking him about it and to sum it up it’s basically a fucking man with a head
of a goat and he can shape-shift and it gets among groups of people to terrorize
them it’s also supposed to be a kind of like Wendigo and it’s a bad module to
even talk about it and even worse if you see it keep in
mind I didn’t know this back when I was 16 so my cousin is going the group man’s
going to get in and fucking get us the ghettos are all terrified and my cousins
and I are all fucking trying to figure out if it’s just some help bellies or if
it’s some animal so all of a sudden the smell just goes away like to this day I
haven’t even experienced something like it but usually smells feet away our
blessing I just literally was there one second and then the next it wasn’t
so it’s after than ever making it through laying or 10b stop shitting
bricks and after go back outside and stoke the fire again we figured it was
just some assholes trying to fuck with us so we don’t go back home because we
think if we do they’ll chase us through the woods or something you know nothing
else we had happens at bay and we stay another night and for the main part of
the night nothing happens I bet 1:00 in the morning we don’t say
getting drunk and telling ghost stories as someone is finishing the some 2spooky
story the smell comes back it’s so fucking strong that one of the girls
literally started vomiting I stand up you can actually feel her climbing the
arrows I see we should get inside them that
this isn’t ranked we should have just fucking left we all go back inside and
we’re standing around my cousin just keeps going on about her as the fucking
gold man my cousin rooster tries to show him the fuck up and all the while I’m
just feeling that something is wrong and I can’t figure out what the fuck it is
winds up setting in there for a while the smell is just as strong and we’re
terrified and all Huddle’s in this camper we end up cooking brats for
everybody because nobody wants to gravesite it’s one of those packs worth
for brats we have a total of three paths I grow them up on the stove and give
everybody a hot dog I get made after a while one of my cousins gets up and goes
over to the pot to get another one he starts grumbling about her I get two
brats and every else on the got one and I look at him like he’s fucking stupid
I tell him everybody only got one because there was only 12 brats if he
wants more he should open up a new pack and cook some more
that’s when rather good old that b-note with rooster and tan just start
screaming well Jesus Oh Lord get it out she’s crying and shivering and then it
dawns on the cousin standing up what the fuck is wrong me and Tim both glanced
around the room and then I feel my heart fucking sank
I run out of the cabin and it gotta runs out with us the trailer door is banging
against the side of the trailer as everybody boots it out of the cabin
one of my cousin’s friends asks us what the hell was wrong I start counting us
there’s only 11 now I shit you not my cousin verified there had been 12
people in the cabin but being at everybody didn’t really know each other
well nobody really noticed the whole fucking time but there was an extra
person and then I realized earlier but I kind of noticed something was off you
know how when you’re just dicking around to me a good time and that you don’t
sweat the smallest shit and you don’t always keep track of certain stuff I’m
dead sure that someone else had been in the trailer with us but they had been
there for at least a fucking day eating with us what makes it worse I could
figure out which one because I don’t think anyone ever actually interacted
with other person the goop man again all kept praying to Jesus and we’re all
sitting up side eventually we get a bag a stick so go back into the cabin but
there’s nobody and their weekend’s again and there’s 11 people we go back into
the trailer and lock the door we explain what the fuck happened and they can all
sees that she realized – and the when he was about to say something the person
sitting next to her had grabbed her leg hard and leaned over toward her and said
something she couldn’t understand so we are pretty much scared as fuck as
we huddled together and I fall asleep when I wake up the Sun is just coming up
and half the people are asleep another half are packing her shit up we all want
to walk back home like four people want to stay until the Sun is all the way up
and some people think that we are just fucking around and I want to stay in the
trailers I just want to get the fuck out of the woods we can whose name was Kira
the one the gold man had touched anyway I asked her if she really thinks it was
something bad and she says she just wants to go home and she doesn’t want to
be out in the woods alone for another night so we just say it splits up before
that want to go can go but I have to stay because I have the keys to the
cabin and it’s my uncles and I have to lock up I’m super pissed at this point
because I feel like people aren’t taking this shit seriously and I definitely
didn’t want to be able to nowit’s for another night I spend the rest of the
day trying to convince the rest of the people no for girls and for guys to get
the fuck out of Dodge Tanner leaves with them to get a rifle
and says he’ll be back so there are just seven of us left by 4:00 p.m. at around
5:00 p.m. he hasn’t made it back yet we were getting extremely fucking antsy
and the only reason I stopped begging them to go back was because he went to
get a gun it’s about 5:30 p.m. or so when the one cousin that Stacy’s at the
ghetto Kyra is that excited we all look at saying and sure enough she’s standing
by the fire panic with her back to the cabin I’m thinking to myself if she was
so fucking scared why the hell would she come back and then I get this nasty
feeling of my god keep in mind the whole time the coppery smell has been gone now
I realized I can smell just a twinge of it
I say this to the rest of them and everybody and there are people that
wanted to stay in this fucking works after we had the goddamn gold mine at
her best his laughing at me and asking if I set and I stopped to scare them I’m
looking at them like yeah I’m not fucking bullshitting you I asked him why
the fuck I would play like that so well in the ghettos cause it’s a skate kiddo
she gets halfway to her stops cold Kiera starts even I don’t know how the fuck to
describe it sort of like if someone with their back target was laughing without
actually making any sense it was this fact that made me realize
there was not a fucking cent in the whole week it was dead silent
that was like Layton in September so it was fairly hot at the time but it was
super jelly some days to you could usually hear a bad guys geese honking or
some kind of bar just when I was chat chatting so I stand by the side of the
door and tell her to come back in the fucking trailer right she backs up into
the trailer and we locked the door he piltan all the shades except one I
put a guy there in the chair to watch her she stands here in front of our 20
minutes or so the guy turns to see that she stole there was a huge fucking bang
at the door we all jump up and scramble around the living room of the trailer
that banging is super light so now my cousin has holes in when they get out
and the other two are kinda giggling with nervous laughter and me and the
other two guys are shitting bricks then we hear time he’s screaming well at me
the fuckin stop fucking playing so we go to the door and opener and he stumbles
em with a rifle there’s no DL so excited
evidently he had walked up to the campsite nothing weird happened in the
forest but yet scenic ghetto manger he said it was not Kira standing there when
it got into the edge of the clearing she had turned towards him with the
slack-jawed Luke and just stared at him slowly tracking him as he walked around
the outside of the clearing towards account he said it wasn’t till he was
almost halfway to the trailer it realized that she was getting closer to
him she started off by the fire but there haven’t even seen her move she had
been turning inching closer he said he had just round the rest of the way back
to the cabin thinking it would be open when he got to the door and it was long
he turned it was about half the distance to the door he looks around the room and
it gets super pale he peels me to the side and whispers in my ear you know
there are only seven of us in here right I get that feeling very years stomach
dropped to your nones that’s had been back and say to Taylor
or we were sorting out who was going where and then when we all went to say
to talk earlier in the day that has just slept right back in you looked at the
Wendel and there is nobody out there so really came to everyone and then
basically I go over and ask everyone how many people were here earlier and
everyone sees it I see well how many are here now the owe to the count and then
realized there are only seven people in the cabin so Tanner brought back a
couple boxes of ammo and his rifle and that tortoise died there was some kind
of animal in the forest because he didn’t think his dad would believe him
if he said it was a goat man he says that his cousin is supposed to be coming
down in a few hours left in the morning we could all go back to his place and
his cousin will drive us home then I’m really fucking terrified but at least
feel better because we can be a mannequin and she the fucking of
whatever it is that comes back but then my cousin gets into the huge argument
with one of the ghettos because she thinks that I’m trying to be funny and
prank though and that she’s getting really scared
not funny he keeps telling her I’m not that kind of person
and she says well how do we know the scanner wasn’t just Tanner and awake and
if it’s really the goatman how do we know that it’s the real Tanner and the
group man just didn’t kill Tanner in the woods and take his gun so we get into
this huge fucking argument where me and Tanner like we could see Russell be in
danger because at the very least someone has been sneaking themselves into her
fucking trailer with her dust knowing and mingling with us and at worst
something bad is in the forest fucking with us when the ghettos is crying and
says she wants to go right now and we are trying to tell her he shouldn’t
because none of us are walking through the woods in the middle of the night at
this point the Sun is starting to go down and it’s getting lots of Claudio’s
we eat something and turn on the radio farewell but we can’t really get a
station out there with anything decent so we turn it off at about the time that
tans cousin shows up he was like 19 I think at this point the Sun is just
barely over the horizon he has one of those heavy duty lines from flashlights
and another rifle he walks up to the trailer and be West Briton asking if
he’s sure that’s his cousin and says yes the guy looks behind him and all around
account then walks in you can have glances at all of us and looks a little
confused he says where’s your other little buddy at I figured she would meet
me at the cabin and she a little slow or something he also asks me that we had
been cooking blood in the cabin because it smelled like blood and hot pans all
the way up the trail we are all like fucking nope but we asked him what he’s
talking about with a ghetto he saw he had come down the same trail of town had
been using and he had come up won one of yous guys buddies standing in the middle
of the trail look at him slack jars he had asked a bunch of questions but
all she did was just look at him and she smiled at him and he kept walking
she couldn’t seem to keep up with him Kent lagging lots of behind him he said
he asked if she was hard for something and if she needed any help but she had
continued to stare eventually he had been walking and turned around the bands
in the trail but when he turned around and went back to see if she was okay the
trail was empty it assumed that she had taken some shortcut through the woods to
her trailer you tell him the whole story of what’s been going on I half expected
him to see her full of shit but he’s just lessened and then sat down on the
couch she’s in the living room Tanner’s cousin gets back to the gunner
he says when she had kept trying to like behind him that it kind of weirded him
out so he tried to keep her in front of him
but no matter how slow he walked she was always lagging a little behind and that
he smelled this nasty smell and it was strong and as he got to the camp
eventually it got really strong she had said something really low that he didn’t
quite catch the man had turned around she had been raped the fuck up on him
and he stepped back from her it was at this point he asked that if she was okay
and that she wasn’t him to carry her back the rest of the way and she just
kept stealing he said he beached out for her as
integral on the shoulder but he must have misjudged the distance because she
was off to the side of where he had put his hand like she had moved well he was
looking dead at her so at this point we know that shit’s real unless tan is
playing a joke which we can tell he’s not because he’s almost passing his
pants so the award’s up their rifles we eat some more and we just kind of sit
around till about 11:00 to this day every time I think about this I really
pray to God that it’s some huge prank and my cousin’s played on me and just
never revealed it so I would share it for the rest of my life around 11:00
just think of copper turns and turn actual nasty gross blood like smell like
cooking blood and singed hair tan and his cousin Reece get the fuck off
instantly grabbed the rifles because like a half knocking half clawing at the
door and I said you know there’s this voice
and it sounds like when you see those YouTube cats and dogs whose owners teach
them how to talk that’s seeing in this haunting weirdly
torn voice let me the fuck n stop fucking playing they made my nuts creep
up against my body and one of the girls just starts crying and calling on Jesus
I was so fucking obviously not a person talking it didn’t have the reckons not
some shit I never realized until that moment but all people have a certain
cadence when they talk no matter what language all people have a certain kind
of rhythm to talking this shit’s didn’t have any kind of
cadence and rhythm one of those YouTube cats that is what the fuck it said he
like I say at the door so now I’m in full-on terror mode we keep yelling
outside who is it stop fucking around man and it just keeps sin and are led me
the fuckin for almost 15 minutes so then the smell goes away for a while and for
the next I order so you can hear someone basically creeping around in the boots
and shit every couple of minutes they’ll come back into the door and see
something finally when the smell does feet away pets around 2:00 in the
morning Reese’s man fuck this and opens the door
and walks in st. with his rifle he fires a shot into the air he sees something to
the effect of in the name of Jesus Christ go away he fires two more tanks
and then from the woods right up against the river across from the trailer it
sounds like something is slowly chipping in Hooton then starts streaming and it
sounds almost like a women and the cats and a bag screaming together like I
seriously I’ve never heard anything like this you can hear the brush over that we
start to shake Reece fires over into the treeline and
then starts backing into the house we lock the door we can hear the shit
keening and screaming we see something at comments at the B she’s super low to
the ground and crawling towards cabin it shot it
pretty much that was her the rest of the night went
it was literally screaming constantly for the next two hours I’m good here
shit moving out into the treeline but it never came back up to the cavern until
everyone had finally fallen asleep town had been setting in a chair watching the
door with his rifle no one else heard or saw us and he told me two days later
after the whole thing was over he said he’d be nosing off after the scheming
and noise his family stopped and he had been almost asleep when he saw someone
come out of the bathroom then laid down in the middle of the floor and go to
sleep he just assumed it was one of us and yet
nodded off then he said he can I’ve realized something was wrong I’ve been
pretending to be asleep and he counted us we were nine people in the cabin he
basically didn’t want to try shooting a fucking thing in the cabin and have it
kill us all and there or have Reece wake up and start shooting and then we kill
ourselves so he just stayed awake all night pretending to be asleep he said
sometimes if you stand up and kind of do this your jets anything are he like it
was laughing but then it would just lay back then the story closes pretty weak
because from my perspective nothing happened he woke up and I noticed that
tan was all it suggested him and that he was avoiding looking at all of us but we
some breakfast packed up and started walking to his head he stayed last in
the cabin he said he’d lock up and bring my
uncle’s keys to just start walking and he’d catch up which I don’t really want
to fucking do we got to let open up the path and when he came running up
basically we just jogged back to the house
his cousin took us home there was a window in the bathroom tan had come back
to walk up and looked in there we were too stupid to walk we were too stupid to
lock a screen less Wendell the Wendell was fucking up when he went and there
I’m guessing had been doing I’m guessing it to been doing that all along waiting
for us to fall asleep or slip up and then getting in among us
it walked with us all the goddamn way back to the house and then he said it
lags in the back of the group I looked him dead in the eyes before walking into
the woods number two Sunday I’m not sure why I’m
writing this name on paper and not to my computer I guess I’ve just noticed some
odd things it’s not that I don’t trust the computer I just need to organize my
thoughts I need to get down all the details somewhere objective somewhere I
know that what I write can’t be deleted or changed not that that’s happened it’s
just everything boards together here the fog of memory lends a strange cast to
things I’m starting to feel cramped in this small apartment maybe that’s the
problem I just had to go and choose the cheapest
apartment the only one in the basement the lack of windows down here makes the
day and night seem to slip by seamlessly I haven’t been out in a few days because
I’ve been working on this programming project so intensely I suppose I just
wanted to get it done errors of setting and staring at a
monitor can make anyone feel strange I know but I don’t think that’s it I’m not
sure when I first started feel like something was odd I can’t even define
what it is maybe I just haven’t talked to anyone in
a way that’s the first thing they crept up on me everyone I normally talk to
online we’re like program has been idle or
they’ve simply not logged on at all my instant messages go unanswered the last
email I got from anybody was a friend saying he talked to me when he got back
from the store and that was yesterday I’d call with my cellphone but
deceptions terrible down here yeah that’s it I just need to call someone
I’m going to go outside well that didn’t work too well as a tingle of fear fades
and people let’s ridiculous for being scared at all I looked in the mirror
before I went out but I didn’t shave the to D stubble I’ve grown I figured I was
just going out for a quick cell phone call I did change my shirt though
because it was lunchtime and I guess that I’d run into at least one person I
knew that doesn’t end up happening I wish it that when I went out I opened
the door to my small apartment slowly a small feeling of apprehension that some
have already lodged itself and me for some indefinable reason I chalked top to
having not spoken to anyone but myself for a deer to appear to not clinically
hallway meat dingier by the fact that it was a basement hallway on one end a
large metal door led to the building’s furnace room that was locked of course –
really Suda machine stood by it I bought a soda
from the one the first day I may have done but had a two-year-old expiration
date I’m fairly sure nobody knows those machines and even down here or my cheap
landlady just doesn’t care to get them restocked had closed my door softly and
walked the other direction taking care not to make a sound I have no idea why I
chose to do that but it was fun giving in to the strange impulse not to break
the drumming harm of the soda machines at least for the moment I got to the
stairwell and took the stairs up to the building’s front door I looked through
the heavy doors small square Wendell and received quite the shock it was
definitely not lunch time city gloom hung over the dark street outside in the
traffic light at the intersection in the distance blank yellow
then clouds part pollen black from the glue of the set a hung over heads
nothing moved save the few sidewalk trees that chef didn’t know and I
remember shivering though it wasn’t cold maybe it was a window sight my kid
vehicle here and through the heavy metal door and I knew it was that unique kind
of late night when they came that was consistent cold and quiet save for the
rhythmic music in me does it passed through countless unseen tree leaves I
decided not to go outside and stay and I left it myself home to the door and
check the second or meter the bars felt up the meter and I smile came to hear
someone else’s voice I remember thinking relieved it was such a strange thing to
be afraid of nothing I shook my head laughing at myself
silently I had speed day off for my best friend Amy’s number and had the phone up
to my ear that rang want but then stopped nothing happened I lessened to
silence for a good twenty seconds when her up I friends and looked at the SEC
no meter against Oh Phil I went to tile her number again then my phone rang in
my hand startling me I put it up to my ear hello I asked immediately fighting
down a small shock that’s healing the first spoken voice and days even if it
was my own I’d gotten used to the droning hum of the buildings that are
working my computer in the soda machine in the hallway there was no response to
my greeting at first but then finally a voice came he said a clear male voice
obviously a college age like me who’s us John I replied confused oh sorry wrong
number he’d applied then hung low i lured the
form slowly and leaned against the thick brick wall of the stairwell
that was strange I looked at my received calls list but the number was unfamiliar
before I could think and it further the phone rang loudly shocking me yet again
this time I looked at the caller before I answer that was another unfamiliar
number this time I held the phone up to my ear but said nothing I heard nothing
but the general background noise were formed then a familiar voice took my
attention John was a single warden Amy’s voice I
breathe the sigh of relief Hey CA hi replied who else me to be she
responded oh the number I’m at a party on 7th Street my phone died just as you
called me that since someone else is born obviously okay I said wait are you
she asked my eyes glanced over the drab whitewashed cylinder block walls at the
heavy metal door with its small window at my belt a nice I just feeling cooped
up I didn’t realize it was so late she should come here her she said laughing
nah I don’t feel like looking for some strange place by myself in the middle of
the night looking after the wind or the silent windy Street that secretly scared
me just a tiny bit I think I’m going to keep working or go to bed nonsense she
replied I can come get you your building is close to seventh Street right how
drunk are you I asked lightheartedly you know what I
love oh of course she said abruptly I guess I can’t get there by walking huh
you could if you wanted to waste half an hour I told her right she said okay I
have to go good luck with your work i lured the phone once more looking at the
numbers flash as the call ended in the droning silence
suddenly restarted itself into my ears the two strange calls in the IDI Street
I’d say just drove home my alumnus and less empty stairwell perhaps from having
seen too many scary movies a the sudden an exploitable idea that
something couldn’t work in the doors window and see me some sort of horrible
entity that hovered at the edge of aloneness just waiting to keep up on
unsuspecting people which made too far from the other human beings and you the
fear was irrational but nobody else was around so I jumped down the stairs ran
down the hallway to my room and closed the door as swiftly as I could while
still staying silent like I said I feel a little ridiculous for being scared of
nothing and the fear has already faded renting the staring helps a lot it makes
me realize that nothing is wrong and filters out half-formed thoughts and
fears and leaves only cold hard facts it’s late I got a call from a wrong
number my name is phone died so she called me
back from another phone nothing strange is happening
stell there was something a little off about that conversation I know it could
have just been the alcohol she’s had I was at even her that seemed off to me or
was it yes that that was that I didn’t realize it until this moment writing
these things down I knew writing things they would help
she said she was at the party but I only heard silence in the background of
course that doesn’t mean anything in particular and she could have just gone
I’d say to make a call no that couldn’t be at either I didn’t hear the went I
need to see if the wind is still blowing Monday I forgot to finish racing last
night I’m not sure what I expected to see when I ran up the stairwell and
looked out the heavy metal doors window I’m feeling ridiculous last night’s fear
seems easy and unreasonable to me now I can’t wait to go out into the Sun when
I’m going to check my email shave shower and finally get out of here wait I think
I heard something there was thunder that whose sunlight
and fair share thing didn’t happen I went out into the stairwell and up the
stairs only to faint disappointment the heavy metal doors little window shaft
only flew in water as torrential rain slammed against it on my very damned
gloomy light fluttered and through the rain but at least I knew it was daytime
even if it was a gray cycling wet day I tried looking at the Wendel and waiting
for lightning to eliminate the glue but the rain was too heavy and I could make
it anything more than the vague weird shapes moving at odd angles and waves
washing down the Wendel disappointed I turned around but I didn’t want to go
back to my room instead I wandered further up the stairs past the first
floor I’m the second the stairs ended at the third floor the highest floor
Anabella I looked through the glass that ran up
the epital wall of the stairwell but it was that warped thick hang that scatters
light not that there was much to see through the rains began with I opened a
stair out door and wandered down the hallway the ten are so thick wooden
doors painted blue along tamable were all closed my lessened as I walked but
it was a metal of the day so I wasn’t surprised that I heard nothing but the
rain outside as I stood there in the damn hallway lessening to the rain I had
a strange fleeting impression that the doors were standing like silent granite
monoliths are rated by some ancient foreign civilization for some
unfathomable Guardian purpose lightning flashed and I could have sworn that just
for a moment the old greeny blue would look just like that rough stone I
laughed at myself for letting my imagination get the best of me but then
it occurred to me that the Templar enlightenment must mean there was a
Wendel somewhere and always a fake memories are fast and I suddenly
recalled the third floor and then said Wendell halfway down a floor hallway
excited to loot caps into the rain and possibly see another human being I
quickly walked over to the alcohol finding the large thin glass Wendell
rain washed down it says with the front doors Wendell but I could open this one
I reached the hand out to slide it open but hesitated I had the strangest
feeling but if I opened that window I would see something absolutely
horrifying another saying everything’s been so odd lately so I came up with a
plan and I came back here to get what I needed I don’t seriously think anything
will come of it but I board it’s raining and I’m going start crazy I came back to
get my webcam the card isn’t long enough to reach the third floor by any means so
instead of going to hate it between the two soda machines in the dark end of my
basement hallway run the wire along the wall and under my door and put black
duct tape over the wire to blend to tear off the black plastic strap that runs
along the base of the hallways wall I know this is silly but I don’t have
anything better to do well nothing happened I propped open the hallway to
stay around or steeled myself then flung the heavy front door wide open and ran
my counter and the stairs to my room and slammed the door
I watched the webcam on my computer intently seeing the hallway outside my
door and most of the stairwell I’m watching it right now and I don’t see
anything interesting I just watched the cameras position was different so that I
could see out the front door hey someone’s online I coughed out an old
our less functional webcam that I had my closet to video chat with my friend
online I couldn’t really explain to him why I wanted to video chat but it felt
good to see another person’s face he couldn’t talk very long and we didn’t
talk about anything meaningful I felt much better
my strange fear had almost passed and I would feel completely bad
there’s something odd about our conversation I know what I’ve said that
everything had seemed odd but still he was very big in his responses I can’t
recall one specific thing he said will particular name or place or event but he
had asked for my email address to keep in touch
wait I just got an email I’m about to go out I just got an email from Amy that
asked me to meet her for dinner either place we usually go to
I do love pizza and I’ve just been eating random food from my purely
stocked fridge for days so I can’t wait again I feel ridiculous but a couple of
days I’ve been having I should destroy this journal when I get back oh another
email oh my god I almost left the email and open the
door I almost opened the door I almost opened the door by read the email first
it was from a friend I hadn’t heard from a long time I never sent a huge number
of emails that must have been every person yet safe and has address list it
had no subject and it said simply swim with your own eyes don’t trust their
name what the hell is that supposed to mean
the word shocked me and I keep going over and over look as a desperate email
sent just as something happened the words are obviously cut off without
finishing on any other day I would have dismissed this as spam from a computer
virus or something but the wardens seeing what your own eyes I can’t help a
bit over this journal and think back on the last few days and realize that I
have not seen another person with my own eyes or talk to another person face to
face the webcam conversation with my friend was so strange so they and Sue
Edie now that I think about it was it UT or as the fear closed in my memory my
main toys with progressional events I’ve written here pointing out that I have
not been presented with one single fact but I did not specifically get out
unsuspectingly a random wrong number that got my name and the subsequent
stranger town call from Amy the friend asked for my email address I messaged
him first when I saw him online and then I got my first email a few minutes after
that conversation oh my god that phone call with Amy I said over the
phone I said I was within 1/2 hours walk of
seventh Street they know I’m near here what if they’re trying to find me wait
that’s everyone else why haven’t I seen or heard anyone else and days no one
this is crazy maybe I need to count down that’s
madness it needs to end I don’t know what to think I ran up at my apartment
furiously holding my cell phone up to every corner to see if I got a signal
through the heavy walls finally an attainable through your one ceiling
corner I got a single bar holding my phone there I sent a text message to
every member of my last not wanting to betray anything about my unfounded fears
I simply said you seen anyone face to face lately at this point I just wanted
any reply back I didn’t care what the reply was that if I embarrassed myself I
tried to call someone a few times but I couldn’t get my head up high enough and
if I brought my cell phone down even an inch lost signal then I’d remember the
computer and rush door to instant messaging everyone online most were idle
away from their computer nobody responded my message is grieving more
frantic and I started telling people where I was and stopped by a person for
a host of really possible reasons I didn’t get back to anything by that
point I just needed to see another person I also taught apart my apartment
looking for something the time makes it best some way to contact another human
being without opening the door I know it’s crazy I know it’s unfounded but
water for what F I just need to be sure I take the phone to the
stealing in case Tuesday the phone rang exhausted from last night’s rampage I
must have fallen asleep I woke up to the phone ringing and ran into the bathroom
stood on the toilets in flat to open the phone taped to the ceiling at MOSI me
and that feels so much better she was really worried about me and had
apparently been trying to contact me since last time I talked to her she’s
coming over now and yet she knows what I am pathetic me telling her I feel so
embarrassed I’m definitely throwing this journal
away before anyone sees it I don’t even know why I’m writing in there maybe it’s
just because it’s the only communication I’ve had at all since God knows when I
look like hell too I looked in the meadow right before I
came back in here my eyes are sunken my stub less thicker and I just looked
generally unhealthy my apartment is trashed but I’m not going to clean it up
I think I need someone else to see what I’ve been through the past few days have
not been normal I am NOT one to imagine things I know I have been the victim of
an extreme probability I probably messed seen him a lot personal dozen times I
just happened to quiet Burnett was late at night or the middle of the day when
everyone was gone everything’s perfectly fine I know this way plus I found
something in the closet last night that helped me tremendously a television I
set it up before I wrote this and it’s on the background television has always
been an escape for me and it reminds me that there’s a world beyond these dingy
brick walls I’m glad Amy’s the one that responded to
me after last night’s frantic pestering of everyone I could contact she’s been
my best friend for years she doesn’t know it but I came the day that I met
that I’m on one of the few moments of true happiness in my life I remember
that warm summer day fondly it seems a different reality from this dark rainy
who only please I feel like I spent these sitting in that playground March
too old to play just talking with her and hang
around doing nothing at all I still feel like I can go back to that moment
sometimes and it reminds me that this damn place is not all that there’s
finally a knock on the door I thought it was odd that I couldn’t see her through
the camera I had between the two soda machines I figured that it was bad
positioning like when I couldn’t see out the front door I should have known
after the north guy yelled through the door jokingly but I had a camera between
the soda machines because I was embarrassed myself that I had taken the
paranoia so far after I said that I saw her amich walked over to the camera and
looked down it she smiled and waved he she said to the camera brightly giving
it a we really it’s weird I know I said into the mic attached to my computer
I’ve had a weird few days must have she replied
open the door John I hesitated how could I be sure
hey humor me a second I told her she might tell me one thing about us just
prove to me you’re you she gave the camera weird look I’m alright
she said slowly thinking we met randomly at the playground when we were both way
too old to be their eyesight deep play as a reality returned in fear faded God
had been lured oculus of course it was a me but there wasn’t anywhere in the
world except my memory I never even mentioned it to anyone nor tentative
embarrassment but dead of a strange secret nostalgia not longing for those
days to return if there was some unknown force at work trying to track me as I
feared there was no way they could have known about that day alright I’ll explain everything I told
her be right there I ran to my small bathroom infects my
hair as best as I could they all look like hell but she would
understand snack hang up my own unbelievable behavior and the mayor side
made of this place I walked to the door I put my hands in it or knob and gave
the mess one last look so ridiculous I thought my eyes traced over the
half-eaten food lying on the ground the overflowing trash bin and the bed I
tapped to the site looking for god knows what I almost turned to the door and
opened it but my eyes fell on one last thing the old webcam the one I used for
that eerie vacant chat with my friend it’s silent blocks purely haphazardly
talks to one side there’s lions pointed at the table with this journal lay an
overwhelming terror look at me as I realized if something could see through
the camera never seen what I just wrote my birthday I asked her for anything
about us and she chose the one thing in the world that I’d thought they art I
didn’t know but it did dead know it could have been watching me the whole
time I didn’t open the door I screamed I screamed and uncontrollable terror I
stomped an old webcam on the floor the door shook in a doorknob tried to turn
but I didn’t hear Amy’s voice through the door was the basement door made to
keep out drafts too thick I was aiming not oh say what could have been trying
to get 10 F not her what the hell is out there I saw her on my computer through
the camera outside I heard her on the speakers through the camera but was it
real how can I know she’s gone there I screamed and shouted for help
I pay load up everything my apartment against the front door fraidy at least I
think it’s Frehley my broke everything electronic I smashed my computer PCs
every single thing on there could have been accessed by network access or worse
altered I’m a programmer I know every little
piece of information I gave out since they started my name my email my
location none of I came back from outside until I gave it out I being hung
over and over what I wrote I’ve been pacing back and forth alternating
between start find some entity is dead alternating between stark terror and
overpowering disbelief sometimes I’m absolutely certain some
phantom entity is dead set on a simple goal of getting its website back to the
game with the phone call from Amy she was effectively asking me to open the
door and go outside I keep running through in my head one point of view
sees I’ve acted like a madman and all of this is an extreme convergence of
probability never going up sader the ratings by pure luck never seeing
another person by pure chance getting a random nonsense email for some
computer virus at just the right time the other point of views is that extreme
cover chance of probability is the reason that what Taylor’s out there has
got to me already I keep thinking I never opened a window the third floor I
never opened the front door it’s all this incredibly stupid stunt with a
hidden camera after which I ran straight to my room
and slammed the door I haven’t opened my own solid door since iPhone open the
front door of the bellboy whatever’s out there if anything out there never made
an appearance in the building before I opened the front door maybe the reason I
wasn’t in the boat and already was that it was forgetting everyone else and then
I waited until I betrayed my existence by trying to call Amy
a call which doesn’t Park antennae called me and asked me my name Tara
literally overwhelms me every time I tried to fete the pieces of this name we
are together that email sharp cutoff was it from someone trying to get word out
some friendly voice definitely trying to warn me before the kid seen with my own
eyes don’t trust them exactly what I’ve been suspicious all it could be masked
for control of all things electronic practicing its insidious deception to
trick me into coming outside why can’t I get in and knocked on a door I must have
some solid presence there must have some solid presence the door the image of
those doors and upper hallways guardian monoliths flashes back in my mind every
time I trace this path of thoughts if there are some phantom entity trying to
get me website maybe I can’t get through doors I keep thinking back over all the
books I read or movies I’ve seen trying to generate some explanation for us
doors have always been such an intense focus of human imagination always seen
as Ward’s of portals or those special importance or perhaps the door is just a
sec I know that I can bash through any of the doors in the spouter that’s one
the heavy basement one I say from that the real question is why does it even
want me if I just wanted to kill me it could do in any number of ways including
just waiting until I starve to death what if it doesn’t want to kill me well
if it has some more far horrific fate in store for me what can I do to escape
this nightmare a knock on the door I told the people in
other side of the door I need a minute to thank and I’ll come out I’m really
just writing this down so I can figure out what to do at least this time I
heard the voices my paranoia and Jess I recognize I’m being paranoid has me
thinking of all sorts of ways that their voices could be faked electronically
there could be nothing but speakers I’d say stimulating human voices that it
really take them three days to come talk to me Amy is supposedly out there along
with two policemen and a psychiatrist maybe it took them three days to think
of what to say to me the psychiatrist claimed could be pretty
convincing if I decided to think this has all been a crazy misunderstanding
and bought some entity trying to track me into opening the door the
psychiatrist had an older voice a father Tinian was no kidding I liked him I’m
desperate just to see someone with my own eyes he said I have something called
cyber psychosis and just one of a nation-wide the epidemic of thousands of
people having great terms triggered by a suggestive email that got through
somehow I swear he said got through somehow they thanked him and spread
through this country and explicably but I’m incredibly suspicious that the
entity’s laptop revealed something he said I am part of a way of our merchants
behavior what a lot of other people are having the same problem of the same
fears even though we’ve never communicated that neatly explains the
strange email about eyes that I got I didn’t get an original triggering email
I got a descendant of it my friend could have broken down too and tried to warn
everyone he knew against the paranoid fears that’s how the problem spreads the
psychiatrist claims I could have spread it too with my texts and hence the
messages online to everyone I know one of those people may be melting down
right now I’ve been triggered by something I sent
them something they might interpret anyway
that they want something like a Ted seeing seen anyone face to face lately
the psychiatrist told me that he didn’t want to lose another one that people
like me are intelligent and that’s her downfall we drop connection so well that
we draw them even when they shouldn’t be there
he said it’s easy to get caught up in the paranoia and her fast paced world a
constantly changing place where more than one of our interaction is
stimulated I have to give him one thing it’s a great explanation and neatly
explains everything it perfectly explains everything in fact I have every
reason to shake off this nightmarish fear that something or consciousness are
being earlier wants me to open a door so I can capture me for some horrible fate
worse than death it will be finished after hitting that
explanation disdain here until I starve to death just despite this entity that
may have caught everyone else maybe feels to think that after hearing that
explanation I may be one of the last few people alive on an empty world hazing in
my secure basement room sweating some unthinkable deceptive entity just by
refusing to be captured it’s a perfect explanation for every single strange
thing I’ve seen her hair and I have every reason in this world to let all of
my fear school and to open the door that’s exactly what I’m not going to do
who can I be sure how do I know what’s real and what’s deception all of these
times things with their wires and their signals they originate from some unseen
origin they’re not real I can’t be sure signals through a camera
fake video deceptive phone calls emails even a television lying broken on the
floor how can I possibly know it’s real it’s just signals waves light the door
it’s bashing on the door is trying to get him what insane mechanical
contrivance could it be using to stand the sound of men attacking the heavy
wood so well at least our family see it with my own eyes there’s nothing left in
here for the to deceive me with I’ve wrecked part everything else it can’t
deceive my eyes cannot see with your own eyes don’t trust them they wait was that
the desperate message telling me to trust my eyes are warning me about my
eyes – oh my god what’s the difference between a camera and my eyes they both
turn light into electrical signals they’re the same I can’t be deceived I
have to be sure I have to be sure date unknown I can only asked for paper
and pen the N in day out until it family gave them to me not that it matters what
am I going to do poke my eyes out the bandages feel like part of me now the
pain is gone I figured this will be one of my last chance is to write legibly as
without my sight to great mistakes my hands will slowly forget the motions
involved best as a sort of self-indulgence this rating it’s a relic
of another time time certainly everyone left in this world with his dead or
something far worse I set against the padded wall D&D act
the entity bring me food and water the mask itself as a cane dinars as an
unsympathetic doctor I think it knows that my healing is sharpened
considerably know that I eleven darkness it faced conversations in the hallways
and the off-chance that I made over here one of the nurses talks about having a
baby soon one of the doctors lost his wife in a car accident none of it
matters none of it is real none of it gets to me not like she does that’s the
worst part the part I almost can’t handle the thing comes to me
masquerading as Amy its recreation is perfect it sounds exactly like her makes
me feel in its lifelike cheeks when it first dragged me here it told me all the
things I wanted to hear they told me that she loved me that she
had always loved me and that it done understand why I did this that we could
still have a life together if all I would stop insisting that I was being
deceived it wanted me to believe no it needed me to believe that she was real I
almost fell for it I really did I doubted myself for longest time and then
though it was just all too perfect too flawless and too real before see me used
to come over every day and then every week can finally stop coming together I
don’t think the entity will give up I think the waiting game is just another
one of its gambits I will resist that for the rest of my life if I have to I
don’t know what happened to the rest of the world but I do know that this thing
needs me to fall for his deceptions if it needs that then maybe just maybe I am
a thorn in this agenda maybe Amy is still alive out there somewhere get to
live only by my well to resist the deceiver I hold on to the hope rocking
back and forth myself to pass the time I will never get them I will never break I
am a hero the doctor read the paper the patient had scribbled on and it was
barely readable Retton and the shaky scrapped of one who cannot see he wanted
to smile at the man’s steadfast resolve I remind her of the human well to
survive but he knew the patient was completely delusional
after all a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago the doctor
wants to smell he wanted to westport words from
conscience in a delusional man he wanted to scream but the nerve filament wrapped
around his head and then to his eyes made him do otherwise his body walked
into the cell like a puppet and told the patient once more that he was wrong and
that there was nothing trying to deceive him number three Gavin thoughtlessly packed
up the bandages around his right arm I’ve done this job for so many years but
I never experienced something like this he used his left hand to brush alight
but I’m here at out of his face I’m sorry if I’m rambling random stuff I
just can’t get her face out of my head whenever I close my eyes are whenever I
lie down to sleep I only see her staring at me with this
anger the strange women I mean I know she’s dead but why do I need to keep
seeing her face it’s as if she’s haunting me Gavin took a deep breath I
have been training and tutoring since I was 16 and the evenings I taught English
and biology and on the weekends I talked about be both Evette was in the pure
neighborhood the area had quite a bad reputation with drugs and gangs and I
had a lot about abductions and martyrs and carjackings there he forced to smile
I’m quite back I know but still I never felt comfortable there if anything I
thought that my size might be more obvious whatever target I just knew I
was out of place after my last student I usually basically ran to my car and the
moment I carton say they locked the doors and drove off as quickly as I
could Gavin shook his head I did that so many
times at some point it wasn’t even afeard anymore it was nearly automatic I
ran out of the house unlock the car and jumped em it wasn’t something I thought
about but that evening I got out later than usual
I shouldn’t had a test and what you need stay longer it’s a private teacher
that’s not really a request it’s more of an order if you don’t comply they will
quickly find somebody else so I stayed longer nearly until 11 p.m. and right
away when I ran to my car something felt off gravan scratched his arms
and was as if the street was different from what I remembered in the car itself
seem different maybe more darker than usual
I left full Iran and say through my Baggins in the back and walked the door
and then I noticed women setting in a passenger seat but this crazy look in
her eyes she had something in her hand that really looked like a weapon maybe a
bomb or something then she shall take me in an angry language they send her like
Arabic or something I was terrified I just didn’t know what to do
so I started the engine and drove off I didn’t even think about how small she
was she seemed so angry and I didn’t dare to question her she kept gesturing
towards the sides of the street whenever she dead I looked for the next street
into concern but this women was crazy I mean I don’t know what she wanted no
matter how much I complied with her order she kept getting more and more
aggravated and then she even started hitting me
she had forced my arms straight with her fingernails into my flesh I pushed her
back but I was told riving can keep her to the side so that somehow made her
even matter she had me only harder but he’s trying
to scratch and hit my face gavin robbed his knuckles I don’t know
what came over me it was more like instinct like you know
self-defense I just had her straight in the face I didn’t even think of it I
just had her move the car to the right of the road to hold her back but she got
older more furious and she kept shouting something but Allah and she kept lashing
out at me it was as if she was trying to stop my eyes and so I hit her again two
three four more times until she stopped moving and only then when I saw her
lying there with her head against the window well I was fumbling for my mobile
phone to call the police I looked in a mirror and saw the two small children
they were just sitting there frozen in place dating at me they didn’t say a
word but then I looked around for the first time I really looked around
and only then I realized that it was the same model even the same color but they
were stackers on the windows a small dancing Elvis on the dashboard and his
daddy would didn’t look like mine it looked like mine wasn’t my car I really
didn’t want to kill her it was just my brain running on autopilot thank you all
for listening it’s been my pleasure truly perhaps tank to listen to another
narration I have just go and have a look at my channel and see what I recommended
for you anyway as always I’ll catch on the next one
thank you

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