3 free tools for your business if you are a healer, coach or teacher
3 free tools for your business if you are a healer, coach or teacher

Hi I am luanne mareen here from luannemareen.com
and most of my workers with coaches and healers catalyst teachers
would embody their life purpose but who are kind of confused about it so I
helped them get clarity around that and give them the steps to implement in
their life and I wanted to share this video today because when people are just
starting out in business in this whole business world there’s a lot of noise
out there right you’ve got the social media how many platforms are there
you’ve got emails coming through your inbox videos youtube so much noise and
everybody kind of thinks when they’re starting out that they need to be
professional and look like them or look like that person that they’ve been
watching for at some time and the beautiful thing with mic most of my
clients is that they have these amazing modalities and these amazing gifts to
help people move through transition transitions in their life and you know
cut blocks and beliefs and just empower them to make new choices so the biggest
struggle that I see is that they think they have to invest a lot of money first
of all they have to get their business cards their website name they have to
show up on social media 24 hours a day sometimes and they go about doing that
and they’re exhausted they don’t hit their target market nobody calls them
all that do resonate with that at all and I know because I started tweeting
this ten years ago even with before social media was kind of a thing so you
are quite lucky I think people that healers the teachers and the coaches who
are not just starting out they’re probably being doing their business for
a while but they want to make a bigger impact somehow and they kind of lost and
they think they have to invest a lot of money now I believe you do have to
invest in your business be that with coaching get a mentor get the right
website design or branding all that kind of thing but first you’ve got to find
out what your message is and who your people are so until that time I just
wanted to share some free things that I’ve used in the past and that I could
tell some of my clients now now if you do not have a website straight up you
don’t need one as long as you have some kind of
so you can have a facebook business page which is totally free and you can you
can show up there and share your content and make offers there as well you can
make a Facebook group totally free again now there’s one thing with Facebook you
don’t actually own your pages so they can be kind of wiped out at any one
stage I don’t know I haven’t heard of many people have had that done and if
they have the kind of user in the wrong way but if you’re just starting out and
you don’t want you don’t know how to create a website then that’s fine
another way to do to create like a landing page and when I say landing page
I want to keep this really simple is somewhere where people can go they can
see that about you what you have to offer and of course make an opt-in and
one of the easiest tools and the free tools that I use is mailer like calm and
I’m going to put the link down below here somewhere on this on this blog a
mailer like com is somewhere that you can create these beautiful landing pages
it’s pretty simple you can actually create opt-ins for your people when they
come to your this page I’ve been opt-in so you have them on the list and that’s
a big thing that I see a lot of people who are kind of starting out they don’t
have a list I’ve got all these emails everywhere and it’s like well how do you
contact people so the very least get mail like com is totally free for the
first two thousand people and another way if you want to make social media
images right so social media images those nice beautiful posts that people
put up the video a quote at the top and an image if you can use your own image
all the better and I use canva canva calm so I actually
have it all set up in canva I just have a template there put my imager and put
my quote and download it and I can share it totally free and if you need some
images unsplash.com is a place that I go to I know that sometimes there’s so many
people using these images so they can pop up everywhere look the same you know
it’s like well I saw that image on somebody else’s so if you can use your
own I mean it you’re fine you’re fine it is so easy to use go and shoot some some
videos outside or take some pictures some selfies what
you whatever you can and use it because people get to know and like and trust
you so we’ve got the free facebook business page we’ve got canva calm and
mail alight calm which is your email you know you get you probably get a thousand
emails a day and they normally come from some kind of system and this is whether
you can put all your names in and send them out from now and DICOM so I just
wanted to share these few little tips with you before you go and invest in
this whole new website and branding all that I do recommend you do that but you
don’t have to do it straightaway and don’t even worry about the business card
ii think a lot of people have these business cards and they spend a lot of
time on them and next week they’ve kind of changed it’s like well what am i name
now and what do i do so some free tips there for you i hope that supports and
helps you you can share like or comment on this video if it’s helped you at all
okay until next time many blissings bye for now

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